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I placed an order with National Floors Direct for what I was told to be Furniture grade Armstrong American made natural oak flooring.This was a seven thousand dollar order. When the installers showed up at my house, I happened to look at the empty boxes of the wood and clearly on the box it said made in China. As far as I know we don't ship oak from The United states to be boxed in China! They are a fraud and they charge sales tax on labor 5% which is illegal in Massachusetts.Think twice about this company


  • Li
    Lisa Rodriques May 07, 2009

    This company is a rip off the owner name is Samuel Rosenberg, The head of the sales department is the son /names removed/ is listed as the owner of the company. They always over charge and never fix there problems with install's. The installer are not legal and don't speak english.
    This company was in The State of New jersey under super floor store
    and went out of business for the same thing. Google Samuel Rosenberg in the state of NJ.
    They have no respect for anything.
    Bad business

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  • Ma
    mad1969 Jul 02, 2009

    Sam Rosenberg is a thief that i do know, I don't know about sales tax it depends on the state you live in but about the wood. china does make engenireed wood. But i would't buy anything form Sam Rosenber ever!!!

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  • Ja
    Jamie Aug 08, 2009

    This is absolutely the very worst company I have ever dealth with. I was prompted to use this company as they are advertised to be the providers for the Red Sox. I needed to get carpet installed before having furniture delivered. I ordered onTuesday and was to have it installed on Thursday. Thursday came, no carpet, the installer called at 7:45 in the evening and said he was having trouble with an installation. Friday came and no carpet, I was promised to be installed first one on Saturday and waited all day, NO CARPET. Again, the installer called he was having a problem with the seams. I was suppose to be the very first one to be installed as was told to me by Charles (who is suppose to be in charge). Needless to say, I cancelled the order. I went to Kent's Carpetland in Hyannis on Monday, picked out carpeting, had it installed on Tuesday, it was cheaper, they did a fantastic job, cleaned up after themselves and were there when they said they would be and were professional.

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  • Ro
    Rocky Sep 27, 2009

    I ordered carpeting, had it installed (3 times over before the padding was fairly satisfactory) in April. Immediately I noticed pieces coming out of the carpet but most of all, it is matted down as badly as the replaced carpet. I have called them several times, had an inspector who said nothing was wrong with the carpet so they will do nothing. They suggest I pay for a cleaning...It is poor quality and wearing horribly. I am now and was from the beginning dissatisfied but I have no recourse. Can you help? My cost is aroung $1500 which I have a year to pay. I feel they misrepresented their product and the salesman gave me a "fast-talking" sale.

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  • Ze
    zega57 Oct 26, 2009

    I also had a Berber carpet installed in my livingroom and bedrooms. I agree that the carpet is the most inferior to any carpeting I have ever encountered. It is shedding and I pick up all the fibers on my kitchen floor when I sweep. The carpet looks worn and is matted down. It is not even a year old! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Ma
    Mal J Dec 08, 2009

    Check with your local carpet installers as I found they were significantly cheaper. Also they will not take credit cards which is protection for the consumer. It is all too fishy. They are not accredited by the better business bureau which is always a good place to start to look for a contractor. I am so glad I was able to get out of it before they actually did any work. I will check the internet and other sources next time. At least I didn't in the end use them. Got it done much cheaper by a small local installer.

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  • Ro
    Robert6969 Jul 08, 2010

    the salesman came to my house and started with a quote of $3500 for 2 rooms, then he talked to his boss and they went to $2300. Then he went to $1700. I told him I wanted to comapre with Empire carpets and I would get back to him.
    The guy would not leave and wanted me to sign a contact "TODAY" and told me if Empire came with a lower price they would discount it 15% more. I told him I wanted to wait and DID not like to be pressured. He made another call to his boss and told me that if they came back my $1700 would go back to $2500 because I wasted his time. I told him fine
    Then he wanted me to sign a paper understanding that the price would not hold. I told him i would NOT sign a thing and to get the [censor] out of my house

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  • An
    Annette Nazeri Apr 02, 2019

    @Robert6969 The same just happened to me he made a proverbial statement why in the Hell did you have me come here, I will drive you to the Bank The 11x10 Room is $ 2, 500.00 I said no way, , He Got Irate and Biligerent with me slammed by his stuff on Floor and exited my House flinging Doors open I called to Police Dept and Filed a complaint also the BBB and posted his behavior on FACEBOOK, Called CO they are BULLSHIT TOO fake

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  • Th
    thiefts Aug 17, 2010

    I am not surprised. I was told by someone that used to work there that you never get what you order. Especially the padding under the rug. If you order the thickest one you get charged for it, but you don't get it. She quite because she was told she got tired of lying to the customers. Also could they have picked the worst one for the commercial. BIG MOUTH AND TEETH. I guess they could not get anyone else because it is the only commercial. They must be paying her with the money they STEAL from the customers.

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  • St
    sthimas79 Aug 28, 2010

    I felt pressured as well!!! On the commercial they tell you that they will beat anyones price, how can you even comparison shop, when they dont get out of your house. He kept telling me this price is only good till today, and your carpeting is a dificutl situation. So you should take this price. He would not leave, I told the man if he didnt leave my house right now, I would go get my husband.

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  • Kc
    kcinalaska Dec 17, 2010

    They do not pay their installers (legal citizens that is) as well as have illegal rules to be followed. They will not even show up in court after summoned. Come to find out this company ran in PA under another name and has moved from state to state under false pretenses. Quality of product WHAT A JOKE you mise well shop for your flooring at the Dollar Store. As a proffessional installer and flooring specialist I would HIGHLY recomend you seek a Local company. National Floors Direct is an INSULT to the industry!!! I can not believe our judicial system can not protect the consumer from them. Sorry folks we tried -- it just cost us money and time. BEWARE = BE WISE

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  • Bu
    Buyers Beware Feb 21, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    This letter will serve as final notice for failure to resolve carpeting issues . Last Monday your installers showed up for the 4th time only to tell us that they would not replace the carpet as they were instructed. I could not believe what I was hearing, but remained calm. One installer could speak English and was extremely nice to us. He explained that the carpet would not match the existing carpet. He took a piece and matched it up to the existing carpet and you could readily see that the color was off. He explained that if they replaced the carpet and left the dining room carpet alone there would be a noticeable difference. He also said they did not want to be held responsible, which he said they would be if they did it. The installer (Darwin) called his boss and explained the problem. He was instructed to take the measurements for the entire job. He took the measurements and said he would not do a job that would negatively reflect on his reputation. He apologized several times and said he would take back pictures and the measurements to his boss, and that we would be contacted the next day with a resolution. Well it has been over a week and no response what so ever. I have written two prior letters concerning this issue that has not stretched over four months. All four of your installers said the exact same thing “The entire carpet must be replaced”. I had numerous conversations with Sasha over this issue and was told that everything would be made right last week. I agreed to one last attempt to resolve the issue per my lawyer. We now need to take legal action to end this fiasco. I have been advised to request a full refund for the carpeting based on the events that have taken place. Should you decide not to comply with my request we will file a law suit in Middlesex District Court. I will tell you I have a tremendous amount of evidence to substantiate my claim and council has advised the claim will far exceed the cost of the original install based on lost time, aggravation, and the existing tripping hazard recognized in both previous letters. I expect a quick response to this letter.
    P.S. Please note that 3 installers said the entire carpet had to be replaced to make it right. I have their names and took all their information anticipating we may have unresolved issues.

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  • Te
    Terry Comb Mar 15, 2011

    I had purchased a rug on February 26th, 2011. They came in and installed it on March 5th, 2011. I was at work when they were installing it. My husband was at home while they were installing the rug, and he did not know what color I was getting. He had called me when they were finished and said the rug was like a light tan I said it can't be I ordered a bark rug with off white in it in which it was a number 9. I didn't think anything of it because my Husband has Multiple Sclerosis and his eyes are not the best. I finally arrived home and that was not the color rug I had ordered totally different color than expected. I immediatley called Vinny the man who took my order and he said it was out of his hands and I had to call customer service and speak to them, but he did say that they gave me a number 5 rug and I should have received the number 9. He was upset when he came to see the rug that they put down. He said we should not have a problem with them giving us the right rug. Well that turned into a nightmare. Each time I called they said upper management was going over the issue finally I received an answer saying they were not going to replace the rug unless a paid for the rug I was suppose to get at a discounted price. I just want my rug I had ordered I told them and explained about my Husband. They told me if he is like that someone else should of been there with him. I told him I have to work and besides the right color should of came. So now I am out of the carpet I wanted and stuck with a light color rug that will get ruined so fast. I will NEVER NEVER do business with them agian. I have written to the Attorney General's Office and I won't stop there I am going to put it in local Newspapers and spread this all over facebook. They have got to be the worst place and Customer Service that I have ever had to deal with. So for everyone out there who is looking for Rugs or renovations of any kind DO NOT USE NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT, because they will screw you over big time!!!

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  • Ly
    LynnAR Mar 16, 2011

    National floors installed wall to wall carpeting in our bedrooms and hallway in 2008. It is already wrinkling and not lying flat in the hallway and bedroom. i called and they said i would have to pay for them to come stretch it. I told them that they did not instll it correctly and should not charge me just because they hire people that do not know what they are doing. i had carpet in my other house for over 15 years and it never looked as bad as this one.I will never do bussiness with them and I already filed a complaint with attorney general office. Thye should be closed down

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  • Tt
    TTI Mar 17, 2011

    Cashed all the checks, but have not completed the work. False advertising ... next day installation ??? three weeks so far and still NOT done! No customer service, I have rearranged my schedule 3 times and taken time out of work, job still not done. Told VP of Customer Service is "too busy" to speak to customers. This company is HORRIBLE!!!

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  • Ms
    M Supple Oct 10, 2012

    This companies customer service department is so rude and disrespectful to there customers. We are having them install carpet today, I wish I had read these reviews first before we went with them. We were never verbally told we needed a certain form of payment and left a personal check with my father in law who was going to be at the house for the install. He called my husband to say they wont take this form of payment even though they were very quick to take it for the deposit. When my husband called they were very rude to him and when I called the same customer service representative was also very rude basically calling us a liar that we were never told that we could pay by personal check. I am very disappointed and will never be using this company again.

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  • Be
    Beccann61 Aug 09, 2013

    I had four bedrooms installed with berber. It does not look at all like the sample, I was shown.
    Now I am waiting for the binded edged stair runner, I was promised to be installed in a week!
    It's been a month with two appts, which they canceled the day of and I now have the THIRD appt
    for the fking runner to be installed.
    I wish I had not gone with this company!!! Never again.. I have another room (finished basement)
    and I'll be going to Lowe's or Home Depot. I've always had good experiences with them.

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  • Lo
    Lousan May 22, 2014

    First of all don't tell you up front there will be a window of 4 hours either morning or afternoon when you buy the product. First they call you two days out and tell you they will call between 7 and 8 am with a time. Still not telling you there will be a 4 hour window. then the morning of they call and tell you it will be either between 9 and 12 or 1 and 4. Not quite sure what happens if they show up at 4. I guess you don't sleep that night. They don't listen to anything you ask or request. . They just give you lip service to tell you what you want to hear or avoid questions and request all together.
    My issue has been going on for 3 months. The sales man told me it would take 3 or 4 days to put hardwood in our upstairs and stairway. He did say the stairs take longer to get so the ob nay have to be done at two different times. I said [lease wait for the stairs to come in so it can be done all at once. He said ok. So i got the called two days before the schedule date to confirm. And was told they would call that morning with a time. Still wasn't told about the time window till they called that morning and said it would be between 9 and 12. When they arrived that morning the didn't have the stairs cause they said it takes longer for then to come in. I said but I requested I didnt want the job done till the stairs were there also. H just smiled cause not one of the workers understood English. They proceeded to do the upstairs and stayed till 9:30 at night and id the whole upstairs. Great except no one told us they would be here sp later and I have a 4 year old son who needed to sleep. Then they said I would be called when the stairs were in. So I took 4 days out of work for nothing.
    Two weeks later they called saying the stairs were in but they were booked and I had to wait another two weeks to get the job done.
    So one month after the original install I get my day two days out to confirm the date to do the steps. . I said I needed them there in the morning because I cant have them working there at night again. They said they couldn't do that but I was adamant and they said ok it would be in the morning. They call me the morning of the stair install and gave me a window of 1 to 4. Yes believe it or not. So i said no, and had to call the customer service, ( I use that word very lightly) . When i called they said oh we have to cancel your install today cause the installer didn't show up for work. I said when were you gonna tell me and they had already called that morning and gave me a window for my install time. She just ignored me and said they could come on Thursday. By the way customer service did this ignoring technique so many times during this process I couldnt count them So .I said fine make sure it is in the morning again. A guy showed up that morning and started the stairs. He was very slow and I thought something was up cause the other guys worked so fast. At about noon one of the original guys showed up to finish and he was very fast and finished the step. I think they just sent this other guy because I said they had to be here in the morning.
    After the gy left I noticed on of the step had a crack in it and was covered up with nails around it with filler. So they guy who did it obviously knew he had installed a cracked step. So another two weeks cause the step had to be ordered they come again. Of course I'm still going through the time window thing even though it was one step. The guy shows up rips out the crack step. then he comes in with the new step and tell me its two short They gave him the wrong step. At that point I had had it. He left and form that point on I have had my wife deal with them cause I just couldn't talk to them an longer. My wife got hem to rush order the step and asked them to call in a week whether or not they had it . They didn't . So we called the following week and they said they had it but were booked this week . So 3 months later we're at our house with one step not in and splinters from the old one they took out. I'm mysterfied and told them that . they just ignore you and say something else. They are well trained at that.
    By the way I had to take two pictures of the original cracked step and email it to them before they would order it and fix it. So there worker purposely put in a cracked step and I to them that. And I still had to take pictures and wait weeks to get them here to fix it. And it is still not fixed. Can't believe they are allowed to be in buisness.

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  • Pj
    PJ**** Oct 27, 2014

    I need help. I had to cancel my order back in March 2014. They will not return my money. Per Vanessa, the one that answers the phone, they have sent me 18 checks. Each time I call they tell me the same thing, "check is in the mail". I took them to Small Claims court, only to be told that I need a name. I live in MA. Can anyone help me?

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  • Am
    Amy Pinto Jun 07, 2016

    The salesman told me the installation would be all day 6 to 8 hours. The day of installation they called me and told me they would be arriving between 1 and 3 pm. I then complained that I did not want them in my house until 9 pm. That a day install should end no later than 6. The installation manager then was very snippy and told me it was a 2-3 hour install. I explained the salesman told me it would be at least 6 hours and he was rude about him knowing about installing carpet. I asked the salesman to call me and 30 hours later I still have not received a call back. The installers arrived at my home at 2pm and left at 10 pm. They LIE. LIE, LIE and could care less about customer service. I would NEVER USE them

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  • Un
    unhappy customer3350 Jun 21, 2016

    National Floor Direct this company is a rip off, they have poor customer service and they do not stand behind there product, after no satisfaction from the company we took them to court, judgement in our favor and they still failed to pay... stay away from this company nothing but headaches!!!

    from:a unsatisfied customer

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  • Co
    code crack Jul 31, 2017

    @unhappy customer3350 how come they still failed to pay?

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  • Ca
    carpet Aug 19, 2016

    Terrible company. Could not get them to tell me the square ft. price of the carpet installed in 2 rooms. I paid them thinking I was getting one room free. What a joke that was. I was burned once by this company and I am hoping this complaint will help others not to do business with National Floors Direct. They should not be allowed to advertise with those deceiving commercials.

    Rita P. N. Prov., R.I.

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  • Ji
    Jimster Aug 19, 2016

    Description of Problem: When I talked with the salesman Bob Marra it was verbaly agreed upon to do no seams with the install. We both actualy walked into the hallway and discussed it. It was stated NO SEAMS. In my 16 foot hallway the installers were going to do a seam at a busy juntion of the hallway that the three bedrooms enter into. This is not acceptible. I called the company and talked with Kieth and Bob, Installation manager and it was stated to me that that''s the way it is.
    The installers stated that there should not be a seam in this area and also Bob Marra stated the same to me and added "this is F***ed UP, as I spoke to him. I then called and talked to the Customer service manager, Randy in Wallingford and explained the situation to him. He will do nothing, Randy stated that it was not on the contract so basicaly tough luck. During these phone calls the installers stated they had to leave. I explained to Randy the mechanics of the traffic area and I was told "tough luck" it is not stated on the contract. I was then told to buy additional carpet to fit this need. Now thats the job of the saleman to state these things. Then as the installation was going on in the Bathroon there was considerable damage done to my wallpaper, Doors and door frames based on the installers dragging the carpet accrossed the wood. The installers also damagd the baseboard moulding by cutting the carpet up against it. While removing a closet door the installer hit his hammer claw against the moulding and took a piece out of it. While the installer was done with his stapler, the oil from the gun stained the bathroom wallpaper. The bathroom carpet is not cut in correctly, Installer stretched the heck out of it to force a mis cut to the floor moulding. Randy in Wallingford and Charles in the Mass area would not do anything for me and would not tell me their bosses name to be able register this issue with them to get it resolved. I was going to have other rooms done by them but my confidence in this company is non existant at this time. I am in the process of getting in touch with Mr. Bisso to resolve this. But have not got in contact just yet. I also am writing to the Consumer Protection Agency and have an interview with Fox News for a Buyer Beware shoot. I am also getting in touch with Richard Bluminthaul, the Atty. General to inform him of this practice of Bate and Switch. They sold me one thing then come out and piece it together using (my guess) a left over from some other job and captilizing on the profit.
    My house is damaged and the install (excuse me please) is not professional.They are not comming through with what was sold to me from their Salesperson, come in and do a hack job and damage my house in the process. I do not have any wallpaper to match the bathroom Based on their damage, so to repair it the entire bathroom will have to be stripped and re done. The mouldings will have to be replaced and stained to match, the door and frames will have to be re finished and re stained to match. If this is not resolved in a timely manner then I will go to other sources to let this situation be known and let others know about this unfortate incedent. I antisipate hearing from the company to quickly to resolve this.

    Settlement Sought: I simply want the carpet in the hallway done without seams as agreed upon with the salesman Bob Marra and at the cost/price that I was given. I need the damage caused by the installers fixed to make me whole again as I was before. Woodwork, door woodwork, frames and wallpaper. I do not want the excusses from the company of this and that, with justifications after the fact of their error of selling somthing that they can not deliver IE written or verbel contract. And baiting me for reasons that are not substantial.

    Simply Install the hall carpet without seame and fix the damage done by the installer along with fixing or replacing the Bathroom carpet based on it not matching to the baseboard in two areas.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Whittingham Dec 06, 2016

    They have been jerking me around since day 1. They haven't finished the job because they ran out of carpet. It's been almost 3 days and I haven't heard from them since. Their customer service representative named Cynthia has a very nasty and negative attitude and no respect for customers. The woman Carol who claims she is the supervisor in the installation department also has a nasty attitude. NEVER USE NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT EVER! You will regret it.

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  • This is a Ripoff company that commits FRAUD and MISREPRESENTATION. We should all ban together in a Class Action Lawsuit.

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  • Mo
    monique ferraro Apr 12, 2017

    absolutely the worst customer service. Three months after installation, the divider between rooms broke. obviously, the flooring was installed incorrectly. I would trip over the divider every time I walked into the room. I called customer service and a [censor]y women told me 1) I was out of warranty and 2) there were notes on my account that I was not satisfied from the beginning (which I have note been) and they would take legal action against me. BRING IT ON!!! BRING IT ON. I plan to post my dissatisfaction on every complaint board and every social media account I have. The molding they installed was crooked. The installers broke an overhead light. The salesperson convinced me to put wood over ceramic tile in the hallway and then the installers told me they couldn't install the flooring because the tile has to be removed first Do you have any idea how difficult and expensive that is? Now I'm stuck with the extra flooring and the cost of it. A complete waste. I would NEVER use this company again I have rarely come across a confrontational, obnoxious, loud-mouthed, surly customer service representative. This one, and it is the same one I spoke with the day of installation who was just as [censor]y that day, is completely unacceptable and over the top. AGAIN, I WOULD NEVER USE NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT AGAIN.

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