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Ok here we go! I have been fighting with national Credit systems inc for the better part of 5 years. I recently realized how important my credit has become and decided to fight back. the company stated that I owed that 1095.00 for past due rent and for some additional fees. Now I don't deny that I owe for past due rent simply because we went to court over this particular issue. With all the issues that I had with the apartment the judge did not grant the company the 1095.00 that they where asking instead he granted the company the rent that I owed. witch was 424.24 . When I attempted to pay the rental company the past due rent two weeks later they already sent it to collections for the amount of 1095.00 . It was on my credit report about a month later.

So I contacted national credit systems and advised them that I was ready to pay, but the debt amount was incorrect. This was about the time when I realized that I was screwed. I spoke with a rep and he stated that the amount was correct. I advised him that we went to court and the judge granted them 424.24 he stated that he did not have that information. I offered to send the information to him and he stated that I could but by the time I do all that and it gets cleared up I might as well pay it. I THINK NOT! several years have passed and I'm still fighting with them. Recently I have been disputing the issue with Equifax(no help). It sees like I dispute the debt Equifax, they contact national credit and they say, yep the debt is correct and that's the end of it.

I have since sent them another letter with all the court documents and the judgment. I also sent the same information to Equifax. so the rep for national credit called be back and tried to talk crap however I blasted his A##. after I had him read the documents and read back to him the information he decided to skip over. he replied with "ill have to get this over to our investigation department" So about a month later he calls back and say with such enthusiasm in his voice sir we have your new debt amount 700.00...and as I blasted his ### out I asked him how did he come up with that amount he came up with your past due rent of 424.00+150.00 in late fees 75.00 to re-key the locks and 190.00 in court do the math people...and yes I went off again. at this point he stated well that's what you owe and its not changing. I said I was going to get a lawyer and he hung up. I have filed so many disputes with Equifax that the last letter they sent back to me stated that if I still had an issue with the debt that I should contact national credit to settle the dispute. I don't have the money for a lawyer but I do have the money to pay them But I'm NOT! any suggestions.

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  • Ro
      Jan 04, 2011

    Sue the [censored] out of them. I did and won. Look them up on the Harris County, Texas website. They are a bunch of extortionists. Don't let them win!!!

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  • Co
      Nov 11, 2016

    Received a notice from them dated 11/1/16; this is my very first piece of correspondence yet it states repeated attempts have been made. I am puzzled because the property they are attempting to collect on behalf of is a complex I resided in over 11 years ago. This item has never even appeared on my credit report. I'm reluctant to contact them for any additional info for the simple fact that it may inadvertently activate some type of continuous collection efforts. However, I am extremely curious as to what these charges could possibly pertain to. I moved out in good standing & even received a portion of my deposit back. This is extremely suspect. I may just contact the complex themselves to see if they can shed light on this but it is doubtful that they will have records from over a decade (2005). I guess I'll wait to see if any further attempts occur.

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