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National City Bank / unfair and deceptive practices

1 2902 Tree Lane Apt 54Louisville, KY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 502-619-9882

National City Banking: Unfair and Deceptive Copy to OCC

I am writing this letter to inform you of my findings and to allege that NATIONAL CITY BANK is currently engaged in carrying out unfair and deceptive trade practices

I understand that the Federal Trade Commission Act prohibits the unfair and deceptive trade practices. The bank regulatory agencies have authority under this act to take action to stop or prevent trade unfair or deceptive practices by financial institutions.

For several years, the bank regulatory agencies have been issuing warnings about unfair and deceptive trade practices and now I have become personally involved in what I consider to be a blatant attack on both my wife and I by National City Bank in Louisville, KY. This institution has both misrepresented information and has blatantly mislead us.

I have always deposited my check in National City Bank without incidence. If my check went in I could always count it clearing on Monday night. However my check went in and it was held until Tuesday night (for no reason) even though our receipt states on it that the funds would be available the next business day.

My wife read on the receipt that “the funds will be available the next business day, thus she was confident that Monday night all would clear and all would be well. Nothing stated that it would be held until Tuesday night and we were sure of it because the receipt clearly stated and assured her that if it were held by the bank that it would be stated above their was nothing stated above. Now we are heavily grieved because we were and are in the black except for the huge amount of fees which will total over $300.00 and has put our account seriously in the red. This has consumed almost our entire paycheck . EXCEPT FOR THESE unjustified LATE FEES WE were still IN THE BLACK.

This money was our gas money, and our car payment.

We are the consumer, and if we get a receipt that says it will post the next business day then that is what we are led to believe. That is what the bank receipt said. We should be able to put our trust into what the bank says.
Thke receipt said the next business day was 06/16/06 and it said the funds would be available on the next business day. THIS BANK IS OUT TO INTENTIONALLY DECIEVE PEOPLE.

When I called National City and told them they had made a mistake I was told I should have read the fine print in the original contract that they hold checks all except $100.00 The mail out we received never gave any indication that checks would be held. But rather that checks would only be held if they were over $3000.00

As a consumer I "should not have to become a detective to read every square inch of fine print to find out the true terms and conditions of my checking account.

I truly feel my wife and I have been deceived, tricked, lied to and stolen from by National City Bank.

My online readout ( of which I have a hard copy) shows I have been in the black up to the time they took the late fees out. And if the money would have posted when the receipt said it would their would be no problem.

If they were going to hold our check until Early Wednsday morning it should have stated it but it said NEXT BUSINESS DAY. If it said on the receipt “funds available next business day” what would you have assumed?

My wife and I feel violated. We had enough money in the account to cover the check WHY DID THEY HOLD IT? My computer readout which I have a copy said it went in on the 16th I have a hard copy however the banks copy is mysteriously different.

The bank that refuses to release the money to us Is the Jeffesontown KY branch (Our Branch)and the branch at 2503 Hurstbourne Parkway where we made the deposit.

Why are they doing this to us? we did nothing wrong.

I have my car all made up and driving around town it says “Honk if you hate national city bank” and National City Bank Ripped me off. You would be amazed how many people in this town hate National City Bank and have told me they have been ripped off by them also. I will continue driving it around and I have already been personally responsible for having four accounts closed with them and this is just the first day.

Would you please pray with us that God himself will turn against National City Bank and bankrupt it. And tell all Christians to pray. We have a lot of Christians praying now. I have been sharing my story with everyone I meet and now my car can really tell the story. I feel a full scale investigation is paramount, I don’t want to see anybody else have go through what we are having to endure, and I know they are hurting people.


Lawrence J. Hasenour
Louisville, KY

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  • An
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    I myself have had problems with National City Bank for the past few months. My payment is not due till the 19th of each month and its not late till the 30th. Well if i havent paid it by the 19th the phone calls start flooding in about the 21st wondering where my payment is. They preceed to call 9 to 12 times a day (remember it isnt late till the 30th) till its paid but not only do they constantly call my house they have called my job as well ( still in my grace period). So if this isnt harassment i dont know what is an its very stressful to me considering i have to sleep during the day with my phone ringing off the hook from National City Banks harassing phone calls. A couple of times i have talk to them and told them when i would be able to make the payment and yet the same day the preceded to call me three more times after that. Then the next day and the next day then my job for a few days till it was paid.(Still in my grace period).Another thing i have noticed is there assessing late fees on my bill on the 29th but its not late till the 30th hmmm. So yes i wish there was reallysomething that could be done about this and if anyone has any ideas to help please let me know. Thanks

  • Do
      13th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I feel for you. My bank got taken over by National City Bank. They are awful and love to charge you overdrafts. I cannot wait to close my account with them. They are dishonest about what your balance is and when you put it in, suddenly you acquire more overdrafts. Right now, I have an attorney and they will have to straighten out a mess that should never have happened to begin with. They are money hungry. I hope they get investigated. They truely deserve it. My old bank never treated me like this. I miss them.

  • Ka
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    We have been with National City in Michigan for about 10 years. We never had a problem until about 2 years ago. Just had another problem over overdraft charges with them today. Just to let everyone know-----National City in Southgate, Michigan at Eureka and Dix Toledo road are the absolute rudest people I have ever met. Anyhow, everyone I know who has dealt with National City has had a problem with them and thier overdraft charges. The managers have been told by the corporation to never fix overdraft charges no matter whose fault they are. Today was the end for me. All accounts are being transferred to Chase Bank. I cant wait for there to be a Class Action lawsuit against these people. I am sure it is coming. As for all of you rude NCB employees, when you are out of a job---you will deserve it!!!

  • Hh
      4th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am going to my attorney to file a class action lawsuit against National City Bank for deceptive trade practices, including charging overdraft fees when such fees should not have been assessed. If you would like to join this law suit, please e-mail: with your name, address, phone number, and any paperwork that you are able to scan and send to me (white-out your confidential information such as your account number), including bank statements. National City's headquarters are in Troy, Michigan, and I think it is high time they learned their lesson; by the way, my attorney is a pit bull in the courtroom :)

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