Nandos / nandos fan greatly disappointed

We drove past Nandos Sloane square today Sat 19 Sep and decided to grab a bite to eat, we ordered Cheese and Pine Burger Meal plus Perinase Dip for Myself, and ¼ Chicken Meal plus a Standard Gib Roll for my mate. We sat down and waited for app 30min and did not receive any comp peanuts, as we have received at other Nandos we have eaten at, I asked the waitress for two glasses with ice in them, 10min later she brought the glasses, I looked at the glasses & they where disgustingly filthy, full of old fat that I could scratch off the glasses. Then the waitress brought the cutlery and once again filthy, I took the cutlery to the manager & asked him if he expected us to eat with this, he did not at anytime apologies, he just took the cutlery & gave it to the waitress & asked her to clean it, still no apology. When our food finally arrived my mate had to send back the ¼ chicken as it wastill frozen in the centre!, while all this was happening I had to run around to get to get my perinase and serviettes for the table, they took the chicken back and returned it, my mate just left it as is was still not cooked properly. Nandos Sloane square does not do the Nandos Brand any Justice...

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