NAFPS/Al Carrollfraudulent and defamatory

Review updated:

I found that my business reputation and name are being defamed by this entity known as "NAFPS" and "Al Carroll" inadvertently by doing a search on I have a physical business location offering licensed Massage Therapy and am additionally licensed in Minnesota to offer Wellness Consultations, offering Food as Medicine, where I've helped hundreds of clients in good faith, often for no charge reverse and assist with given diagnosis. I have had an extensive amount of education including herbal studies in part, massage school, and my grandmother worked with me a young girl developing intuitive abilities.
When I perused this information, I was shocked! I have a website that I pay for and people often search the internet to seek out references and make sure there is no bad press! There is NONE about me whatsoever; including NONE at my physical business address in a small city where I would have been removed long ago in a very conservative community!
I feel that I am being disparaged, defamed and that my stellar reputation is suffering the result of this fraud.
I am entirely sure that I am aware of the person who submitted this to Mr. Carroll (Kandi Hodges Adams) who resides in Lathrop, California and is angry that her mother, my grandmother indicated to the family before her passing in 2010 that our family genealogy included an African descendant. I was told this as a child that I have African ancestors and Etna E. Floyd disclosed it to the entire family before her passing in Minnesota in, I believe it was 2010. Kandi Hodges Adams, whose name is also submitted on the photographs of Etna E. Floyd, her biological mother is full of hate and contempt at my success of nearly 35 years of study of natural healing and my successes at helping others and was angered at her being viewed as "attacked" on my Facebook personal page where she was a "friend" until I removed her as she was making statements on her page that I was her niece and that I was "...not a Shaman." I have invested my entire life in this work; it's my passion helping other people; the majority of it has been at no charge until I recently when as a solo mother and my son graduated this past year I put together a website at: offering my services to the virtual community. She intimated that she was on the phone seeking to disparage my reputation for which I am greatly affected.

I would sincerely appreciate any and all help I may receive in this regard; I am at a loss as to what to do about this and how somebody can post this kind of thing?

Please contact me via email or telephone if there is a way to discuss this and recommend further what I may do to stop this individual: Kandi Hodges Adams.

Very truly yours, Karen L. Pringle (was unsure how to choose file/attach) this is the link.

Jan 11, 2015
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  •   Dec 17, 2015
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    You are one of many victims. They have recently moved their web server from Panama to Iceland. Their new web company has their own legal department. AL Carroll and NAFPS are doing their best to spread hatred.

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  • Bi
      Dec 24, 2015

    There are currently 73 signatures on a petition to Northern Virginia Community College asking them to investigate the conduct of Alton 'Al' Carroll as it relates to their professional standards.

    Does NOVA really want to employ someone who uses hate speech, cyberstalking and identity theft as a resource?

    The site has now been moved to another anonymous offshore hoster - FlokiNet in Iceland. [protected] They have their own legal dpeartment so not hard to see why NAFPS moved from their last anonymous offshore hoster Cyber Cast International in Panama.

    Some NAFPS members have been infiltrating events in order to harrass people. Shameful.

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  • Tr
      Dec 26, 2015

    Partial criminal and civil court records for Dr Alton Carl 'Al" Carroll Jr of Northern Virginia Community College

    04/25/84 Case#1984CI06508 Bexar Co TX
    05/13/85 Case#069021 Bexar Co TX
    05/21/85 Case#069022 Bexar Co TX
    05/22/85 Case#069023 Bexar Co TX
    03/11/90 Case#457266 Bexar Co TX
    05/24/90 Case#189990 Bexar Co TX
    07/19/90 Case#468344 Bexar Co TX
    04/24/00 Case#2000CI06001 Bexar Co TX
    12/02/02 Case#M-[protected] Maricopa Co AZ
    10/24/03 Case#2003CI16946 Bexar Co TX
    11/04/09 Case#CJ-[protected] Oklahoma Co OK
    06/10/10 Case#GT10021347-00 Loudon Co VA
    09/23/10 Case#GT10037851-00 Loudon Co VA
    09/23/10 Case#GT10037853-00 Loudon Co VA
    10/19/10 Case#GT10044070-00 Loudon Co VA
    10/19/10 Case#GT10044071-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/10 Case#GT10046192-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/10 Case#GT10046193-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/10 Case#GT10046194-00 Loudon Co VA
    06/13/11 Case#GT11019379-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/11 Case#GT11044008-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/11 Case#GT11044010-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/11 Case#GT11044011-00 Loudon Co VA
    11/22/11 Case#GT11044014-00 Loudon Co VA
    01/10/13 Case#2013CI00516 Bexar Co TX

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  • Da
      Jan 12, 2016

    Northern Virginia Community College has a policy against harassment: Harassment is any unwelcome verbal, written, or physical conduct that either denigrates or shows hostility or aversion towards a person on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, marital status, or pregnancy that (1) has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment; (2) has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an employee's work performance; or (3) affects an employee's employment opportunities or compensation.

    Unwelcome conduct that denigrates and shows aversion towards people based on race, color and religion... Alton Carroll in a nutshell

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  • A True History of NAFPS and Al Carroll 20.Jan.2016 16:52

    Native Americans Against Discrimination

    In its nearly 20 years, New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans (NAFPS) have an enviable record as a deeply respected human rights organization, one founded by and made up of mostly American Indians, and widely used as a resource by tribes, universities, museums, other activists, and people from all walks of life. It began as a Yahoogroup, founded by members of Our Red Earth, a support group for the American Indian Movement or AIM, the best known Native warrior society from the Red Power movement.

    NAFPS was founded to combat cultural appropriation, a current hot topic on social media. But NAFPS was doing so long ago, back in the days when internet sites on Native topics were dominated by New Age imposters posing as Native American spiritual leaders. White posers sell false versions of Native ceremonies for huge profits (sometimes in the millions of dollars), and actual Native peoples are outnumbered, shouted down, and frequently threatened with violence. When New Age leaders, anxious to hold onto their huge fortunes and cults, cannot silence them by threats, they resort to censorship, making up claims of TOS violations and "libel." Nervous ISPs, more concerned with lawsuits than with the truthfulness of claims, easily fold.

    NAFPS supporters described early on a vicious reign of terror aimed at them by New Age cults. Death threats came on a monthly and even weekly basis. Threats came not just through email. NAFPS members saw their home addresses and phone numbers published online. Police investigated phone threats to "shove a shotgun up your *** and pull the trigger" and emails sent with graphics lynchings. In the early days of the internet, when few police were clear about jurisdiction, such threats went unpunished.

    Some NAFPS members were stalked in person. NAFPS member in Arizona and Massachusetts both saw their family members threatened, including an elderly grandmother. At one protest, the German "security force" of the Deer Tribe cult tried to break into the car to get at a Native woman. Yet NAFPS members bravely never once backed down. They have an enviable record of success:

    - Suraj Holzwarth, a white woman calling herself "White Eagle Woman" and inventing claims of being a Mohawk messiah, saw all of her ceremony selling tour dates canceled due to NAFPS protests outing her false claims.

    - Kiesha Crowther, a white woman falsely claiming to being the messiah for the Salish and Lakota tribes, also saw her ceremony selling tour ended after her claims were exposed. She gave up and fled to Europe, removed her claims from her website, and apologized.

    - Robert Franzone, an Italian American long falsely claiming to be a Lakota medicine man named "Ghostwolf, " gave up ceremony selling due to being exposed by NAFPS, and died in obscurity.

    - Charles Storm, one of the oldest and most notorious frauds, a German-American long posing as a Cheyenne medicine man named "Hyemyehosts, " remains in hiding after NAFPS exposed him as a serial rapist. Former members of his cult came forward to describe his raping many of their children. He remains at large, his ceremony selling ended, even his internet presence gone. A faux civil rights group he set up, NAMA, shut down after NAFPS criticism.

    -The Erie Moundbuilders, a Black supremacist cult begun by James Johnson III (AKA Tecumseh Browneagle) shut down entirely, its attempts to start a casino with an organized crime figure exposed by NAFPS. Nothing remains of the group but the shell of an unmaintained website.

    At the center of NAFPS was Dr. Alton Carroll, or more often, Al Carroll, a history professor, author, and tireless human rights activist on this and other causes. Al Carroll was perhaps the bravest of all NAFPS members, personally being threatened the most of any of them. More attacks have been aimed at him than any other NAFPS member because he has used his academic credentials to bolster Native human rights and protect Native spiritual traditions. His research skills have also exposed more imposters and cults than any other, almost 4, 000 posts of research, nearly triple that of the next most prolific NAFPS member.

    But Al Carroll is certainly far from alone at NAFPS. It has over 2, 000 members from dozens of tribes, including indigenous peoples in Latin America, Hawaii, and Australia. Some of its more notable members include:

    Dr. Richard Allen, policy analyst for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
    Mike Two Horses, Lakota professor in Virginia
    Ladonna Allard, member of Lakota tribal government
    Ric Richardson, member of Metis band government in Canada
    Huhanna Hickey, Australian Aboriginal disabled rights activist
    Bryant Holman, curandero researcher
    Maria Blanco, community organizer
    Sky Davis, Cherokee member of the American Indian Movement and Iron Lodge Prisoner Support
    Bee Niedlinger, Munsee member of the American Indian Movement
    Debbie Redbear, member of NDN-AIM
    Albert Running Wolf, Kiowa member of the American Indian Movement

    But Al Carroll wound up being targeted the most. Over the years his attackers and libelers have been a rogue's gallery of the worst of New Age culture vultures, abusers, and other racists:

    A racist pagan supporter of Brooke Edwards, an imposter posing as a Crow medicine woman named "Medicine Eagle" who uses spray on tanning makeup and a "tribal enrollment certificate" clearly made at Kinko's.
    "Looking Back Woman, " a hairdresser claiming to be a Lakota messiah.
    David Yeagley, a white supremacist and longtime associate of neo Nazis, enrolled by mistake in the Comanche tribe through an ancestor listed as an "adopted Mexican."
    Paul Robin Denton, a convicted serial rapist, Scientology cult member, and leader of the Rainbow Tribe, a white Englishman posing as the leader of a tiny fringe political party in South Africa.

    The latest attack was posted on Portland Indymedia, taking advantage of the lack of oversight on open source media to prevent such defamation. The falsehoods begin in the title:
    "How Al Carroll formed NAFPS author: DG Hooper."

    Dr. Alton Carroll did not form NAFPS alone. He was one of dozens of members of the AIM support group Our Red Earth that formed NAFPS. The interesting thing is the author's choice of name. DB Cooper was a thief who got himself killed during a failed hijacking.

    So the author wants to be thought of as a failed thief? One who was very incompetent? New Age leaders routinely kill their hapless followers with poorly run sweatlodges. The author seems to be Paul Robin Denton, the already mentioned convicted serial rapist and Rainbow Tribe cult leader. The Rainbow Tribe often runs poor imitations of Native sweatlodges, sometimes killing its members.

    The defamation continues:

    "Al Carroll began identifying as 'Indian' in graduate school."

    Just one problem: The article then goes on to quote sources showing he identified as not just American Indian, but Apache, many years before that. Not only did Al Carroll identify as American Indian, everyone else identified him as one, outside of New Age exploiters.

    "...when he began using monies from fellowships dedicated to minorities"

    False on two counts. One, he is not just a minority, but a double minority, both American Indian and Mexican. And he was never awarded fellowships for minorities, but based on merit.

    "...his wife would file for divorce."

    False. Court records online show Al Carroll filed for divorce from her, citing abandonment and adultery on her part. He was the aggrieved party.

    Paul Robin Denton then goes on to get angry about the age difference between the couple. Apparently he is horrified that a woman in her early 20s married a man in his early 30s. It's worth noting that Denton was 46 when he repeatedly raped a woman of 32, 14 years younger than him.

    "Al Carroll would meet fellow "blogger/cyberstalker" Robert 'Rob' Schmidt"

    So Mr. Denton is now defaming any associate of Al Carroll. Rob Schmidt is pretty well known as an author of Native themed comics, and as an activist for Native causes. Both Schmidt and Carroll are often attacked by New Age exploiters, and both are supporters of human rights causes. Those are their only connections.

    "...who 'interviewed' him on his website in April 2002."

    No such interview exists. Al Carroll often contributed to the Blue Corn Comics site, where both wrote analysis of racism, stereotypes, and promoted human rights.

    "Al Carroll would later create a GeoCities website called Our Red Earth Organization in March 2003."

    Our Red Earth actually began five years earlier, as a Yahoogroup, and never was on Geocities. Al Carroll had no part in either. Why the paranoid tendency of Mr. Denton to see Al Carroll's hand in everything? Seems like he is admitting how effective Dr. Carroll was in exposing Denton. Paul Robin Denton, himself a convicted serial rapist, then goes into a bizarre bit of psychological projection to falsely accuse Al Carroll of being a serial rapist.

    It's worth noting where Denton gets these claims. White supremacist David Yeagley and his fellow neo Nazis originally made them up on his website. Even more bizarrely, they claimed Al Carroll is a Russian star. Denton is willing to dig through the worst, lowest, and least reliable sites for his mudslinging and defamation.

    "Al Carroll traveled to Europe in 2005 and 2006 to lecture"

    Very sloppy. There was no travel in 2006. Al Carroll went on a speaking tour to raise money for charity, the Albuquerque Indian Center's Powwow Academy. It's a drug prevention and gang intervention program. So now Paul Robin Denton is smearing very worthwhile Native charities. The academy went on to invite Al Carroll to be an honored guest at their powwow, since the tour kept the center open for another year.

    "Around this time he would start a short period of employment at St Phillip's College in San Antonio."

    If by "short period, " one means "five years." If by "employment, " one means an adjunct professor.

    "During this time he began recruiting for "GENUINE Native Americans" to appear in Swedish director Annika Banfield's 800, 000 krone movie project"

    The director of Spirits for Sale was actually Folke Johansson. Banfield was just one of several writers. Al Carroll did no "recruiting." Johannson did. He found a number of famed American Indians to appear in the film. Andrew Thomas is Director of the Albuquerque Pueblo Indian Center. Arvol Looking Horse is a highly respected Lakota elder, the Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Bundle for the tribe, a position held in his family for 19 generations.

    As for 800, 000 krone, a krone is worth about 15 cents. This was not a "movie, " but a low budget factual documentary about spiritual exploiters and imposters, like Paul Robin Denton.

    Spirits for Sale also won a number of awards and received nothing but praise in reviews:
    "... a good and heart-felt piece of work and would make an impact on students and the general public."
    Anthropology Review Database
    "A very moving and interesting documentary of the commercialization and ignorance surrounding Native Americans and their culture...highly recommended." EMRO

    Denton's failed effort at defamation continues:
    "He began making false claims about having been a professor at ASU."

    Actually both ASU's site and Al Carroll's own online resumes show him listed as Teaching Instructor while at ASU. Nowhere did he claim to be a professor. He is also shown as having been "Editor" for the prestigious H-Amindian academic listserve, and "Researcher" for the equally prestigious Labriola American Indian Data Center. His bosses at the two institutes were themselves very prestigious, Joyce Kievet, an Eastern Band Cherokee, and Patricia Etter, a Pottawatomi Indian.

    Denton also fails to mention Al Carroll's other prestigious mentors. At Purdue he was trained by a Choctaw Indian professor, Donna Akers. Ay ASU his teachers included James Riding In, a famed Pawnee historian, and Angela Cavendar Wilson, a Dakota Indian professor.

    Denton goes on to claim:
    "Other people active with NAFPS at or before this time include Brent Michael Davids, Cinda Hughes, Vance Hawkins, Debbie Redbear Moran, and Ladonna Allard."

    Denton does not mention who these notable people are. Davids is from the Stockbridge tribe and a famed composer and artist. Hughes is a Kiowa Indian disabled rights activist. Hawkins is a Cherokee Indian activist. Redbear is a member of NDN-AIM. Allard is a member of Lakota tribal government. That's pretty prestigious company Al Carroll is keeping.

    Denton's failed defamation and sloppy research and falsehoods continues:

    "In 2008 Al Carroll padded his PHD dissertation from ASU to book length, releasing it as Medicine Bags and Dog Tags."

    Actually Al Carroll did not release his book. The University of Nebraska Press did. UNP is the most prestigious of academic publishers of American Indian Studies. Let's take a look at the reviews for his book, all found at the UNP website:

    "Al Carroll has written a cogent, readable, scholarly, and comprehensive study of Native American veterans from a Native perspective." Gretchen Healy, Tribal College Journal

    "An interesting and provocative book, Medicine Bags and Dog Tags succeeds in providing an Indian perspective on military service and its effects on cultural renewal and perseverance." Thomas A. Britten, Great Plains Quarterly.

    "[This book] should be in the hands of not only Native but non-Indians veterans and service groups, in order to better understand why we serve, fight, and die in the service of the United States, and how best to honor Native soldiers and veterans." Debra Utacia Krol (Salinan/Essalen), Native Peoples magazine.

    Denton does not mention that Al Carroll has gotten three more books published since then. One of them is Presidents' Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best Presidents Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions. Let's take a look at reviews for it:

    "This is a brave and magisterial work that will make you look again at American history and the Presidency. It's a real eye-opener to anyone who thinks they know everything there is to know about U.S. history. It is the truth that you won't hear through your mainstream media." MWB Reviews

    "Dr. Carroll is well known in Indian Country. He has fought for many years to protect our sacred ways from the wasichu colonial spiritual invaders. I am glad he represents an Indian point of view. The words you have written are very good Dr. Carroll. I hope many heed them." Sam Bear

    "It is a devastating critique of the presidency and its failures, contrary to the sunshine patriotism view one gets (mis)taught. A search for him online shows he's American Indian, very well respected by most but deeply hated by racists and religious exploiters. He has my respect, and I expect this book will be much used as a resource by anyone wanting an antidote to all the hazy president worshipping bios." John Martine

    Another of his books is The New Age Speak to Plain English Dictionary, a collection of humor. Let's take a look at the reviews:

    "Excellent and necessary. Cultural misappropriation (aka cultural appropriation) from Native Americans is a serious problem. The newage market is full of non-Natives spouting bafflegab. Usually they rely on Noble Savage stereotypes, which, despite the newagers' claims to "admire" Natives actually disenfranchise and denigrate the very people being "admired." This handy and entertaining book cuts through the bafflegab. It will save you time, money, and brain cells. Don't feed the frauds. Arm yourself with the translation!" Redwing44

    "Hilarious and dead on target. Funny funny FUNNY in how it takes New Agers to task for their pompousness, their mock profoundness, and their cultural appropriation and casual but also deep seated racism, bigotry, cultural imperialism, greed, and sometimes sexual abuse." American Man

    A fourth book of Al Carroll's is Survivors: Family Histories of Surviving Colonialism, Genocide, and War. It's a collection of accounts from wartime and genocide survivors. The book won Al Carroll an Award for Scholarly and Creative Engagement from his university.

    What all of Al Carroll's books share in common is a concern with human rights. His whole career and life seem dedicated to that, and it has won him much praise and prestige. But what does Denton go on to smear Al Carroll with?

    "Comanche David Yeagley in early January 2009 Carroll was sued for libel/slander in Oklahoma Supreme Court."

    Supreme Court? For a libel suit? How clumsy a lie is that? Yeagley also sued Google. He sued Amazon. He also sued ten other people and institutions and civil rights groups and activists.

    What did he sue them for? He sued on behalf of American Renaissance, a white supremacist organization he was long part of. Yeagley was a white supremacist and neo Nazi, a long associate of Storm Front, neo Nazi skinheads, and other white supremacists like One Nation, White Boy Society, and VDARE. Yeagley was openly an admirer of Hitler, Columbus, Dracula, Custer, and the Shah of Iran. He called for the president's assassination and genocide against Mexicans, Muslims, Arabs, gays, and pagans.

    Yeagley sued all these people and organizations for pointing out he is a white supremacist and NOT Comanche. His father was German. His mother was a Mexican, born in Mexico. His ancestor was mistakenly enrolled in the Comanche tribe, and listed on Comanche tribal rolls as "adopted Mexican." He was a truly bizarre character, a gay man who hated other gays, a Mexican who hated other Mexicans, and who posed as Comanche to spread white supremacist hatred and calls for violence. THIS is the source that Denton relies on for his smears.

    Yeagley was also repeatedly defeated in court. Every single lawsuit was thrown out, without exception. None of the people or organizations he sued even had to defend themselves in court, including Al Carroll. That's in the public record, but Denton never mentions that.

    Denton goes on to claim:
    "Carroll left the country. Some said to avoid further scrutiny and lawsuit. He would travel to Indonesia to lecture about Native Americans."

    False. Al Carroll went to Indonesia as a Fulbright Scholar, one of the most prestigious awards in America for teachers and scholars. That puts Al Carroll in some amazing company, alongside dozens of presidents and prime ministers, Nobel Prize winners, and hundreds of other revered scholars.

    Besides teaching, Al Carroll described his work for the Fulbright this way:

    "One of the things I'm doing over here is trying to help as many Indonesians as possible get advanced degrees in the US. This includes students from Indonesia's tribes, who make up about a fourth of the population here, Dayaks, Bataks, Papuans, and Torajans. Right now they have me mentoring eight Indonesian students who want to be in Master's or PhD programs in the US. This includes two in heathcare, a mining engineer who want to study environmental science, two economics students (including one who studies poverty reduction through microfinancing), two agriculture students, and one studying how to improve fishing yields for fishermen without depleting the oceans."

    That's enormously impressive and noble, in line with everything else Al Carroll has done in his life as a humanitarian. But what does Denton go on to defame him for?

    "On May 12th he was cited in Loudon County for an expired registration."

    A parking ticket? Denton, a convicted serial rapist, is trying to smear a human rights activist as a bad person for an expired sticker? What else is Denton desperate enough to claim?

    "By 2010 Alton Carroll had begun working for Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) as an assistant."

    By assistant, he mean assistant professor. It's also worth noting just how prestigious a school NOVA is. It's consistently ranked the best community college in all of America. The president has given two speeches at NOVA, touting it as a model for the whole country.

    What else can Denton come up with?
    "The school was not aware of Al Carroll's background at the time they engaged him."

    We can be pretty sure they were very aware of his background, the Fulbright Scholarship, an outstanding record as a scholar and human rights organizer, and highly praised books. Not only are they aware of it, they eagerly sought him out for it, and they keep giving him awards for it.

    The attackers going after NAFPS and Al Carroll and other Native human rights activists share three things in common:

    They are mostly anonymous, unsigned, or with obvious fake names. That destroys any credibility in the articles and tells readers the authors are cowardly, the kind of losers others tell to get a life.

    They are obvious smears, filled with falsehoods anyone can easily find and pick apart. This has the effect of making the readers side with those being attacked.

    They have all failed repeatedly with their attacks. During the 20 years of defamation and demonization, NAFPS went from a little Yahoogroup to a highly respected resource for tribe, universities, and the public. During that same 20 years, Al Carroll went from an unknown college student to a revered and highly awarded scholar and activist. At this rate, this latest round of attacks may get Al Carroll a Nobel Prize to go along with his many other awards. He would deserve it too.

    -Signed and Authored by, Native Americans Against Discrimination

    Anyone can find out the truth about NAFPS, Al Carroll, and its other respected leaders just by going straight to the source, instead of anonymous smears. (Interview)
    link to
    link to
    link to

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  • Na
      Feb 15, 2017

    @Native Americans Against Discrimination Amazon has deleted this post from their website

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  • Qu
      Feb 17, 2018

    @Native Americans Against Discrimination I do have a lot of experience within academia; having held teaching positions in North America and Europe in the last ten years. When checking the NAFPS forum with the hope of finding current information relevant for my own work, I couldn’t help but notice how utterly hurting this Alton Carroll is for NA communities. After a little google search, I also realized the damage he does to any NA related cause far exceeds the ego trips that seems to be running the NAFPS forum. If this person has committed the offenses & crimes he’s accused of (slander, identity theft, libel, harassment as I read on a number of web -sites and forums ), please note that letters supported with actual proofs and documents would be more than enough to make his employers and scholarship-givers consider terminating whatever position or grants he’s been given at academic institutions, in US or elsewhere. Today’s academia is not as indifferent to such ‘extra-curricular’ matters as it used to be decades ago. In fact, immediate action would be taken in order to protect institutional reputation and quality of education from any harm that even the slightest affiliation with this guy can bring. When academic institutions thrive to promote an intellectual environment of objective thinking and ethical conduct, they just can’t afford employing/supporting Carrolls of the world. Even if a 10th of what Carroll’s being accused of is true and provable, NA communities better put some real thinking into taking collective action in the direction of informing the parties involved with him.

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  • Fi
      Nov 23, 2018

    @Native Americans Against Discrimination Over on the NAFPS board I get censored a lot by pointing things out that I think should be told about some of the people who are over there acting like they are angels and trying to say bad things about good people.

    In the past one of the men over there who is attacking my friend on the NAFPS board has threatened many people including myself with violence over other conflicts.

    Two of the individuals over there have actually threatened violence on a young couple in their 20's. One these individuals who threatened violence can't even prove they are Indian, and have never really lived as such; yet they told the young man "they would come to his house and show his Gf what a real man was."

    If you were in my shoes and have seen the threats of violence against people and myself, the lies about people being so called traditional when they can't even prove who they would understand why I did this.

    If they want to continue threatening me so be it...I will continue to talk.

    If they want to hunt me down and do me be it I will continue to speak on them until they do so.

    I have proof of everything I am saying here.

    Some of these clowns should realize that when you point fingers at people you have 3 pointing right back at you.

    Thing is, I have never once threatened anyone with violence in any way, threatened to come hunt them down and do them physical harm like they have myself and others. So when they speak up like people should listen to them, I am going to make sure to point out their actions.

    In my opinion NAFPS investigations is sorta like a court room.

    The problem is that the Judges are friends with the prosecutors.

    At the same time the prosecutors are acting as witnesses.

    The problem over there is when the actions and motives of the prosecutors/witnesses are question those of us on the defense get censored.

    Why are we being censored? Because the judges are friends with the prosecutors and their witnesses.

    Don't they allow witnesses to be cross examined in real court rooms?

    You know they do, but over on NAPFS that is not being allowed.

    Still they have no problem cross examining me and pointing out fights I have had with people as a way to discredit me and others; yet oddly enough they forget to mention how those fights were with THEM, and how they threatened people with violence.

    It needs to be said so that people understand the type of people they are dealing with.

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  • No
      Feb 03, 2016

    Mike Two Horses, Lakota professor in Virginia died in 2003. There are members listed who are not native or have not posted in a long time. The writer of the post is not native and is known for false and misleading information. Members of nafps include a mixed group of people. Most come in and introduce themselves and then never post again. This group has been kicked off many servers.

    How NAFPS and Al Carroll Are Under Attack by White Racists.The same racism excuse Again. It is like Sarah Palin blaming the President for all the problems in her own house.

    Saying they have an enviable record and are deeply respected is like Trump stating the same thing about himself, and he is respected by the likes of Ted Nugent, Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson, Honey Boo Boo and the Duck Dynasty cast and crew but there are just as many intelligent human beings out there from all walks of life who are not racist and who do not respect Trump or nafps and see them as bullies.

    NAFPS members saw their home addresses and phone numbers published online. What a shame considering they do the exact same thing to the victims of their choosing

    The attackers going after NAFPS and Al Carroll share three things in common:

    They are mostly anonymous or obvious fake names.  Unlike them who stand proud behind real names like Yells at Pretendians, educatedindian, omgsrsly, epiphany

    They are obvious smears, filled with falsehoods anyone can easily find and pick apart. This is actually their specialty. Whatever good work they do is often overshadowed by their own smears and falsehoods.

    Recent comments from members of nafps

    Angelica Johanson - Tis Mal Crow was a registered member of the Cherokee Tribe of Oklahoma. He was well known and well respected in native communities and throughout the world. He was resilient and driven. Spent many years on the pow-wow circuit, and his list of friends is long (many are also famous/public figures from Native American community, whom are also well known and respected). His list of accomplishments is also too long. His traditional beliefs did not allow him to "sell" tradition, and his family and friends are all saddened and hurt to find his name mixed up in anything like this. I google his name, and this comes up.  He was trained in traditional medicinal and healing practices by respected elders. He kept and respected these traditions. In keeping with these traditions, he had restrictions on whom he could Doctor, and never took payment for doctoring someone. He made money from contemporary means like classes, lectures, consulting with small and major manufacturers and companies about responsible and renewable sourcing and formulation of herbal supplements. He was also a gifted artist and created and sold many works of art, including his beadwork. He was the first enrolled member of a Native American nation to have published a book on the practical and responsible use of herbal remedies. So, yes an author as well. Anyone who knew him knows this. I am saddened and troubled by the accusatory manner of the acquisition into his genuine identity. I agree with Peter in his post when he references a "witch hunt".

    Heather Awen - There are people-nafps- misappropriating my story for a smear campaign against Raven. Obviously anything they say at New Age Fraud can’t be trusted because look how they used me! I now know they pick and choose information, like they do against their many enemies. I’m probably one now in spite of my work calling out core shaman practitioners doing faux Indian rituals for money. Wonder what they’ll cut and use out of context for their agenda to make me their enemy? When your own story is twisted by a group, that group is highly suspect and must do a lot to win back trust and show honesty. Sadly New Age Frauds is now clearly exposed as an unreliable news source. Maybe they will apologize for using my story out of context without seeking to learn the truth, but the agenda seems to be hatred. Sigh. It’s so sad how everyone is played against each other.

    to nafps -  You have NO CLUE OF THE TRUTH. IT'S SO DEGRADING THAT YOU PICK THAT WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING IT, AND TRY TO Capitalize on my SUFFERING. any of you ever talk to the people he's helped? No. It's just pick and choose to attack people. Get FACTS. I can't believe years ago I supported this site. Are there not enough people playing wanna be and charging money for it anymore that your enemies now aren't even people who pretend to be indigenous and don't charge money? What happened to this site? I have care packages for political prisoners to make. Seems more productive than online bashing people.  Remember that haters got to hate but the rest of us can work for a better world.

    Do not trust everything you read at NAFPS

    +23 Votes
  • Wh
      Feb 12, 2016

    There is no sign that Dr. Richard Allen has ever posted directly on the Nafps site.
    educatedindian writes Richard Allen did not equivocate but called me a liar

    Debbie Redbear, member of NDN-AIM  is a white woman

    Mike Two Horses, Lakota professor in Virginia died in 2003

    Bryant Holman died in 2009

    Albert Running Wolf, Kiowa member of the American Indian Movement made 3 posts back in 2008 and hasn't been seen or heard from on the forum since.

    No sign of Bee Niedlinger

    They HAD a member, Huhanna Hickey on the Yahoo board. Huhanna Hickey has not been around in well over 10 years now and I don't think she has ever posted on the NAFPS forum

    Ric Richardson has not posted in over 5 years

    deeply respected human rights organization??? too funny

    +24 Votes
  • Na
      Mar 27, 2017

    @What members? this said to NAFPS

    You apparently don't like The American Indian Movement. We don't like you either. The American Indian Movement hereby denounces all of you: Al Carrol with your milehighsalute who you share 'similar places' with. We alone reserve the right to declare frauds, which is the lot of you. You keep on doing what you do...hating Indigenous Peoples. We'll keep doing what we do, fighting the Washichu and his wickedness. We are the Resistance.

    Akicita Waziyata Ptehinsilaska
    on behalf of The American Indian Movement

    +10 Votes
  • Me
      Feb 15, 2016

    Members of Nafps

    +10 Votes
  • An
      Feb 16, 2016

    The regular members of NAFPS who do most of the posting are not the Native Americans on that list. There are only two Native Americans on that list who are regular members - Ladonna Allard and Sky Davis

    The others are

    educatedindian - an angry man and known liar - a female relative had a DNA test and discovered Apache - he goes under many names on the site and off the site

    Yells at Pretendians - an angry American white woman who is known for giving false misleading information as the poster above said -  goes under many names on the site and off the site and is the internet cheerleader for this group

    Ingeborg - an angry German white woman who also provides false information on Native Americans

    Debbie Redbear - an American white woman

    Laurel - an American white woman

    Autumn - named herself after her cat. Most likely a white woman

    Epiphany - another white woman who does genealogy searches which are most likely inaccurate for most of the people on their fraud or research list -

    It was very common for Indians who lived in predominately white communities rather than tribal areas to be listed as white. The enumerators often did not even ask about race in a mixed family, but marked people as white unless it was brought to their attention that they were Indians. I have been researching and teaching genealogy for many years and have seen many examples of families trying to prove their tribal affiliation and being unable to get past the misinformation on original census records. Osage Nation

    Attitudes have changed about Native Americans and if then someone 'looked' white they could have said they were white as it was easier for them to be white then. There are many errors on census.

    Listing yourself as Native American or Indian could have dire consequences at that time. No one wants to volunteer for forced hunger, poverty, torture, death, loss of freedoms and rights, relocation and reservations, forced labor, or having your children taken and shoved into boarding schools where their culture was stolen through brute force.

    Many Native Americans had assimilated into white culture. I have confirmed one ancestor to be Cherokee while the ancestor married "white"

    I live in Georgia and one side of my family did this for safety. During the round up for the Trail of Tears my family fled into what is known as Black Lake Swamp in central Georgia and hide from soldiers. When they felt they could leave the swamp safely they went back to white friends who gave them land and helped them back onto their feet. After that they always listed themselves as white but were actually Yuchi.

    My great great grandfather would have been accepted as a member of the Cherokee yet the 1880 census lists him as white. And I am talking "the Deep South" Mississippi.

    An aunt of mine just recently found some information in a family Bible that listed one of my great grandmothers as being Native American. I was able to locate this woman in a 1880 census record, but she is listed as being W (white) instead of I (Indian).

    Of course we told anyone connected with the Government that we were anything except "Indian" or Native American. We had to hide in plain sight to survive.
    enrolled member Eastern Band of Cherokee

    In the Deep South, Natives were listed as Blacks, which is barely coming to light.

    +16 Votes
  • Fr
      Apr 29, 2018

    @anonymous_na Sky Davis is not Native American

    +6 Votes
  • Fr
      Apr 29, 2018

    @anonymous_na You forgot Sparks who is Swedish

    +6 Votes
  • Fi
      Nov 23, 2018

    @fredyygg She could be but she lied about so many things even who her birth father is

    +1 Votes
  • Gr
      Mar 13, 2016

    T.C. responds to the above post that Yells at Pretendians is spreading all over the internet:

    So basically you (((Al))) are an opinionated academic with no real world experience

    Trjgirl says: (((Trjgirl is either Al under one of his many names or his sidekick Yells at Pretendians)))

    So basically you are an opinionated layman with no expertise who can't or won't bother to actually read.
    "One of the nation's leading experts" and "respected activist". (((something Al and Yells at Pretendians made up)))

    T. C. says:
    Self proclaimed and anointed ...means nothing...just words with no basis of fact..much like the books..
    Far from layman but certainly worked through that phase...a true expert having tilled the fields so to speak.
    I respect blistered hands over chapped lips...
    Apparently you missed something in your lofty pursuit of truths...its all over the place.."reader"...
    Being one that was actually born on a reservation in Oklahoma with family names on the scrolls, I have issues with those who sling around misleading nonsense in an effort to capitalize on fiction as fact.

    Trjgirl says:

    Your lips are chapped from just mouthing off what white racists tell you to say and think.

    T. C. says:
    Clearly won this left the reservation with an incoherent babbling rant spewing the typical low IQ racist rhetoric...left me yawning from boredom ... Bottom line FACT..."Dr." Carroll is not making any headway "working" for "his" people. I am one of those people...and we are not "His"...nor anyone else's for that matter.
    We ARE Americans and not in need of his so called Thanks but No Thanks...

    +15 Votes
  • Na
      Feb 15, 2017

    @Great Response Amazon removed Trjgirl from their website

    +14 Votes
  • Na
      Mar 30, 2016

    Bonnie Singleton -

    I've read New Age Fraud and Plastic Shaman for several years. I joined the forum in March 2008 and was an active member until June 2010. My research has been thorough, always backed up with sources and documentation. I've never been inflammatory and never posted trivial nonsense. I always thought of NAFPS as a working forum, not a social message board. Somewhere along the way, I got on the wrong side of one of the moderators.

    I was banned from NAFPS because of comments I'd made in a thread about the Dawes Roll.

    I got a pm from Kathryn suggesting that I edit my post. The pm was also sent to Al, Debbie Redbear (another mod)

    I didn't reply to Kathryn's pm. I chose to reply on the forum, so there'd be no mistaking what I said.

    I wrote:

    It has been suggested by one of the moderators that I edit my post. I am not going to do that; my post will remain as originally written.

    And that was the last post I made at NAFPS. I was banned the morning of June 29 and over seven months later, I'm still banned.

    Originally, I couldn't even get on the forum. Kathryn had completely banned me. I sent Al Carroll (educatedindian) an e-mail, asking what was going on, wondering why he was giving Kathryn NicDhana so much power and authority at NAFPS.

    From: al carroll
    Sent: Tue 6/29/10 5:46 PM
    To: Bonnie Singleton

    She gave you a week of no posting. That's not a ban.

    Though the blocking of you from reading the forum at all is unnecessary.

    Your later remarks are ridiculous. They sound identical to what Lekay and Yeagley's people used to say.

    I let four weeks go by before I e-mailed Al again. Wondering if he'd forgotten about me. No response. Three days later, I forwarded that same e-mail to him. Still no response. Haven't bothered to contact him since July 2010.

    Twila Barnes
    Twila Barnes One thing I have learned over the years is the most likely person to get banned on a "Cherokee" forum is a real Cherokee who speaks the truth and the most likely person to get banned on an "Indian" forum, is a real Indian who speaks the truth.
    Bonnie Singleton
    Bonnie Singleton It's been upsetting. Several have been banned. Others aren't participating any longer because of the way the site is being run. NAFPS has lost credibility.
    Gerald Tieyah And people wonder why I stopped posting there only a short time after it opened up again.
    Tachia Sandoval NAFPS lost a lot, if not all, of their credibility when al carrol allowed kathryn price to have the authority over members and the control of the site .. a moderator should not be allowed to use such a site as a platform for their own very personal vendettas
    Beverly Isaac The non-indian should never overide an Indian, on an Indian for Indians site!
    I am 4/4 Comanche, and I was banned
    Bonnie Singleton Tachia, I agree with you completely. Tired of staying quiet and doing nothing while they continue to tell their lies. Can't believe I've bit my tongue this long. People need to know what is really going on at NAFPS.
    Bonnie Singleton What I do have a problem with is people who lie about themselves and/or others. People are afraid to voice their opinion on NAFPS. If it differs from the powers that be, there will be retaliation. You're either going to be banned or threatened.
    I wouldn't advise going to NAFPS and posting any of this. Would definitely be deleted and you'd probably be banned. If you continued to speak the truth, you would be lied about and threatened.
    Steven Crow Messenger WOW i never knew any of this went on there. It is truly sad to see a site meant for truth be twisted into something else.
    Bonnie Singleton Something needs to be done, Steven.So much has changed in the past year. Definitely not the NAFPS it used to be and that is unfortunate.
    Russ Letica Theres one thing they can not take from you or ban you from Bonnie, and that is your Truth. Any Forum who stifles anyone's truth isn't a Forum anyone should want to be part of.
    Frank Farmer Al and his firiends are the frauds.They are a bunch of self hating white people who have a compulsive need to call themselves Indians. They are so self hating they refuse to accept reality.

    Frank Farmer Sorry having DNA doesn't mean anything. I have almost equal DNA parts black, native and European. I am a person not a race and I refuse to be identified as anything except my nationality, Canadian. What my ancestors were is totally unimportant to me. They lived in the 19th/20th century, I live in the 21st. As far as NAFPS they are just angry white people who hate being white.
    Bonnie Singleton Frank, not everyone on NAFPS is a self-hating white person with a compulsive need to call himself an Indian. There are some Indians on NAFPS, not many but there are a few.
    Bonnie Singleton There was a time when NAFPS presented research and not opinion. Nothing was moved from Research Needed to Fraud unless there were documented facts. Opinions seem more important than facts these days. Anyone else with a story to share? Posts edited? Comments deleted? Banned? Lied about? Threatened?
    Frank Farmer Have you seen this site, NAFPS has lots of enemies
    Bonnie Singleton Those who have been a topic of Research Needed or labeled as Frauds have always gone after Al Carroll and Company. Over the past year, it is not only the frauds who have been speaking out about NAFPS, but those of us who are/were members of the forum. It's run by a small group with a hidden agenda. They have lost all objectivity. Their actions are guided by personal vendettas.
    February 10, 2011 at 12:48pm ·
    Steven Crow Messenger What would be nice for a new site would be something that does not directly accuse anyone of fraud but instead just presented the facts and let the reader make their own call. Being objective and non biased is the key to good journalism.
    Bonnie Singleton The reason I started this discussion was to expose the corruption on NAFPS. There are so many people who look to that forum for guidance, to know who is and isn't legit. People need to know that they can't rely on things reported by Al Carroll and Company.
    Frank Farmer Folks who have followed NAFPS must realise that the people who run it are all phonies.
    Tachia Sandoval bonnie .. indeed! .. "now it's run by a small group with a hidden agenda. They have lost all objectivity. Their actions are guided by personal vendettas." .. i agree completely with your post.
    Bonnie Singleton The hidden agenda is far more sinister than selling books and movies or trying to be a European Indian expert.
    February 10, 2011 at 4:09pm · 2
    Tachia Sandoval bonnie .. exactly! .. the truth does not fit with their little agenda now does it?!
    Frank Farmer The truth is something that Al and his friends avoid at all costs. Al's book has been taken apart by academics and Indian vets. I read the reviews, plenty of historians and researchers are highly critical of biased use of sources. I have seen some rather nasty personal info on Al.
    Frank Farmer Some of the blogs are quite negative, he pissed off lots of Indian vets.Al is the real imposter, he's not spokesman for vets and he's not a credible historian. The only thing I can say about Al is that his little cult worships him...
    Frank Farmer Isn't Kathryn a Celtic pagan?
    Chris Miller i used to read a lot on NAFPS, but never posted even once, and they banned me .. .. the reason they gave was that each member was only allowed to have one profile, and they seemed to think that i was actually just an alias for Tachia...ban anyone that is even remotely friends with the people kathryn and al hate, that seems to be the norm over there .. .. silence those who disagree with you .. real "educated" huh? .. sounds pretty petty and childish to me .. ..
    Tachia Sandoval bonnie, you were banned because kathryn price did not like you and your research that found the truth of the "oh so very secret investigation" .. and al let her do it all .. .. lol .. ..
    nah seriously i know what you mean .. i wonder that too, can kathryn and al even give a REAL reason?? .. i doubt it .. nor can they give a REAL reason for banning me .. or chris .. or anyone else! .. .. my posts are ALL there for anyone to see as well .. and there is NO REAL reason for them to have to banned me either!!! .. and certainly no REAL reason for them to have banned chris who really never even posted .. ..

    +21 Votes
  • Na
      Apr 07, 2016

    Is Sky Davis Native American?

    Cherokee Solidarity AKA Sky Davis is a Liar, she herself is not Cherokee. She has been claiming this false identity for years.  Saying she is of the Eastern Band.  She is not Indian. A little strange for her to be pointing fingers.

    Lucie Bernbach
    Funny thing is, turns out one of the accusers was a fake Cherokee. Sky Davis AKA Christine Sonya Davis AKA Christine Weed was proven a fake after this story got out. People in glass houses

    +22 Votes
  • Na
      Apr 26, 2016

    DR AL CARROLL: QUOTE I have my father's last name, and he's Irish. My mom's side is Apache. There's no reason Harlyn would know me. Like about half of all NDNs I'm not enrolled. I've always been open about that.

    APACE WOMAN: Apaches (all bands) are matrilineal. This means that we identify ourselves through our mother's bloodlines, clans and such. Whenever I meet another Apache or Yavapai I introduce myself and announce my mother's name and grandmother's name. My grandmother's name is one that most tribal members recognize to this day, though most know my mother too. Of course I have a different last name than my mother and grandmother due to marriage, but still I announce my mother's and grandmother's names.

    My question is why wouldn't Harlyn Geronimo or Wendall Chino know your mother by her maiden name? Or even her mother, your grandmother? This should be common knowledge at Mescalero especially amongst the members still residing there.

    And another thing, what gives you the right to do all that you have done in judging the Indianness of others over at You're not enrolled and certainly haven't announce how you descend from such a great people - The Mescalero Apache, except to say, "my mother". Well, announce her name and that of your grandmother because that's what we're taught to do when introducing ourselves. You're attempting to make a name for yourself on a national level and claim to speak for the "Apache" nation of which there is none because we're all independent bands, with independent governments, united by a common culture and language and you certainly don't speak for my nation, got it!

    +22 Votes
  • Na
      Apr 26, 2016

    From what I read so far, this group nafps has done very little to help the major problems that are pervasive throughout Indian Country. This man Dr. Al Carroll seems to be desperately trying to make a name for himself as an Indian activist. I personally know Russ Means and Dennis Banks, Dr. Carroll is no Means or Banks, by any means. This topic is about an alleged Apache who has been abusing his 1st Am. Rights. Dr. Carroll has posted in other forums and he seems to be a trouble-maker. Dr. Carroll should personally visit some of the American Indian reservations and get a grip on what needs to be done. His constant and unprovoked "witch-hunts" are unequivocally useless to contemporary Indian needs. Dr. Carroll is not part of the solution, indeed, he is a major component of the aggregate problem. Why does this man Dr. Carroll not go to various reservations and personally address real, legitimate Indian issues? From what I am told, Dr. Carroll visits Europe quite frequently for reasons unknown. If he were really concerned about the plight of the American Indian he would have tackled these problems long ago. He had his chance and he lost it. Dr. Carroll is a has been, a man who has very little Indian blood, he is a liability to the Native Community. He is just plain wrong for Native America.

    +22 Votes
  • Na
      Apr 26, 2016

    Hadn't been to nafps site for quite some time, but looks like that you discovered for yourself the very same things many others had taken note of: "indulging in venomous verbal abuse, psychological invalidation, blame shifting, libel, twisting, projection, omitting and deleting other peoples posts and words repeatedly to create a false impression".

    I for one do recognize a Native voice, when I hear it. One that doesn't enable New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans have their parasitic fingers in the pie, trying to make a name for themselves selling their books, films and tours and further more; trashing other innocent Native people's reputations in the process without any ethics what so ever. Getting so cocky about it too laughing in the face of all the damage this has caused.

    When he first came online, Al admitted to not knowing much about the drop of Apache blood he had and yet he is now speaking for all Apaches? I am amazed, did he learn all of this online or in those expensive colleges he has went to?

    why are most of nafps critics ndns? No one is trying to fool anyone here. I for one am not terrified of nafps or hate you, just your methods.. bullying people, ridicule, mocking, libeling legitimate ndn elders and sun dancers is not the right way. Women should be respected in ndn culture. Not viciously attacked. They are life bearers, mothers and our sisters. There are many ways to criticize with out resorting to this kind of abuse.

    "They should leave most of these matters alone. The European nafps members have violated many tribes boundaries in a paternalistic fashion. They think they know what is best for the tribe when they making accusations at members. On or off the rez. Many respected Indians do not live on the rez."

    There is not one legitimate, respected, well-known native leader who endorses this group.

    +21 Votes
  • Fr
      Apr 29, 2018

    @nafps critics you missed these

    Al Carroll deliberately attacks real Indians, even our elders, to draw attention away from his own questionable Indian lineage.

    Carroll was going around telling people he was Mescalero-Apache. We asked where he gets his Indian blood from and he side-stepped the question. In his updated bio he is no longer claiming to be Mescalero-Apache. I find that odd. Every Indian I have had the pleasure of meeting can name their tribal ancestry in a few seconds.

    Carroll is still out there acting as if he were a spokesman for us Indians. He is not. I have learned from the people I have consulted within my own tribe that Carroll pulls these bizarre stunts to inflate his already over-inflated ego.

    Carroll runs a website that has blatantly disrespected and even attacked innocent people.

    Nobody has the right to proclaim themselves "experts" in Native spirituality. Carroll needs to apologize to the Native Community for speaking out of line. He is not the voice for Native America, consequently, he should stop speaking on our behalf.

    Who is he to demand anything from anyone? Carroll needs to apologize to the Native Community. He's lied to so many people it's sickening.

    Time and time again, we find that non-indians are easily taken in by these hucksters.

    Why does he and his little hate-site indiscriminately attack real Indians who are simply practicing their Native spirituality? I don't buy into his witch-hunting propaganda.

    Al Carroll is a menace to the Native Community. He does more harm than good.

    Al Carroll likes to name drop AIM, he does this to make it look as if he is some militant, pro-Indian activist, again, nothing could be further from the truth. Carroll's site has been shut down several times for violating just about every internet defamation regulation in the book. I can see someone getting kicked off a forum or chat room, but to get kicked off the internet, that takes some doing.

    No recognized tribe has sanctioned or blessed him and his site. Not one.

    +8 Votes
  • Na
      Jul 10, 2016

    The NAFPS site was down between April and June. An increasing number of First Nations and Native American individuals have been speaking out about the lies and hate that have taken hold at NAFPS.

    +20 Votes
  • Te
      Mar 04, 2017

    @Native Voice those who know this group don't have good things to say about them

    +14 Votes
  • Ge
      Aug 07, 2016

    Al Carroll - no American Indian connection on paternal side. On the 1940 census his maternal grandparents are listed at San Antonio TX, race: White .. but that does not mean they were White.

    Sky Davis - maternal grandparents were Italian and Lithuanian. Her paternal grandparents were from Texas .. same as Al Carroll's maternal grandparents.

    NATIVE AMERICANS LISTED ON FEDERAL CENSUS AS "WHITE" STOLEN "IDENTITY" STOLEN "HERITAGE" The United States Census Bureau (Officially Bureau of the Census as defined in Title 13 U.S.C. § 11)
    View on

    This is where DNA tests for your heritage lines are coming in handy. We can prove through our bloodlines we are Native Americans. Unfortunately that is upsetting many NA who only go by the Dawes rolls. Sad that so many NA turn our own away.

    Why does Al Carroll point the finger at family members listed as "White" when his own "White" family had a DNA test to prove they had Apache ancestry. Sky Davis should not point fingers when there are questions with her own ancestry. Kathryn NicDhana and the non's on NAFPS should not be pointing fingers at all.

    +16 Votes
  • Na
      Dec 22, 2016

    a person's 'real name' is not necessarily the one on any government document - the thousands of Natives whose 'real names' were ignored, changed, hidden...
    I am Native American. Al Carroll and his gangsters are ruthless liars. Native Americans have their own spiritual integrity without the need of the false rantings of libelous Al Carroll who does not support any bonafide Native American spiritual tradition. Al Carrolls tradition is his own aggrandizement of our Native American plight on non-consensus among our selves. There are no Native American spiritual leaders that support Al Carroll for good reason.
    I am a retired history professor and I would never let Al Carroll teach a class any more than I would invite David Duke to teach.

    +13 Votes
  • Ca
      Jan 17, 2017

    NicDhana who was Yells at Pretendians but is now using other titles on the site and off --just like Al-- should direct her own"whitesplaining" to Carroll when she says in bold letters--


    this is in regards to a DNA test where a woman learned she was "26 percent Native American, " --- just like Al Carroll ---

    "having some matching genetic markers from ages ago doesn't mean you have the lived experience to become part of that community."

    The evidence so far indicates that Al Carroll is not enrolled or recognized by any Apache tribe.

    For further information call [protected] or [protected]
    BIA Office
    Mescalero New Mexico 88340

    NicDhana "whitesplaining" anything to any Native American or anyone with Native American ancestry is insulting. It's bad enough that she thinks she speaks on behalf of all with Celtic heritage.

    +15 Votes
  • Pr
      Jan 29, 2017

    @Caorthannach NicDhàna's hypocrisy

    Yet another lying (or just ignorant) culture vulture who misuses "Celtic" to mean "white appropriator pretendian. But one of my ancestors was named O'something or McSomething. And I read a book." Fail. Kathryn NicDhàna
    [i]"It will always amaze me that this term, this path, has developed any sort of a following at all. When Kathryn NicDhàna, Paul and I were sitting among their books one night and Kathryn, we think, first uttered the term in the context of such a path, my thought was "This is perfect, it's so unromantic and cumbersome that no one else will want use it!"
    [i]"As one of the founders of the Celtic Reconstructionist (CR) ( movement, I guess it's time I quit procrastinating and respond to this. :) The guy you're quoting is not CR, and does not speak for me, or for the other Reconstructionists I work with."[/i]
    [i]"In my late teens and early twenties, I spent a few years as an eclectic Pagan. I think it's actually a healthy phase to go through when one is young and searching, but I personally think it's a sign of maturity to focus more as one ages, and commit to a tradition. It's not for everyone, but that's how it progressed for me. One of the reasons I became frustrated with the fantasy and rootlessness of so much of the Neopagan community is because I also became involved with traditional cultures such as Hinduism, Afro-diasporic traditions, and First Nations/Native American people. But then I got drafted by my ancestors and their Goddesses, so it was CR for me."[/i]
    [i]"The thing is, there are community definitions for what does and doesn't fall within the parameters of religious reconstruction, at least when referring to particular traditions. I think those of us who started a particular branch should certainly have a say in what it means, and that has generally been supported by those who have participated in building the tradition(s). The problems have mostly come from those who've come into it later, and wanted to re-define it."

    She who sits on her high white horse swinging swords and axes who was born and raised in America who dabbled with everything from Wicca to Hinduism to African based religions and Native American which had nothing to do with her own culture finally decides to go back to the old country of Ireland where some of her family came from and decided she was going to be a Celt. Not only did she have to learn about that and read books but on top of that decides with a group of American friends that she was going to create a whole new religion for Celtic people (CR) and if they don't know as much as she had to learn or even make up then they are not Celtic but "white appropriator pretendians". Carroll and NicDhàna make a perfect pair.

    +12 Votes
  • Bl
      Mar 16, 2017

    @Caorthannach I want to say that the people who run the "New Age Fraud" site are mostly white people who call themselves Native activists. Kathryn NicDhana is a big troublemaker as is Sky Davis and Annika Banfield. These people are straight up liars and are frauds themselves who need to keep their white noses out of Native matters.

    +12 Votes
  • Jw
      Mar 23, 2017

    @Caorthannach Alton Carroll would not know a Powwow or healing circle if he tripped over them both. An Elder classified Alton as a Benedict Arnold.

    Alton Carroll is simply a terrorist on American soil.

    His web-site nafps is nothing more than a self proclaimed witch hunt and should be banned by every search on the net.

    If you have been attacked by this man or his group, you should call the Northern Virginia Community College Campus Police Dept and file a complaint against him

    Al Carroll and his mods are compulsive liars and a disgrace and a dishonor to All Tribes of the Red Road.

    WARNING: Do not engage in any on-line dialog with Carroll or nafps

    +12 Votes
  •   Aug 26, 2017

    @j.w.h. I watched some of the accused try to defend themselves. Their posts are edited to suit NAFPS accusations. Then they are banned from the forum so they can not defend themselves. They are ignorant of Native Cultures and are based in Europe. However they are expert with Google.

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  • Mt
      Sep 04, 2017

    @Little Creek I read this letter. Is he a sociopath?

    I am writing about at the very least, an immoral act… a disturbing issue that has come directly from my being interviewed. A person called Alton Carroll, is maliciously attacking me, personally and professionally.. He has gone as far as, posting what he thinks is my home address and he has caused others, as well as myself, deep concern… concern for our personal safety. As I read his postings that are sent to me, I see that his attack on me…you, and others, as well, is becoming more personal and more and more bizarre. I am deeply concerned about Carroll’s social terrorist style of character assassination. It appears as he has “no-social conscience” and that he has some morbid plan or agenda… because he wants to disconnect anyone from ending the real reasons for the suffering of Native American people… He is blatantly disregarding, laughing at any responsibility of any collateral damage that results from his unsubstantiated attacks on anyone and that this damage is of no concern to him.

    Alton Carroll displays himself – as an anti-social, fearful and hateful racist person, who is capable and bent on destroying anyone who gets in his way! I, nor the people whom I help, are not collateral damage of the attacks by Doctorate Alton Carroll.

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  • Ca
      Nov 01, 2017

    @Little Creek they also know how to hack into computers, facebook accounts, my space accounts etc. I can't stress this enough, do not go on their site to confront or talk to them using your personal computer, your e-mail and password. There is something else going on here. It is not safe to go on their site for any reason.

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  • Fr
      Mar 23, 2018

    @Proud Irish American She didn't start a new religion. She got a phrase from a book written in the 1970's by Margot Adler who used the term "Pagan reconstructionists" and she substituted the word Celtic for Pagan. That is her claim to fame, substituting a word in a term already used by another author. Academics and scholars were already reconstructing all things Celtic long before Ms. Price and her friends came along on the scene in the 1980's.

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  • Ps
      Jan 26, 2017

    3 ways to tell if a site is a fake, fraud or scam site

    Look at the website's connection type. A website that has an "https" tag is usually secure--and therefore trustworthy-- This is because "https" sites' security certification is a process most illegitimate sites don't bother with. New Age Fraud does not have an "https" tag

    Security info. A circle with an i before - Security information - "Your connection to this site is not secure - you should not enter any sensitive information on this site (eg. passwords) because it could be stolen by attackers"

    The website's "Contact" page. Legitimate sites provide a Contact page so that users can send questions, comments, and concerns to the owner of the site. If the site in question doesn't have a proper Contact page, it should be an immediate red flag.
    No Contact Information – If the website does not have a contact us page, or it if does and it only offers a form to fill out or less, this is a strong indicator of fraud. Any legitimate site should have a location listed as well as a phone number and email to contact them. If none of this information is available it is a fraud site. New Age Fraud does not provide this. They provide an e-mail only "mailto:[protected]" and it comes with the same security warning as above.

    New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans is a fraud website.

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