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I have probably waited too long to do this, but on behalf of my son I feel as though I must. He went to this place at the behest of his father to get a "better" chance at a career in computers. He got into the 6-month preparation school that promised career placement assistance. They placed him in a "career" alright, but the hours conflicted with this classes. When he went back to his "counselor" at the school", he was informed that the school only helps with one job placement and his options were to either rearrange his schedule or find another job; however, if he missed more than three weeks of school, he would forfeit his schooling. THIS WAS A JOB THEY PLACED HIM IN!! As it was, he was laid off three weeks later, and lost everything anyway.

This was several years ago. Sallie Mae, the financial collection agency that is "in charge" of collecting the debt incurred by my son for the "help" he received from the "school" he attended is now threatening to garnish his wages. He has had nothing but trouble and hard times in this economy and has struggled to make ends meet for him and his wife and child, as well as for me. I know that everyone has a "sob" story, but his father committed suicide over two years ago and my son was thrown into the role of man of the house and has tried to help me keep the house and bills paid up, something he did not have to do, but he chose to do. This "school" did not do their part by helping them as they should have done. I do not feel that my son owes them a penny. As it is, I offered to pay Sallie Mae and payoff of $11, 000.00 about two years ago and they would not take it.

Both the School itself and Sallie Mae are horrible businesses. I will issue a separate complaint for Sallie Mae.

Jacqlyn Hall

Sep 16, 2014

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