My Canadian Pharmacy / deceptive spamming

49 C.R. 7010, Wynne, AR, United States

These loathsome swine send emails that LOOK like something else.

Today I received something that appeared to come from

"[protected]" <[protected]>

Here is the message:

Dear Customer,

Your order has been successfully canceled. For your reference, here's a summary of your order:

You just canceled order [protected] placed on May 2, 2012.



1 "Transitional"; 2004, Second Edition
By: Branwen Bailey

Sold by: LLC

But if you click on the "details" link, you get taken to the mycanadianpharmacy website.

I've been getting notices from the POST OFFICE, from "your youtube submission has been accepted" from United Parcel Service about packages they want to deliver-- and everything takes me to the pharmacy. This goes beyond spam- it's deceptive and should be illegal. Please put them out of business!


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