Multichoice / poor and unprofessional service

randburg, South Africa
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26/8/16. Cust no 8155575. I applied for a the compact explorer deal via sms. Agent called me and all information was disclosed iro income and expenses, etc. I received an e-mail requesting proof of income and id. On 26/8/16 the bank statements reflecting my adress which reflects tree month's income and my Id was e-mailed. Soon after I received an e-mail again saying they need proof of income of an amount reflecting on my statement for June. I informed them that this specific amount was a loan payout and was not a mothly or frequent income. Then they replied informing me that this amount was indeed disclosed by me as an income, which is not true, and that they are not able to proceed with the application unless the proof of income for this specific amount can be provided. Then another e-mail was sent requesting proof of addresss. I replied that my residential address reflects on my bank statement which was submitted and and that according to my knowledge and FICA a bank statement are accepted as proof of residence. Again they said that they are not able to proceed unless all documents are submitted, which it was. In my e-mail i clearly made them aware that this process is delaying the application unnecessarily and that they should listen to the recorded phone call with regard to the disclosure of my income. I also requested an agent to contact me as there is clearly a misunderstanding. No one contacted me, their last response was that cannot proceed unless all requested proof/documents have been submitted. If they do telephonic applications the agent should pay better attention to information provided in order to capture and annotate the information provided by the client to prevent any delays and misunderstandings! I am disappointed that no one called me back, whilst realising that there is indeed a misunderstanding somewhere, but if seems to be since they do not have any competition they do not take customer service seriously. My wife has been a client for many years but they could not approve her application for an upgrade due to the reason being "not meeting minimum requirements met" which could not be explained. Therefore i tried to do the application in my name. Both mine and my wife's credit records are clear. I need a team leader to contact me asap and have this issue resolve. It is rediculous that the finalisation of the application is taking so long and e-mails being sent back and forth but leading no where. I am very disappointed. Frik Cilliers [protected]

Aug 26, 2016

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