Multichoice / no reception or very erratic reception of dstv channel 407 — rt or russia today international

Although all international and local tv channels operate smoothly, rt (channel 407) a favorite channel to view, does not:
Problems experienced:

1) no signal — only message display: "searching for signal. please do not switch off your decoder..." etc

2) rt display comes on, but sound breaks up so badly, that it is almost impossible to hear and becomes completely unintelligible. remaining on the channel hoping that the signal may improve, it does not and only gets worse, finally fading altogether and "searching for signal etc" message, is again displayed, to no avail.

Although not always affected, the above faults seem to be worse when there is a change in the weather, not lightning per se, but rain or drizzle. however, puzzled that the problem occurs only on channel 407.

For a a few days the rt channel would operate relatively smoothly, but suddenly without notice, it would lose signal and not able to enjoy it, it is not worth watching. this is a great disappointment.

Since middle of february 2016, it again became very erratic and over the last week (18 th february, 2016 to date) it has been completely off on our dstv bouquet — the searching for signal display also goes off after a few minutes — so only a pitch black screen for channel 407 displays.

It would be greatly appreciated if multichoice would please investigate or provide a satisfactory explanation for the problem.

Feb 23, 2016

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