MultiChoice / installation still not done - product purchased 16 december 2011

South Africa

On the 16th December 2011 my mother purchased a DSTV free installation package from Checkers Hyper in Gateway. We were told to phone a customer care number [protected] for the free installation.

After numerous attempts the technician came to install around the end of January. When they arrive at my parents house they installed using our old Dish which was no longer in use instead of them installing all the things which came with the R489 package deal they left the installation incomplete and the DSTV inactive.

The technician reason was as follow.
a) Our home is surrounded by trees therefore it wont work yet our neighbours have trees and their installations work.
b) There won't be any signal around the yard therefore there is nothing they can do.

I was not satisfied with their service therefore i requested they come back to re-install using the equipment provided when the package was purchased. When the gentleman arrived I had to rush home in-order to confirm why they were hesitating to install the dish and leaving it not working. He advised me that in-order for them to assist us we must pay an addittional amount of R450 for things which they will need inorder for this dish to work it puzzled because he had previously stated will not work. He then said he can put it on another side of the house but will need additional labour fees which comes to the same cost of another new installation. I asked why would he put something where he knew it wouldn't work but carried on and did not install it on the side which would work the first time.

I advised him that i won't be able to pay that amount at that time due to obligations but I phoned their contact centre to understand their terms and conditions in cases like these. The call centre agencies informed me that they will investigate and come back to me because Free installations means the technician must double check if they will be able to install and advise the client before installation if they will incure any problems or additional costs. I understand that there are trees around the yard but why would they not inform me before hand that it won't work.

After numerous attempts and arguments trying to get them at home why should I pay an addittional fee because they did not do their job properly the first time. What is also strange is the additional fees were only confirmed upon their 3rd visit which I insisted on.

I have phoned Multichoice spoke to more than 5 Agencies about the same thing having them tell me they will come back to me and they never do. Later within the week of February I received a voicemail which i received from their call centre a gentleman by the name of Richard requesting I return his call on [protected] when i phoned the number it was back in their call centre and the agent i spoke to did not know Richard.

Yesterday I phoned an [protected] number where I was transfered by Nitha to Sharon one of the Managers after holding for a while I eventually got transfered to Sharon's department and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Retshwnetse he did a teleconference to my mother saying she is the one who purchased the package requesting her ID number but unfortunately she didn't have it off hand.

He than did a teleconference to the gentleman who came to install the Dish who was utterly rude and I did not get any outcome instead we were both throwing tantrums which did not get me any resolution from the Multichoice Rep.

Please could you help us, we are dissatisfied with the services of the technician and we would like Multichoice to come and take their package as we are no longer interested in any thing they would like to offer because it was clear they also do not thrive for their customer satisfaction listening to their installers/technicians being rude on the phone with their customers and not being able to resolve the issue.

We had to wait for 4 months to get what we paid for in December. Why do they falsely advertise things on the media and why can't they assist their customers when they have issues with one of their service providers. For them to advertise nationally that they provide installations for free yet they are additional fees obviously if we were aware that this package was not a free installation as advertised and instead of a good service there is drama we wouldn't have bothered we would have approach another service provider.

When I informed the technician this is not the last he will hear of this he insisted he doesn't care what i do in the presence of the Multichoice Representative.

Please see my information of the purchased voucher.

Voucher Number: 176451
When I phone [protected] spoke to Debbie reference number was still 176451

Store: House & Home Branch 5628 Gateway
Delivery Note: 078498
Invoice Number: 102645
Receipt Number: 210688
Date of Purchase: 16 December 2011

I recently phoned Multichoice inconnection to my complaint spoke to a Representative called Retshwnetse who did a conference call with the installer who was extremely rude and when i said i will take the issue forward i was told to do so and nothing has been done till today 24.04.2012 we have purchased this for months and nothing has been done and the service advertised is completely different to what is rendered. Their technician are rude and out to get money from vulnerable people.

Please can somebody assist me.

Thank you
Kind Regards
Nosipho Ndlela
[protected] (office Line)

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