Multichoiceexplorer pricelock

November 2016 changed my Compact decoder, upgraded to Explorer Price lock and immediately cancelled the Compact and asked them to continue with the debit order as they used to debit on the previous account including the insurance amount. Little did I know that It will be the beginning of all my problems
January 2017 I received an sms saying I own R1959.55, to my surprise I was not aware of the outstanding balance, as I knew I had arranged for a debit order
Now am being called by lawyers telling me that my account was handed over as I owe the amount of R199 on my Compact account, the very same account I closed in November 2016, to make matters worse I still get calls from multi choice asking me if I want to upgrade to Explorer of which I already have how unprofessional and unorganized, Now am getting calls from Black and associates saying I own again and again and then they go and debit an amount of R2400 in March and April R3009 without arranging it with me, am still asking myself why did I upgraded to Explorer as now I am being blacklisted without warning, without being aware
Just like that

I need to know what will happen now as I still have not received any feedback or updates on this matter
Yours unhappy client

Mrs Khumalo

May 03, 2017

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