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Last month my DSTV account was disconnected. I called the service center and I was told it was due to outstanding amount of since Dec 2013. The consultant connected the account and told me that I must pay the outstanding amount.

In the new month I downgraded my account to R185.00. I paid the amount indicated by the consultant. The next morning my account was disconnected again! My wife called the call center (Spoke to Raymond - Ref : [protected] - I think in my opinion, it's time to ask to speak to a manager. This is not the first time this happened. The consultant is also surprised that the person we deal with each month, could not see that according to their system, an amount is outstanding (according to him from Dec13) as N1 City is the major CT division and they have full access to all the details. He didn't want to re-connect the service now as we will be charged a re-connection fee but if they can resolve it at N1 City, then they can reverse the charge as clearly he also admitted it's not our fault as their staff are suppose to give us the correct amount due when we ask what is due when we pay them there. It's not as if we are paying the incorrect amount via EFT etc) and was told I owe them R209.73 and they will not connect my dstv unless the amount is paid.

I went to the N1 City offices. I spoke to a consultant and I explained my situation. The looked on the system and said that I owe them ONLY R25.00 for the insurance was not added when I paid. I told her to please double check. She chatted to a supervisor and the connection fee was reversed and I paid ONLY the R25.00 (on Friday - Ref : [protected]). Sunday morning I saw an envelope on the screen "please R24.95 and connection fee) I ignored the message because I already paid the R25.00 and the reconnection fee was reversed.

As we came home the evening my dstv was disconnected again. I called the call center and insisted that a team leader or manager please call me. I spoke to Blessing which took my contact details at 20h13 and it is now 21H45 and I still had no call from multichoice. I must now waste time and petrol again to go and sort it out.

The service of multichoice is so pathetic... I know that they don't give a damn about customer service otherwise they would have called me. I wish that there is a competitor company so that multichoice loose all the clients...

Sep 07, 2014
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  • Sn
      Oct 09, 2014

    Absolutely agree with everything mentioned.
    DSTV - MulTI CHOICE - Really DO NOT CARE, or bother to take annoy of our complaints to rectify or improve their services.
    they have the awful attitude that if we don't like it, we leave it.

    in Harare, the services are not any better. and DSTV SIMPLY DOES NOT CARE.!

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