Multichoice / non service

South Africa

My story is one of racism and pathetic service of a major company Multichoice, a division of Naspers.
It all started last year when I called in and found that my address details had been changed without my authorisation asI was not receiving my magazines. I found that someone with a letter starting with L removed information out of my address field.
Got to find the person and they say that she is now there and no supervisors in call centre during the day etc. Up till now I still do not receive my magazines. From last year I am calling about the delivery of magazines. they say that I will be receiving it shortly. One consultant (Clint) even told me that I must go and fetch the magazines every month from the nearest multichoice store. Told him, Why should I! I am paying in my subscriptions...

Nov, I came back from overseas and went to the multichoice new offices down the road from the old one, to pay my yearly subscriptions. When got there I the south african, africa black who was the consultant in the glass cubical, was not helpful and she then called here so called supervisor. The south african african black, was assisting and when we were talking etc, the south african, afican black women consultant was behaving in a childish and racist manner to me. Eventually the south african, black african gentleman asked her to leave. During the month of December and the past the call centre staff cuts all the calls when I call, I hold 25+mins to have the call cut on me. Just this week I held 2Hrs for the transfer to the Xtra View Department. Yesterday, I phoned Authur Brookes to let him know that the consultant cut the call whilst talking. When I started to give my details she cuts the call. From last year December I was trying to get hold of Nico Meyer, as no one at Multichoice wanted to give me his pa Veni's contact number. Left messages to all difference levels of departments for Nico Meyer to call me, but up till today the CEO Nico Meyer refuses to call. But, he will take calls from other race groups.

Asked Veni on numerous times for Nico Meyer to call me, and was said he will call me at a certain time but up till now NOTHING. They are making me as a fool. Like, i.e. "lets make him think we going to call and make him a fool by not calling. He is just and INDIAN". Alter Daniels the PA of Koos Bekker (now Koos is a true CEO -gentleman) also e-mailed Veni to get Nico Meyer to call me and Veni said that Auther Brookes did not tell her to pass the message to ask Nico Meyer to call me. According to Veni she received the e-mail from Alter Daniels with regards to Nico calling me back, but Veni said that Auther said nothing about. Nico Meyer the the person that behaves as a INDIAN HATER and RACIST or is he already? Spoke to Auther and he said that he did pass the message to Veni for NICO THE INDIAN HATER to call me. Go figure...Veni said that he would differently call me this afternoon, but yet again NO SHOW. Alter Daniels even conferanced the call to NIco Meyers office and I left a message on the answering machine with Veni's V/M and still NOTHING.I had a south afican, african black to call in and he took the call, but me as an Indian he did not, The racism of Multichoice and NON SERVICE DELIVERY must be URGENTLY address.

They very bieist with regards to their funding. I other words they look at what is you colour... This is draw out of the behavior and treatment I was/am
currently subjected to by NICO MEYER and his FOLLOWERS...

So, if the CEO Nico Meyer is behaving in an unapproiate manner, hence his behaviour trickles down to the consultants etc.He is a perfect example of a CEO who does not or is not worthy of his position. WE ASK NICO MEYER, PLEASE STEP DOWN and all the misfits that that supports his pathic and mind you childish behavior being a CEO to leave our subscribers company Multichoice.
Why must we as paying consumers be subjected to this MILAKI?
Please call me for more concrete and constructive facts and information etc...


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