Multichoice / hd pvr rip-off and disgusting service call centre

Yesterday, 1 September 2009 I went to multi-choice agents in Pretoria central to resolve problems i have with multi-choice. I was charged R60 extra a month for something i didn't use and it never worked. The only thing that i got from call centre agents was bad attitude & arrogance when i tried to tell them that my decorder doesn't have full functionalities that comes with it and that was the reason i bought the HD PVR. They kept on telling me to reset, take of all the cables from decoder without switching it off and it never worked. I also asked that subcription to be cancelled because it doesn't work.

To my suprise, my account was suspended reason been i didn't pay extra R60 pm for subscription on my account. I told call centre agents that I don't have those functions and I was told that they don't have a prove of it.

I took a day off and went to multi-choice agent with the decoder, I sat there for 3.5hrs checking my decoder and they confirmed it doesn't work. they told me i'll get a second hand one on friday. How can I get a second hand one if i bought it brand new and I was charged R60 pm subscription for rubbish & I bought it for R3899. I want R60 back & new decoder.


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