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Johannesburg, ZA
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Our DSTV account was suspended on 17 November 2016. I received an sms that I need to pay R1426.17 to stay connected.

I sent an email to Multichoice with the following queries

1. How come I don’t receive a statement from Multi Choice DSTV?

2. I received the following sms messages which are confusing. Please clarify them for me:

28 October 2016 I received this sms message (which I suspect might relate to the payment I made in February 2016 – see attachment):

“Dear DStv customer. We mistakenly credited you with an amount of R777. We’ll fix the mistake but please pay R777 by 31s Oct to stay connected.”

2 November 2016 I received an sms indicating the I must pay R599.17

15 November 2016 I received this sms message which confused me further:

“It seems we’ve still not received payment for your DStv payment plan. To avoid your payment profile being negatively reflected on the credit bureau, please pay R1097.27”

16 November 2016 I received an sms indicating that I must pay R599.17

17 November 2016 I received this sms yesterday:

“DStv: We’ve suspended your services as we’ve not received a payment. Please pay R1426.17”

It was indicated to me that the R777 amount went to some "suspense account" and it will be allocated correctly. The consultant also told me that I do not owe any money and that he will contact me on 1 December 2016 to advise me of the amount I might need to pay. Yesterday (27 November 2016) to my surprise my account was suspended again and I had to pay R1172 and I have not received any explanation for this amount.

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