MultiChoice Africa / DSTVunsatisfied with call centre, agents unethical behaviour

From the time that I have received the explorer I have had problems. From the installer which has up to date not installed the machine properly as he haven't received a job card so he is refusing to do the properly.
Have spend about r150-00 on telephone calls to have the box office set up correctly spoken to 6 different people and still it is not working.
Have been told today by tshagosatso that I have to pay r90-00 for the recording function which not one of the other people that I spoke to has even mentioned and not even the person that has offered me the explorer has mentioned it.
Have been trying for six months to cancel the insurance on the hd decoder that I no longer use, paid it for six months without a refund and it was all thanks to to the useless call center agents. When the explorer was installed I asked the person to please cancel the insurance on the pvr, still not done.
Is it so difficult to help a person the first time I called.
If I don't receive a response from you by tomorrow this time i'm going to the broadcasting complaints commission as I feel that multichoice is ripping me off and just expect me to pay even more.

Nov 28, 2018

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