MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / service suspended

4 School Street, Kalbaskraal, South Africa

I had my DSTV reinstalled after 2 years. This was on the 24th of January. I was told by a lovely consultant that I had until the 24th Feb to pay R475 rand which I took that there must have been a credit from my previous account therefore did not have to pay the full premium package for the month.

My online statement said I had 24 days to pay with date due being 27th Feb 2019. My service was suspended today 8 Feb 2019 for non payment.

I phoned the call centre to be told 1. the consultant was wrong and 2. The online account is wrong.
Also my last payment was in December??????? lol December 2 years ago. they could not even check a date properly never mind sort out my account.

Now I sit without service as they are too useless to know what they are doing and in no way can you get hold of a manager to sort this crap out.

How can both be wrong? That really cannot say much for DSTV staff knowing their jobs or is it just a lack of caring as come month end they still get salaries and who gives a flying f about the public paying their salaries.

So in a case like this who the hell helps you?

Feb 8, 2019

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