MultiChoice Africa / DSTVmnet

Z Nov 16, 2017

I am a subscriber from Botswana. I am well aware of your decision to move Mnet from channel 101 to 102. I do not know what that means but I am assuming it excludes South Africa. And if it does I am also assuming it means the content on the new channel will be different from the original (South African) Mnet. This concerns me as a Dstv subscriber as there might be a possibility that the new Mnet will be subject censorship that is common in other African countries.
So please Mnet what could be the reason for moving the channel from 101 to 102? If is for the reasons similar to my assumptions, please reconsider your decision because Mnet and its content the way it is, is the major reason I am subscribing for Dstv.
Yours faithfully
Dstv subscriber

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