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We bought the DSTV Explorer in December and had it installed. It worked fine up until we tried to rent a movie for the first time in Box office on the 7th of January. We got an sms saying our Smart card is not registered and we should sms our Smart card number to 37569 to register. We immediately did that and then got a second sms saying "Apologies, we are experiencing temporary technical issues. We are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Please try later".
We have been trying later for 2 weeks and the problem was never fixed and samen sms kept on coming advising about the technical issue. During that time we even called, 5 times, to be exact, the call center for assistance. We were promised it will be fixed within an hour latest after 2 hours, again, 2 weeks elapse waiting for the fixed. And to mention that all the consultants we spoke to promised to escalate the problem which never happened. On our 3 call, following up, we spoke to a supervisor who was really helpful and advised that he will be going on leave however will escalate as all the other calls we have been making were never escalated, as they should have. Unfortunately as helpful as he was, he promised to email us or sms us to advised that the problem has been fixed, which never happened. We called the 4th time, and immediately demanded to speak to the team leader. Ronald was called who took not more than 10 minutes, and the 2 week problem was solved and we were finally registered for box office. We attempted renting out a movie, which did not become available after 2 hours, whilst we had received an sms ad iisngbthat IL the movie will be available withing 5 minutes. Our 5th call to DSTV, the consultant we spoke to advised to switch the decoder on and off, luckily the option to watch now became available. Immediately after cl8nk that option. The movie froze. We switched the decoder, once again, on and off, all movies on box office and everything on catch up disappeared and a message read "New movies and programs are being updated, try after 24 hours. The following day, the movie we rented out still did not show under Box Office. Now our 6th call to DSTV. The consultant advised us to again switch on and off the decoder, and as expected, nothing happens. She then advised she will escalate and someone will call us same day latest tomorrow.

Basically, we have lost all trust in this system. The umber of calls made to DSTV has exhausted our airtime, our family time consumed, and we only received endless frustration from DSTV. We had assumed that having the explora would be seamless, instead, it became a nightmare.

The last consultant even said she will ensure we get refunded as this is an error from DSTV side. I think we need to get more than a refund. We should be reimbursed with 3 movies on the house once all this mess is resolved.
We plead once again with DSTV to keep their promises. If a customer is promised a call back or an sms or an email, do just that. That is CUSTOMER SERVICE by the way since we are the once making DSTV profits, we deserve to be treated like wise.

Frustrated client Zama Myeni
Customer number [protected]
Cell: [protected] / [protected]

Jan 15, 2017

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