MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdebit order deduction date

Hi, firstly may I please have my debit order cancelled! Secondly please remove the additional r50 (Reconnection fee) added onto my account. I went into the durban smith street branch to set up a debit order for my account and advised the gentleman to register the 30th as the deduction date, he said all was in order and so I left. My service was cancelled on the 10th of december 2016 and my brother whatsapps asking why and I being puzzled I went back to the service centre. Spoke to another lady who said i'm registered on debit order but wasn't sure why it didn't take off. I kept quite made payment there and asked her to set it up for the 29th of the month... She too said it's all set up and I left. I checked on the self service site on the 4th of january 2017 and it said my account is paid up however my standard bank app says it's been deducted and returned on the 4th. Who instructed the 4th?? I did not! Why am I billed reconnection fees twice already for multichoices technical errors? Why? I called in to the contact centre wasting my airtime to query this and boitumelo said once again I am on debit order but seemingly the deduction date was not registered. She kept on saying she'd escalate this to 'edhock' or whatever and everything will be sorted and when I asked about the service being stopped she said I won't pay for any reconnection fees as the service is not cancelled. Yes it wasn't cancelled at the time but I knew this day would come. I thought debit order we're supposed to make one's life easier not so? I'll make a payment of the amount that was supposed to be deducted (R330) via atm as I usually paid before and i'll rather stick to that son I won't have to waste my work time and my airtime calling in which I did again this morning. It's not my fault your company deducted on the 4th, by this time all my funds are transferred to my savings account.. Need a bank statement to confirm I had funds on the 29th, 30th, 31st 2016 and 1st-3rd of 2017? Let me know i'll gladly provide evidence. Please cancel the debit order and remove the r50 fee of my account!!! You should be removing the december one as well.. It's your company's fault after all.

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Ms bm ngqolowa

Jan 08, 2017

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