MultiChoice Africa / DSTVasat / dstv company cape accredited

Good day I would like to report fraud that happend to us.

I placed my story on Hello peter ons 17 nov woth no response phoned the company on a daily basis and spoke to a mark with just excuses for answers we even contacted dstv fraud line and they said they are goin to investigate it but with no feedback yet

see underneath my story placed ons hello peter
for ASAT / DSTV company Cape accredited tel [protected] please contact my husband Mr JD Els on [protected] with feedback

DSTV Installer liars
A review of DSTV Company Cape Accredited (A-SAT solutions) Pinelands Western Cape by Anette E on 17 Nov 2018

DSTV Installer liars
We live in Wellington Western Cape and We contacted DSTV Company Cape Accredited (A-SAT) solutions tel ********** on 1 November 2018 to come and check our sattelite connection as our brand new dstv explora wasnt recording and we couldnt use catch up. They came on 2 November 2018 They moved our sattelite disch to a other wall and told us our digital LNB was broken and had to be replaced at a cost of R850! a few days later the original company which installed our brand new explora and sattelite disch in August 2018 came out to replace our disch as they bent and cut it to make it fit on the wall and ASAT advised us that could also cause problems. My husband asked them to test the "broken " LNB that was only 3 months old and they said its not broken and the LNB we had to pay R850 for was second hand it was yellow from the sun were our LNB was still white. We are currently still watching dstv with our original LNB with no problems. We called A-SAT solutions and they said they would call us back but never did that monday we called them again and they said a supervisor and the person who installed the disch would come out to investigate because they claim our alligations is false. nobody ever came and when we call them again they put they hang up on us every time. We also contacted DSTV about this case as this people are accredited under DSTV they said they were going to follow it up and get back to us but no feedback as yet. (DSTV company Cape Acreedited A-SAT) doesnt even have a address just a land line ********** or cellphone ********** which also seems dodgy. We called them in the first place because their add on google says dstv company so you think you can trust them but nobody wants to help us everbody just says they cant help us or doesnt come back to us we just want our money back. PLEASE do not use these people!!!

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV

Dec 06, 2018

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