MultiChoice Africa / DSTVaccount being handed over for r187

T Nov 21, 2017

Firstly I am absolutely appaulled at the level of service and lack of professionalism from your staff and organisation. You decided to hand over my account to Debt Collectors for an amount of R187.11 without taking reasonable steps to get hold of me as a client who apparently owed you money. You have my email address however you have the incorrect mobile number. Then you decide to hand over the account and thus causing me to be constantly harassed while I am at work by your so called debt collecting company. I have paid the amount and would like you to update your collections agency.

For such a small amount you were willing to put my credit record in jeopardy, wow, should my credit record be affected in any negative manner. I can assure you I will take all reasonable legal steps against your organisation as I only became aware of this outstanding amount on 17/11/2017.

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