Multichoice / activation of extra view on: serial number v602236043. smart card # [protected]

Durban, ZA

My multichoice account number is [protected], for E.N Seager. On Monday, the 7th of Nov my husband and I phoned in DSTV to enquire about change of ownership from his account number [protected] under D.H Seager.

We have two decoders under the address 80 Dilkoosh Road. The main lounge decoder V602236043 with Smart card # [protected].
The second bedroom decoder is serial number U200386582 - smart card numbers [protected].

On speaking with Boitumelo on the phone, I asked her to send me the form via e-mail and confirmed with her the details I needed to input in the form. I submitted these via e-mail on Friday, the 11th. On Saturday morning the, 12th I realized that DSTV was no longer working. I phoned in and the agent told me that the change of ownership had been done on the decoder and that I needed to verify my personal and devises details so the service could be activated. Apparently, when the change of ownership is done, I am supposed to receive a phone call from the agents informing me, but none of that happened! When I enquired about the 2nd tv in the lounge he told me that he could not activate it because it's details were not on the change of ownership form. I told him, my husband and I had spoken with the agent about two decoders, the one in the lounge being the main decoder and the bedroom one is extra view. Yet, only extra view decoder was activated. He advised I needed to fill in the 2nd decoder details in the "additional device" section" on the same forms.

Whilst he was on the phone, I filled in the main decoder details to make sure I had done this correctly. I e-mailed this immediately. This was on Sat morning, the 12th.

I called in later on the same day to follow up and the lady who answered the call said the 2nd decoder has not been activated yet, and that to ensure I do no encounter any further problems, I pay the pro-rata fee to the amount of R379.60. ! This starting on Sat, the 12th until the next debit order run. I e-mailed the POP. This amount includes extra view which I still do not have! On e-mailing the POP plus the completed forms - where I clearly indicated the 2nd decoder details, the agent responded to my e-mail stating that I needed to fill in the change of ownership forms, as if he/she never bothered to open the attachment! This is infuriating. I told this person I will not complete the forms AGAIN because I have done so, where both decoder details were included.

The waiting period is 48 hours from time of submitting the forms, and this includes the week-end.

It is Monday evening and I still do not have my account activated. I called in during the day to follow up, and I was told it has not been done yet. I have sent several e-mails, and there is still no feedback.

I am going to demand a refund for these 3 days on which I have paid for extra view and yet I have my tv stuck on channel 100 for 3 days.

Nov 14, 2016

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