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I hereby wish to bring to your attention that through Multi Choice doing a double debit order last month on my account has offsets my

budget and I end up with debit orders not being paid as stated below.

I now have to wait 30 days for an error on your behalf which is unacceptable.

I will be informing my bank to cancel all debit orders for Multi Choice in the near future because you have incompetent people working for you’ll.

I phoned the call centre and no one can answer why this was done accept tell be to go to the banks and have it reversed.

Why should I have to do the dirty work for someone elses stupidity.


29/03/2016 Acb Debit:External Settlement 1 060.00 2 348.61
M-Choice M-Choice14314862
29/03/2016 Acb Debit:External Settlement 305.50 2 043.11
31/03/2016 POS Purchase Settlement 227.00 1 816.11
Card No. 4071 C*save Wholesales Cash & Piete
(Effective 28/03/2016)
31/03/2016 Acb Debit:External Settlement 1 366.09 450.02
Vodacom [protected] I0635768
31/03/2016 Acb Debit:External Settlement 758.00 307.98-
Sbsaretail895F [protected]
1/04/2016 Unpaid Debit Headoffice 758.00 450.02
Sbsaretail895F [protected]
(Effective 31/03/2016)
1/04/2016 Int Debit Order To Settlement 13.00 437.02

Apr 07, 2016

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