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MTN / transfer of contract from autopage to mtn and cancellation of said contract when it expires

1 216 14th Avenue Fairland Roodepoort, South Africa

My mom had a mtn contract with auto page for r200 a month.

Auto page closed down and her contract was transferred to mtn without her
Signing anything, she was just informed that the contract was transferred
Via sms. There was alot of pointless sms's sent by mtn, nothing with new
Banking details and nothing stating that they were going to add an
Additional r74 a month on her payment. There was no disclosure with regards
To this at all. We went in tue aug 2 2016 to see about an upgrade and suddenly found
Out she was r574 in arrears.

Mtn was sent emails asking for the correct bank details, when we did not
Receive the information in march as requested by email to their customer
Care line, I also requested the banking details in a private message on
Mtn's facebook page twice, I also contacted mtn and was told twice that
They would sms the details to me, this was finally done in april when my
Husband called, so the money r200 was paid into auto pages account as that
Was all I had for the payment to be made on the 29th march. I do have the
Emails to prove we requested the bank details. Now they want us to pay this
Amount again along with the additional charges they have added on each month
Without our knowledge. We have the original contract signed.

I feel that mtn have failed to disclose important information to my mom and
Thus something should be done to protect her as a pensioner. We have had no
Contact from them letting us know this is in arrears or that this
Additional amount was added. If we had not gone in to do a possible
Upgrade, we would still be none the wiser and the account arrears would
Continue to grow, this way they would then charge interest on this
Outstanding amount. This is not fair.
My moms contact details are as follows:
Tg flynn
Email address: [protected]
This account must be sorted out by mtn, as the fault lies with them. But we must now wait for autopage to first refund us the money, this matter has been ongoing for months now and still not resolved. I have all the documents as proof of our attempts to resolve this matter and our requests for banking details from mtn which was never received, hence the payment to auto page.
First we get told that auto page will refund in 7 days and now we told only in 20 days, my mom is a pensioner and does not always have access to her emails,
Further more, I have sent a letter for this contract to be cancelled on the 21st of december when it expires, I have been informed by mtn that this contract cannot be cancelled. According to consumer protection, we are fully within our rights to cancel this contract when it expires, but mtn are trying to bully a pensioner.
The amount on this contract just keeps going up and when my mom asked for a statement from the beginning of march, none has been given.
We saw thato at their offices and we received an email on thu, oct 6, 2016 at 3:23 pm from her stating “please note that I have also escalated to our system support to apply the caller line identity discount. The credit for it will reflect into your mtn account within 5days. ” this does not appear to have been done as this account just keeps going up.
We were also told on that email, “please be advised that I got hold of autopage and they are requesting that you send a letter stating that you want the money refunded into your account. You must include your banking details on the letter and email it to me. They will then process the refund within 7 days. ” which my mom did on the 7th november only as she has not always got data and not always got access to her emails as her phone gives problems.
Today I sent an email to thato again, now all of a sudden we need to wait 20 days for auto page to refund the money. Why must we wait, why does mtn not resolve this, why is it now our problem, when they did not give the banking details to the customers.

Nov 23, 2016

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