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MTN Sp / mtn sp technical services - disappointed

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To whom concerned

My heart goes out to all the other disappointed MTN customers who have to endure the torture of going to MTN for service.

Unfortunately my Nokia 5610's screen went blank and there was a crack in the camera lens. On the 31st of January 2009 I took my phone to MTN Canal Walk where I was informed that the phone would have to be booked in. Because of my previous experiences with MTN I contemplated taking it to another repair centre, but I was informed that my warranty might lapse. I therefore booked the phone in and provided my proof of purchase together with my ID.
I asked the consultant how long it would take and he (Clinton) pointed out that it will take no longer than 2 weeks because their repair centre is now located in close proximity.

The 2 weeks past and I was phoned to come and collect my phone [protected]). Before going to Canal Walk for collection I phoned the MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) to confirm whether my phone is indeed fixed and to get specifics thereof. They confirmed that the LCD screen was replaced and that the camara lens was fixed. On arrival I took my little number and waited to be called, patiently sipping on my free coffee. I was called and was informed that I will have to pay R449.00 for the repair because it is not convered by the warranty. I asked the consultant lady (Emfrid Hansen) whether I could first inspect my phone before paying and I was told that it is company policy to first pay and then peek. I obediently swiped my Nedbank card and when the phone arrived, to my horrer, the camara was not fixed, only the LCD.

And here the shuffle and shape shifting started.

I asked to speak to a senior and a consultant gentleman (Tyrone) was asked to intervene. He confirmed with a Seduck at the MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) that the repair will be done free of charge. A confirmation e-mail was also forwarded to a Natalie White [protected]) and the R449.00 was reversed. I asked how long it would take and they stated that they will prioritise the repair, again.

And I waited... On 26-02-2009 I was phoned to pick up my phone. I again phoned twice to MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) to confirm whether the phone was fixed and they confirmed that I can pick up my phone. At MTN's Smartserv Building, Canal Walk I took my number. The consultant gave me papers to sign and I received my phone. It seemed the crack was gone and I went home. I was extatic, just to come back down to earth.
The 3.4 megapixel camara can now only take foggie photo's (as if everything is behind a white cloud). At least prior to submitting it for repair to MTN the picture was clear with only a noticable crack. On 27-02-2009 I returned to MTN and obviously I was told that they will have to book it in again. I told them that it was getting a bit out of hand specifically because I need my phone for work and also to take photo's at site inspections. I was given a phone (bottom of the range) which I was told can only receive sms's and your standard phone call. What could I do but except it? I was told that it will be prioritised in the que for repairs.

And then I waited again...

On 05-03-2009 I again phoned the MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) and spoke to a gentleman (Andre) to check on the status of my phone. He confirmed that the phone was delivered to MTN's Smartserv Building, Canal Walk the day before and that I can pick it up. I aslo phone the same number again to speak to a different consultant just to make sure and she also confirmed.
On the same day I went back to MTN Canal Walk at about 17h00 to pick up my phone. The consultant lady filled in all the forms, accepted their loan phone back, made a copy of my ID and disappeared to the back. On her return after a significant wait she informed me that the phone was there but was taken away by another MTN employee, Natalie White. In a nutshell, my phone was there on the 04-03-2009 and on 05-03-2009 was manually remove from the shop without a new job card reference number. Now I am standing there in amazement.

Now Tyrone (who I previously dealt with) assists and gives me numbers to phone and promises to get back to me personally. He could not believe that this matter is still ongoing. He also gave me the number for Natalie White. I once again leave MTN, but this time I had no idea where my phone was. At Canal Walk they say my phone is with Natalie and at the MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) they say the phone is at Canal Walk. Neither Tyrone nor Natalie have since contacted me.

I left messages on 06-03-2009 at [protected] for Natalie to phone me. According to the lady who answered the phone she was either busy taking stock or their system was offline, or she cannot e-mail Natalie now, or I am at the switch board and I cannot reach her now.

Please imagine my frustration. This is what causes heart attacks and/ or heart palpitations.

It is today09-03-2009 and they are offline again.

What do I do? This is a disgrace!


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  • As
      18th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    MTN is the has the worse customer services. Vodacom never let me down once. Every month my contract sim gets suspended!!! for no reason whatsoever!!! It is irritating the crap out of me now! I informed them about this but none of those dumb idiots could give me a reason for the suspension! MTN should close down seriously and i wouldnt recommend anyone going to them!

  • Ex
      30th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Strangely I have exactly the same problem with my Nokia 5610 Xpress Music phone. It's been working fine until 2 weeks ago when my husband accidentally bumped it against a rock and the LCD screen cracked, so it had a black blotch and I couldn't see. I took it in to MTN Paarl Mall who sent it in for repair. Today I phoned to check on it and they say I can collect it. It was not repaired as the repair costs were more than the value of the phone. Totally ridiculous! You know what, they say the replacement value of the phone is R2900 and the damage (remember it's only the LCD screen) is R6400!!!
    How crazy is that? How come "gdmnb" only paid R449 and they charge me R6400 for the same job? PLEASE EXPLAIN that!!

  • Ex
      1st of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well, I phoned the Nokia repair centre in CT and they can fix my phone's LCD screen in half an hour for around R400. Now that's service!
    Thank goodness MTN is out of my life!

  • Yo
      11th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    Today I wanted to sign up with these useless monkeys

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