Im totally disgusted with service from mtn today, I have a contract phone but can top up so I topped up with r100 this morning but my balance says 0.00. I restarted the phone but still the same. I called mtn support and the person who picked up said it was reflecting on their side so I should check again, maybe it was just a delay. I checked and still the same so called again and the technician said there were issues on their side so she reset my profile and said it should be fine. I restarted the phone and still nothing. I then called mtn again (3rd time) and person who picked up said she was unable to check as her system was offline when I told that I spoke to someone there and the system was fine she said not everyone is offline only few of them so I asked her to ask someone with a system that is running to check and she told me she was unable to because of policies and told me I had to call again. So I asked what if the call goes through to her again she told me I would have to put the phone down and try again until it goes through to someone with a working system. I asked to speak to a supervisor as I found that ridiculous and it takes about 5-15min to get through to an mtn technician every time I call. The supervisor refused to come to the phone, and I was put of hold for more than 20min then they put the phone down on me. I can make calls but still showing balance is 0.00

Mar 17, 2016

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