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MTN / over billing

1 National, South Africa

Two months ago I had a major problem with the service of MTN (they still did not come back to me concerning this issue either.) So, for the month of June, I did not use my MTN sim card at all to investigate their tendency of over billing as I was over billed for the month of December as well!).
The sim card was out of a handset completely for a month and two week as I replaced it with another cell company's pay-as-you-go sim card. My pay-as-you-go usage for the month was about R500 as I only use data. I very seldom send any sms's and never phone.
Now, my contract phone on MTN costs about R500 per month and my contract itself is about R300 per month. They just billed me an amount of R2060.00 for the month of JUNE!!! For a sim card I did not even use!!!
I will take this up with the South African Ombutsman and Consumer Board. I am so sick of MTN as I had three serious issues with you in the past six months and you have done nothing to assist me. If I could cancel my contract with you, I would (After being a customer for 20years!)
The other issue was that I had my brand new phone for 3 months when the screen cracked and MTN refused to fix it unless I pay you a ridiculous amount stipulated on a quote that I also have not recieved. I was without a phone for 3 months.
During the month of December I went overseas for 10 days (Thailand). I did not put my phone on international roaming (I even went to their branch to confirm this issue) as I cannot afford it. I therefor did not use the sim card during those 10 days at all.
I was billed R3090.00 for December!!! When I queried this at a local branch, they just agreed that they could not understand this...thats all.
If I do not get response from you concerning how you are going to CORRECT ALL three these issues, I will take very drastic measures... I promise!
Please help!
Ms. AC Erasmus
[protected] : [protected]

Jul 5, 2015

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