MTN / no service

I am a loyal customer at mtn for the last 18 years, but at the moment I am very disappointed with the service that they provide. One week ago I received the message on my phone"not registered on network" I immediately suspected fraud because one month ago I received 2 sms's 1 day apart that said that an instruction was received for a sim swop. I phoned mtn and told them it was not instructed by me and they stopped the swop immediately. They even made a note on my account that this instruction must be fraudulent. Anyway I went in to mtn shop and after investigation I was told that a sim swop took place last monday without my approval. How is this possible? Who is not doing his/her job? They even know where it was done, who the shop assistant was that performed this task. Mtn send emails to this person to find out where they received the approval from to do this swop, but no reply.In the mean time i'm sitting without a phone, nothing seems to be happening. How difficult can it be to stop that new sim card and re-instate me as the lawful person of that phone. They will definitely expect me to pay my contract fees for the month, even though I haven't received any service from them the last 8 days.
I do not know what to do. Maybe stop my contract with them and move over to a new service provider.

Feb 27, 2016

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