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MTN / bad customer service

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Good morning,
I would like to complain about a service I got at mthatha plaza mtn.
On the 19th october, I went to mthatha plza to get my blackberry 9700 bold taken to repairs. I got there and I was told the server was down. I was refered to another sho mtn sho at owen. I got there and they told they couldnt help cause my phone was contract and I didnt have a receipt.
Then went back to mtn mthatha plaza on 21 october 2010. I was still in the queu, when a lady shouted from the behind the desk, and said, if you are here to bring your phone, we will not take it. We are doing stocktake. I was shocked.
1. The approach was very unprofessional
2. There was no sign at the door saying we are doing stock and thus we will not offered certain services.
3. Its the attitude, its not about what the person says but how they say.
4. It was like they are doing me a favour and it was not.
I left without being helped.. Mind you, I stay 40 km away from mthatha. Total of 80 kms to and fro

I never gave up, I tried again, I thought this was just a instance of bad service. I went again to mthatha plaza 29 october 2010. What irritated me first was that the shop was empty and the ladies there were busy giggling and talking. I was standing in a queu. I was the only one in that queu. After few minutes. She calls me. I told her my story. No we cant help you, without the reciept. Go to the mtn you got the phone. I was speechless. I pleaded. Still no help. I asked to speak to the manager and I was told. The manager is not there. Then the next person in charge. Then both ladies, said she is not there..

I have been an mtn cleint for more than 10yrs. I had never experienced that service..

I drove to east london, which is 270 km from my workplace. I want to a different mnt shop hemmingways shop not the one I bought my phone from. Guess what, I was helped in 5 min. The receipt printed..

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  • Jo
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am always getting suspended with my account still having credit and the call centre always fails to solve my problem. I am always promised to be called back by the supervisors but no one ever does. AS A SHAREHOLDER AND A CLIENT, i feel this company is failing the clients.

    Please hire competent staff who will be able help clients. I eve think of cancelling my TWO contract lines with MTN b'cause i call make calls even when my credit has just been updated.

  • Ra
      8th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I still have not had any responses from requests to upgrade my MTN Contract. The contract has been due for an Upgrade since November 2009 and my contract expired on 27th of March 2010. So far all attempts to contact MTN via account managers; in-store visits; dialling 808 or e-mailing them have just been swept aside. They sometimes assist at first but do not follow through and always have excuses but not solutions. All i want is to upgrade my contract. Although prompt and efficient service is not MTN's normal business practice i was wondering maybe if it would be at all possible for anyone at MTN to assist me with prompt, efficient assistance to upgrade my contract? c'mon shock me! and if you are wondering what it is am referring to check [Hidden Web Address] ; then book all your staff(manager's included) on a course to provide efficient prompt service. No doubt once you do all of this and if you do it properly it would take time, i still will be waiting for a response from you.

  • Bh
      9th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    Dear Lindz29. You are not the only one to have experienced such bad service from the same shop. I also bought a brand new blackberry 9780 on the 3rd of October in Bloemfontein. The phone I was using then was giving me problems hence the decision to replace it. About 2 weeks later when l got back to Mthatha I realised that the video camera was not working so l took it to the Plaza MTN shop where l was told they had closed for stock-taking. Just like you said, there was no sign post to notify us and I had wasted more than an hour waiting to be served. I went back the following day and the first person that served me gave me a certain number that l had to dial. l dialed it but was put on hold for more than 30 minutes only to be told a camera problem cannot be fixed via telephone. Any lame person could have known that. It was later collected for repairs and I was told to expect an SMS as soon as it arrived to the technicians in PE. Its been 3 weeks now and l haven't heard anything. l went there on Saturday to enquire and was told to wait for the SMS. For how long do l have to wait?

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