MTN / 3g bandwidth monitor is not working

I have been asking MTN for for 4 weeks now and this problem has still not been sorted out..

The MTN 3G bandwidth monitor has not been working for more than 4 weeks now so how the hell am I supposed to know how much bandwidth I have left. Of course MTN doesn; care because they are just going to charge me R1.20 a meg if my bandwidth runs out.

It's disgusting!!!

When is the bandwidth monitor going to be fixed????

Also how can a billion dollar company not have an online bandwidth monitor??? Why do i have to take out my sim card from the 3g card put it in a phone and dial for my bandwidth. Pathetic!!! I mean to not be able to log onto a website to do this is complete rubbish! Even worse they don't have an sms service either.

I may have to switch to Vodacom as at least they have online bandwidth checking..

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