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I have called 16202 to get a update on my billing for the month closing for jan 2010, to get the absolute shock of my life where I am being told my bill is over r3200.00, more specifically where I am being told I have spent in excess of r1600.00 on data) , this is ridiculous, I have never spent so much with mtn ever, and strange enough I have a bill limit on at r500.00 which I set with one of their supervisors to which I received no notification of this at any time this month.

Further, about two months ago I had a huge problem with mtn wherein they could not open my account as I had exceeded my credit limit which was in the region of r2250.00, so I was blocked from receiving or making calls, and was told under no circumstances they could increase this amount. How is it all of a sudden I am getting charged in excess of this which contradicts their initial statement that the limit was the maximum amount that I qualified for, and how is it that my bill has increase by over a 100%. Where my average spend is + - r700.00 a month. I have done no more than what I normally do and when I last queried with my data package and the remainder left on the same, my general usage was well under 200mb a month, and there was a remaining amount left over.

However what makes this matter even more frustrating is the when you call into their call centre, the incompetence of the staff is appauling, they all contradict each other, from:

One consultant responding & ldquo; that is how the system charges” the next saying they can only help on the closure of the bill, I have lost my cool with mtn, how can they expect someone to wait for a reply on closure of their billing, however when payment is required they expect the same immediately, to the same instance, how can they issue you with a balance and then not take query on the same, is it not logical to sort out a problem before the consumer becomes liable for the bill, but what infurates a person more is that when you want to speak to someone senior, you have to leave a message, I have now made 4 phone calls it is over 24 hours later and I am still waiting, this is absolute appauling service.

Mtn seems to convey an attitude with their clients that you are just a number, for a consumer with an average spend of r700.00, the number starts to add up considering I have been with them for 7 + years, lets do the math then if you treat all consumers with utter disrespect for valid queries.

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  • Au
      17th of Mar, 2010

    MTN Call Center operators admitted that they have a major problem with billing “apparently” IBM and IS are working hard to resolve it. I use to work for the MTN and a few ex-collogues commented that MTN owe some companies credits worth millions. So our money sits in MTN’s account earning them nice interest and they are eating away our hardworking earnings.

    Why don't MTN make a public statement? The poor fools that don't pick up the erroneousness so that MTN can gladly profit out of there stupidity. You don't complain you don't get a credit, that is if you can get hold of somebody to assist you.

    Such integrity and honesty that MTN is exhibiting, well done to such market leaders.

    So in other words MTN can overcharge us, you can complain till blue in the face but don't pay your account and they suspend. It is financial Ripe. This fraudulent company needs to be taken to task!

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  • Le
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    MTN - Inflating of Bills
    South Africa

    I have this modem contract with MTN a R49, 00 for a modem and 500mb a month. Last year when my son was using the modem I was billed for R1500 in November and when I enquired I was told that the sim was used for calls. I required an itemised billing for that and it was provided. My modem sim was suspended by the network provider between December and February this year and when reinstated in mid February the self service window was not reinstated so I did not see if the 500mb were granted or not. I only paid R49, 00 in February 2014 starting in March I was billed between R400 and R500 but in June 2014 when my sim was blocked again when I enquired I was told that my bill is standing at R1500, 00 and I asked for a break down just like that of itemising billing to can be able to see that how much of the data was spent on whatever they are billing. Nothing is being provided
    intsead I am continuing to be billed more. As they say now I am owing them about R1790, 00 and my sim has since been suspended in June and is not functioning till now.

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