MTNa cash only store

I entered the store with the purpose of purchasing a new cell phone. The sales assistant was helpful, and I made my selection. I enquired about the cost of the phone and was told the price, which I was happy to pay with my credit card. The amount being r3300. I was then informed that they could not accept my credit card as they did not have a credit card machine! I could pay for it cash, and was politely told the bank is right next door.

I am very surprised that a retail outlet that sells products well into the thousands of rands did not have a credit card facility.

I went to the bank, made the withdrawal and went back to the store. I then asked that since they had no credit card facility, and most certainly wouldn't accept a cheque, that they could give me some discount, I suggested 10%.

The sales staff at this point said it was not possible. I queried why a store that didn't want cheques or credit cards, thus amounting to poor service facilities, wasn't even prepared to give discount for large cash purchases.

I asked if the manager was able to approve this, since the three sales assitants obviously did not have the authority to approve the discount on their own. They said they would call their manager. I was already counting out the cash and was ready to pay but, now I would have to wait, and wait, and wait, while they attempted to contact the manager. So, as one does while one stands and waits, one wonders why one should accept such poor facilities from a large company.

I asked the sales assistant how long they had been operating and what was the rason they had no credit card facility. I was yold the store had been reopened only six weeks earlier and that they were still waiting for a machine from nedbank. I find this odd, that a retail outlet, that plans a store revamp and opening, does not plan for a credit card facility prior to opening. The sales assistant agreed with me that it was poor service, and that they have lost other customers because of it.

I asked for the managers name and contact details, as I stated to the sales agents, I would lodge a complaint against the store. I was given her name and cell number. I was also given a technician name and cell number. Note, these were only names - no surnames provided.

At this point my patience had run out. I was annoyed I could not use my credit card, I was unhappy I could not get the discount immediately and I was irritated that I had to stand there and wait, wait, wait while the staff attempted to contact their manager. I decided that mtn, and most certainly this store did not deserve my custom, and chose to walk out.

My question is this: why would a retail outlet not have a credit card machine?

Ms ladbrooke

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