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MTN / content provider

1 South Africa

14 may 2009

Drea sir / madam

Service delivery - mtn cellular provider

We are the legal owners of a cellular contract with the above provider. Recently one of our accounts escalated in fees resulting in us querying the astronomical fees charged. The additional cost was fees charged by what they call "service providers" for items such as banking, porno videos, music etc.

This letter is not to complain about the fees but the process and the ethics behind the procedure followed by the above company. Let me also state I am sure they are not the only company that "provde this service.

To give you background, we took this contract out for our teenage son as he travels to pretoria virually daily to attend up and he needs to be able to contact us if an emergency arises. As responsible parents we put a limit on the usage on this contract to prevent any abuse as young people do not always understand the meaning of "moderation". I our opinion we took the necessary steps to ensure we would not end up having an unpleasant surprise and for more than a year this was the case.

However, due to this provider's fees we decided that we would not renew the contract when it expired and bought our son a cellular contract with a cheaper provider. The mtn sim was locked in our safe until such time the contract came to an end. Was our surpise great when we discovered the bill has increased virtually four-fold. Upon querying this they informed us this contract was subscribed to several sites for games, music, etc. After explaining to them we wanted them not to continue with this, they promply informed us to contact these providers directly. When asked how they could bill this amount when a credit limit existed on this contract, they informed us the credit limit did not cover content provider subscriptions - something they failed to mention before. We then had to go through the painful process of contacting these providers to cancel these conent subscriptions and explain to my son free games and music sites are not free. Further to this we instructed mtn to cancel this sim and to stop any transactions on this sim.

To our surprise this was not done and yet again we have to pay money to conent providers who did not provide anything as the sim is still locked in our safe and mtn assured us this sim is blocked.

We want to know why do they mislead the public by allowing a credit limit to bypass it by saying this content does not get included in the limit. Furthermore, we want to know why they do not contact the legal owner of the contract to get permission to activate this service when the legal owner has to authorise everthing from address change to itemised billing on the account.

In our personal opinion, this behaviour borders on criminal behaviour and needs to be addressed urgently. We implore you to review this matter and put the necessary steps in place to prevent other consumers from this greed and unethical behaviour.

Thanking you

Charmaine moore
[protected] (H)
[protected] (C)
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