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MTN / pathetic service!

1 South Africa Review updated:

I must say that I am totally disgusted at the pathetic service received by MTN SA. I have been a subscriber for four years and three months ago they have decided to bar me from sending sms's and I am unable to reload airtime. So now I had to go as far as purchasing another sim card (Vodacom may I add) because I am unable to use my mtn sim to send or reply to sms's or even reload airtime . I have contacted MTN helpdesk for the past three months and have dealt with 3 team leaders and over 12 consultants and even went as far as going into an MTN store in Parow Sanlam center branch to get this sorted out, stood there for over an hour with no solution to my problem. I must say that MTN are seriously losing several clients because of their pathetic service. I doubt that this complaint would have an effect on them.

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  • Da
      28th of Aug, 2007
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    I fully agree with the complaint. I am extremely sorry that I ever changed over from vodacom to MTN. I cannot get reception from the area where I reside and my complaints are answered by sarcastic people that work for MTN. (Jabu Moloi) being one of them.

  • Ca
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    MTN - Contract
    South Africa


    I got my new contract upgrade from MTN SA about a month ago.

    The day after that happened my "old" contract phone decided to stop working.

    I want to know where i can go to get this fixed for free because i have been a subscriber for about two years now and this is the service i get.

    I have sent them 3 yes 3!! emails complaining, but they have yet to come back to me. They have left me no other choice but to go to the news papers with this because im sick of their ### service.

    They had this coming.

  • Fi
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    free MTN airtime



    have a nice day

  • Ma
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    I agree that MTN's service is horriffic the consultants
    working there is incapable of dealing with complaints and they dont give a damn. I took a contract in December last year but the amount that I confirmed with them then and as stated on the contract I signed is not the same as what I am paying. I'v tried to get a explanation out of them that makes sense but they all tell me a different story and some even promised to get someone that knows whats going on to phone me back ... well, I am still waiting ... and to try to phone them is just so frustrating you never get anywhere with they pathetic attitudes !!! Never Again will I sign a contract with MTN ever !!!

  • Hi
      26th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I have had a contract with Mtn for approx 8 years and in April of this year I took out a 3g contract with a bill limit facility of approx R 500.00 this contract was taken out on the 22nd and the bill limit facility was faxed to them by the service provider on the 26th of April. I received a bill last month of R12, 700 approximately which is absolutely impossible and which I have endeavoured to query. I have spoken to at least 20 different people and faxed through the documents to various parties which I acquired from the service provider and not one person has come back to me, they all pass the buck. On many occassions I have insisted on speaking to someone in management and they keep putting me through to different departments with a very rude attitude. I have been cut off many times and have been given different stories including I must read the small print of the bill limit facility stating that MTN have got themselves covered for this situation. I have also been told by one party that it was sorted out and they will be adjusting it but nothing has happened. I am so frustrated and have spent a fortune calling head office to no avail. I do understand that although there is a limit on the 3g card that once something is being downloaded it will continue until finished which will take the limit slightly over, but not to the extent of that amount outstanding. Please can someone help me.
    Many thanks. The 3g no. is 083 7001652

  • Mo
      29th of Aug, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I have 3 contracts with MTN and am deeply disappointed by the service which I have recieved.

    I sent my phone in for repairs and was assured this would be sent back to me no later than 2 weeks. Its been more than 3 weeks and the service consultants are clueless. They are unprofessional and they lie. Being in a customer service environment one would expect honesty and courtesy. I've had the phone put down twice by them. My phone apparently was sent to couriers by the repair agents on the 23rd of August 2008 and to date I have yet to recieve the phone. I am now assured that it will definitely be in on Monday 1 September 2008???

    After threatening to cancel my contracts, the service Manager at Estcourt tried calling me on on a number where the cellphone was sent for repairs. No effort was made to try and contact me on the numbers that do work!!!

    I am so disappointed with the service that I WILL NOT be renewing my contracts!!!

    I have had a relationship with MTN for more than ten years and if anything, this experience has thought me that service delivery is everything!!! We are customers and need to be treated with respect, honesty and integrity!!!

  • Po
      3rd of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes


    Problem solved, just dial *141*6328*0833165886*R30#

  • No
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    Voda +mtn - deductions after cancellation made
    South Africa

    i cancelled the debit order in January this year, but this month flexicell has deducted money from my bank name is hazel nonhlanhla ncube and i had both vodacom and mtn contracts with flexicell.

    I would like flexicell to refund me the money that they have deducted from my acc and stop deducting money from my acc. as soon as possible.

  • An
      24th of Oct, 2008
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    i wil like u to help me with a contract phone

  • Fr
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    i got a contract with mtn for one there call sentre only opperates for office hours and the poeple at wonderpark pretoria are unpro the one man at wonderpark gave me a attitude and sworne me out of clothes the branch maneger just stood there and did nothing when you cal the caal sentre its bad servise added if they answer the phone in comparoson with vodacom THEY ARE A BIG JOKE

  • Ic
      30th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I have to agree with the above complaints. I took out a contract with mtn two years ago. First was that I filled in the forms for a debit order to go off, which never did, so I paid it myself every month. Early. Then I changed bank accounts and gave it through to mtn and still paid the account manually, having the bank fax through my first payment from the new account. I was shocked to find my phone blocked and an amount subtracted from my other bank account because there weren't sufficient funds for the debit order, please note, this happened nearly a year after I had got the contract. On phoning them, I got an arrogant consultant who blatantly told me I'm lying and didn't pay my account after they'd received the fax from the bank AND I sent through a mail with proof of payment. It took me 6 hours to resolve that. After I requested his manager, he dropped the phone in my ear, so I had to phone back.
    After that I got some quiet months of peace and then I upgraded. Low and behold, MORE problems. My upgraded phone started giving me trouble. First, I couldn't set up my mms's...that took me a trip to the nearest service provider...long wait... then it phone suddenly didn't have access to the network. My bill being paid early of course, as always. Can't receive calls or sms'es and no luck at trying to send out calls and messages. So I phoned the 808 number they so unselfishly give u. Consultant tells me I must've changed settings to have made it go bonkers (very porfessional, I must add) so I go to my nearest service provider, where they book my phone in without giving me info. Turns out they want me to pay for the repairs on the phone which is still under guarantee (3 months old) which I only found out after reading the whole booking in sheet, since the consultant didn't deem it important to inform me. So I return and request my phone to be returned, on which they refuse and tell me that I'm rude and I should ask so SHE can educate me (again, very unprofessional). After a huge fight, and might I add a huge scene, we finally manage to get the manager to see us and she finally returns my phone. So much waisted time!! So I take my phone to another service provider that is NOT MTN. And they receive my phone with a much more professional attitude, only requesting that I bring my invoice for date of purchase. So once again, thank you MTN for being commited to NOT giving service.

  • Av
      2nd of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have to agree. Mtn is useless. There website is slow and user friendly is not a term one could apply. Contacting them via e-mail is impossible. It is a situation where no employee is capable of solving a problem and hence you end up being referred to at least 20 people before you decide to change your service provider. Goodbye mtn and good riddence... nothing about dealing with mtn has been pleasant or easy.

  • Ja
      2nd of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    MTN's Customer relations STINKS! This morning my service was suspended without prior notice. I could not even phone them from the suspended phone and had to get back to the office.

    They claim that they have not received my payment of R2000 that was done electronically on 27 Feb 2009.

    They also claim that they have sent out an SMS as well as a voice message. I did not receive either. Upon my request to proof this, they told me that I have to pay R10, 000 deposit in order for them to look into it.

    The bottom line is that I have paid and they do not believe me. If they find that they are wrong, I MIGHT get my service back within 24 hrs! So what if I have a life threatening an emergency ?

    I would like to receive a written apology. Secondly I would like to be compensated for my time and money lost on this issue. Thirdly I propose that they have an interactive way of delivering such important messages. In other words there must be confirmation from the customer of receipt.

  • Mt
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have found MTN to be short sighted and not consumer friendly. I am entitled to upgrade and I have chosen to downgrade form a procall 600 to a talk anytime 350. I was told that I need to pay in R900 in order to do this. In addition, should I wish to cancel my contract which ends on the 09 July 2009, I will need to pay aprox R 7000 and it is now April 2009. I spoke to the retention department about assisting in changing my contract from R 900 month with an aprox spen of R1300 to a new 24 month package of R549 instead of cancellation and they have declined. I have not even begun to mention the poor hanset quality in my previous contract and MTNs inability to assist in repairs. I must also note that I paid a full 24 months on the Pro Call 600. The reason I am not allowed to downgrade during an upgrade phase is because I upgraded in month 21 of my previous My call 100 package. Another customer will bite the dust MTN!

  • Lo
      7th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had a long internal debate when time came to renew my MTN contract. My main requirement at the time was to have a decent 3G connection. At the time I had just moved house and found that I got a pretty decent connection at my new place. However since then their data network has systematically degraded.

    I have tried to phone several times to log a complaint with them, but they just keep passing me off to someone else. They aren't even decent enough to redirect me from their switch board, instead they give me another number to call. Obviously this is a ploy that call-center agents at MTN use so it looks like they are resolving issues.

    Meanwhile their data network just gets slower and slower and they clearly intend to do nothing about it.

  • Is
      21st of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    my N96 mobile TV feature its no working which means that MTN is nbilling me for a feature that is not working on my phone i will like them to fefund the % that i have already paid for the feature to me this looks like fraud.

  • Va
      5th of May, 2009
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    MTN - faulty unit
    South Africa

    After recieving shocking service from MTN from the date I renewed my contract (6 February 2009) I eventually had to book my handset in as it was Faulty - the applications on the blackberry was not working and the handset had to be sent up to Midrand to be fixed, the handset was recieved by Midrand on the 20th March 2009 and was not looked at until 29April 2009, after numerous complaints and phoning around they eventually decded to replace the inside of the phone and sent the phone back to me on 30- which I went to collect yesterday the 4 May 2009, upon collecting it I inspected the phone and the inside of the phone looked shabby and in worst condition than when I sent it in, in actual fact the phone came back in a worst condition! I now cannot make calls from the phone so now the phone has another problem which it initially did not have.I have tried to lodge a complaint with MTN but I get no response and no service! Nobody responds to my emails or calls and I cannot seem to get a reference number out of them so that I may escalate my complaint, it just seems that bad service is all I get from MTN, the service centre Marina in Canal Walk is equally unhelpful and rude at that, she carries a non-chalant attitude and doesn't seem to care about your problem, please help.

  • Ru
      14th of May, 2009
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    MTN - No invcoies for billed amounts???
    South Africa

    Where do I start? This has been a four month saga with MTN!

    I recently returned from Europe and my MTN account was in arrears. The last account that I received was mid january for an amount of just under five hundred rands. I went into a store on the 6th of March to settle, knowing that it would be about R269 more (seeing as that was the monthly subscription). When I got into the store, and had to wait 20 minutes for one for the store assistant to get a customer services agent on the phone dialing 808, I was told that the amount owing was R1016. I thought it odd, but seeing as I had not brought the January account with me, I was sure that billing that I was to receive would explain it. I paid an amount of R1020.00 and was told that my sim card would be up and running within 5 days. That was a friday. The following Thursday it was still not connected. Neither was it the friday. By the Tuesday of the following week, I went into the store again and enquired. Another 20 mins of waiting for a call centre agent. Account was still with legal (this was the 17th of march). I phoned the store on the thursday (19th). Nothing. And then blew my top Monday the 23rd as the sim card was still not working. Later that day the sim started working.

    I then waited for a bill. Nothing end March. Nothing mid or end April. I phone in and enquire as to where the bills were for February, March and April. We'll email it to you. I wait. And wait. I get a message saying that my account is behind so I call again, only this time I refuse to put the phone down until I see the email in my inbox. Call centre agent can't email to gmail! So the last one just what, made it up that they were sending the info? Eventually, the supervisor gets on to me, and I receive email from her with attachments... This after an hour and a half on the phone. Two days later I get a bill in the post. With a statement. The statement shows an amount of just under five hundred rand due end Jan. Then my payment of R1020 ON THE 9th OF MARCH, then an invoice for R538 27/03/09 and R517.00 07/04/09 and then the current April bill.

    I phone in again. Please send me copies of the bills dated 27/03/09 and 07/04/09. After 45 minutes and the call centre operator telling me that I don't know what I am asking for, and that I must just take his verbal explanation as to what the amounts are for I lost it again! How dare he! He tells me I just don't want to understand that there is no paper work for what was billed. I argue but it shows "invoice" on the statement, I want my paperwork! I eventually put the phone down saying I was going to contact the complaints commission.

    Two minutes later I get an email. Ping! A copy of the the one invoice (07/04/09). I haven't had the chance to check the bill. I am sure that it will be a stuff up too.

    I am still waiting for my March invoice. How dare MTN tell me that they can bill me and don't need to give paperwork!

    RIDICULOUS lack of service.

  • Ms
      22nd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i agree with everyone of yourll.i recently had to do a sim swap and ket me tell you it was not easy.i had to keep calling the call centre to which their famous line is switch off your phone for 15 mins or so.then at one stage i was on hold ...for an hour and all of this done during working hours while my inbox is over flowing with clients upset that they cant contact me on my cell.

    so much for every where you go as i have been with mtn for the past 7 years and i am really starting to understand why people prefer other networks cause they have no problems with their net works as well no such thing as down time.
    most importantly customer service is a priority to the other networks.

  • Gu
      28th of May, 2009
    0 Votes
    MTN - Debt Order
    South Africa

    Good day

    I have a problem when it comes to debitting my account. Airtime comes through the 20th and then you debit the money one the 1st or 2nd. Why dont you debit the money on the day which i told you which is the 28th. Please guys i have changed my adddress but still you are still sending my mail to the previous address. Then other probelm you keep on suspending my account but i did pay.
    So please tell me whaty do you want me to do?You call the service provider and then they atke an houe to answer. I dont have time to satnd in queues to pay because i gave you permission to debit from my account.


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