MTA BUS Service / disrespect from bus driver

Bronx, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 347-299-6806

I am a passenger who happened to board the BX 21 at 9:05 am at Jerome Avenue and East Gunhill Road on the morning of Tuesday Nov. 16th, 2010. The Bus no. on the inside was 535. The Bus driver who happened to be a short Mexican or Latino individual or who can probably pass for one from either ethnic group embarrassed me. I attempted to ask if that bus would have stopped at Maclean Avenue. Actually before I started the question he supposedly was suspicious for whatever reason and with a loud enough voice exclaimed, NO! NO! NO!. I was surpised as I began to wonder what was he saying NO! to. I never even started the question and he was saying NO! hard enough for other passengers to hear who kept staring at me. Shamefully I proceeded and asked if the bus would have stopped at Maclean Avenue and then he quietly said yes. I know there are those who ask for free rides but as he had assumed for whatever reason I was asking for a free ride just didn't prove him right. I was left to wonder how could he be doing a service to the public with such a preconceived bias attitude and still expect others to treat him right. As far as I'm concerned it would be good to take him on some ethical and anger management course informing him that passengers are the ones who keep him in the job and he must never walk around with such racial and judgemental attitudes. I perceive this is his general attitude when he sees people with my skin color. Please counsel him about the way he treats the passengers who help him to maintain a daily job at the MTA. Thanks and very much appreciate your help as I prefer to be silent with my name but I left my number. The Bus # on the inside was 535.

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