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Good day (To Whom This May Concern)

I am not sure whether you the person I should be addressing this situation to, I am just a concerned/upset customer and have been a shopper at Table bay since it opened. Yesterday the 03rd of December, I checked the internet which stated that the retails hours is from 09h00-until 20h00. I then rushed to get to the store MR PRICE, getting there not knowing that the store actually closes at 19h00.

I was not the most liked person, I went into the Store starting with the security at the door giving me attitude!!, I calmed down and waited until she assisted. My daughters heard the staff talking in their "slang" that they want to leave! At that moment I still had no idea we were so called holding up the store as it still was just before 19h00. Shortly thereafter the announcement was made and it was my indication and realisation that the store closes an hour earlier. I felt extremely unwelcome and the whole atmosphere was uptight as if we were doing something wrong.

After I done my purchase to turn around and still have staff in their uniforms looking at me as if I been insensitive I really feel disappointed and I feel that if the stores door is open any customer has the right to walk in and make use of the store. (Corrective Action: please ensure that your internet times is adjusted accordingly).

If you not the person that should be getting this e-mail, please refer.

Thank you in advance.

Dec 04, 2018

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