Mr. Lubepaying for a service I never requested

I went to Mr. Lube on May 31st 2018 for a simple oil change. The address was 336 Rossland Road East in Ajax Ont. Mr Lube #149. The technician's name is Ryan. He had explained to me that there were two services that were recommended to do for my vehicle that have been recommended before on two other visits that I had not done as of yet. A rear differential specialty service and a transmission drive package. He did mention to me that my differential oil smelt really bad so I mention to him that I'm driving to Ottawa this weekend so he recommends that I get it done especially if I'm driving a long-distance this weekend. I asked him the price of the oil change which came to $82 and change and then the price of the differential oil service he says $ 149. I factor those two costs and I agree, he asks okay so you want both of them I said yes. When the service was over he handed me a bill for $419 . I said what is this for I asked for my oil change and the differential oil service how does this come up to that amount. He said I had agreed to both of the services that were recommended for my vehicle. I said but I never got the amount of the other recommended service which was a transmission service package ...i asked how much is that service package, he mentioned it's $179. I asked him don't you think that would have been logical to have given me that price as well as the price of the oil change and the differential oil service. All in all the manager gave me the lowest discount he could which was $62 off the price... I'm still very disappointed and unsatisfied with the service infact I feel bamboozled. I could have done my transmission service package through my own mechanic and save some money. I appreciate the manager trying to lower the price however I really shouldn't be paying for something I never requested in the first place as I was never even given a cost for that extra service by the technician not sure if the employees get a bonus or kickback on high bills they collect. I just want my money back at this point. Leaving Mr.Lube this evening was just the most lowered feeling as somebody had tricked me out of my money.

Mr. Lube

May 31, 2018

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