Motorola / moto z android

Powder Springs, GA, United States

I have never complained about a product even when it was problematic. However, I am so disappointed in this product. I bought my phone at the end of Nov 2016. It is now 1/27/17 and my phone will NOT TURN ON AT ALL. I am a single parent that has to drive several miles a day as well as this phone was my ONLY source of contact. All of my contacts, pictures, and any other important information has been lost. I am unable to get a new phone from service provider because I have a past due amount. Which I will take the blame for that. But if my phone was operable having a past due amount wouldn't be an issue. So I have NO means of being of communication. I was a Samsung customer and switched to Motorola. At this point I feel that was the biggest mistake I could of made. I am very disappointed with the company and the product. I will let everyone that I come in contact with to never use this product.

Jan 27, 2017

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