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Motherhood Maternity / Damaged Goods

1 Online Shopping, Canada

I haven't ever written a bad review about anything but I can not believe what happened with my online order from Motherhood Maternity so I think it's my duty to try to stop anyone and everyone from ordering online from this company. I have bought products from a Motherhood Maternity store and did not have issues with them but the online ordering is another story... I ordered 2 shirts and a pair of pants online around April 17th, it arrived around April 23rd, I tried everything on and it fit well so I threw the tags out (big mistake) and washed everything. After I tried everything on again after taking it out of the wash I discovered the pants were damaged (small hole by the right back pocket). I called the company a few times to ensure I was returning the items exactly as I should and tracked my package until it arrived at it's destination on May 5th. After 7 business days I called the company and they said if I didn't receive a return by May 19th to call back. I called back May 19th and customer service asked for the tracking number and as long as they could see that the package was received at the destination they would reimburse me and notify me on the 20th of what happened. I called in on the 20th again and customer service said there was a return in place on my account and it would probably take 3 days to show up on my credit card so I have to wait a little longer for it. I think that they actually lost my return and that's what took them so long to reimburse me, I am not sure if they would have accepted it if they would have seen the return without the tags, who knows what happened to it. So I am appreciative of them accepting the return but I was so put off by the hassle of trying to return it, I had called several times to ensure I was following the correct process for returning the pants and then found out that I was also supposed to include the receipt from the return shipping to be reimbursed which no-one had told me to do but customer service said it had been written on my account that they had told me to do that. Some of the customer service reps were extremely helpful and some of them were very rude, so rude that they would not help me and were contraindicating what other reps had said (one told me I couldn't return the item but it had to be exchanged but everyone else told me this wasn't so). And finally I was really put off by how Motherhood Maternity functions in Canada, if you have a gift card or store credit you cannot use it for online purchases which a lot of people do not know, the store I shopped at did not even know this so I called them and told them since they were the ones who told me I could use my store credit online. In Canada you have to pay for your return shipping up front, you are reimbursed for it but they do not cover the insurance you pay for your package. Also they do not reimburse for the cost of the internet shipping that you pay for each separate item which I cannot believe! So in the end I ended up paying them an extra $3 for absolutely nothing!! It was $3 that I paid for the internet shipping of my pants that the company refuses to pay me back, such a gong show, I will never order online from them again, it is only Thyme Maternity from now on, please research the company you buy from, if you are buying from Motherhood Maternity in Canada you will only end up with headaches

May 20, 2015

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