Motel 6 / smoking room substituted for a non-smoking registration

185 Bingham Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4E 3R4

September 4, 2017

Motel 6 Customer Care Service
G6 Hospitality LLC
4001 International Parkway
Carrollton, Texas
US, 75007

Dear Sir/Madame:

On August 19, 2017 my husband and I stayed in your hotel in Huntsville, Ontario. We booked a non-smoking room for one night on our way to a camping trip in the interior of Algonquin Park. Our intention was to ensure a good night’s sleep ahead of a long and strenuous canoe paddle and portage of our camping gear the next day. Unfortunately we discovered on entering our room that we had been given a smoking room. When we called the front desk to advise them of the error we were told that this was their last room and there was nothing they could do. Given the oppressive smell of smoke we went to the front desk to discuss the situation with the manager. We were told that they had recently had some workmen smoking in the room and confirmed that they had no other rooms to offer. I asked why we were not informed upon check-in but the manager only said that it was their last room. She offered me a 10% discount but maintained that she could do nothing else. Given that this was high season there were no rooms available in the city we had no choice but to stay.

During the night neither of us slept well. My husband could not sleep at all. After wandering the hotel for a while he spoke with the staff member on duty and was told that in fact the room had been a smoking room until the previous January and was being converted to a non-smoking room. This explained the deeply entrenched, suffocating odour of old cigarettes. He was again told that there were no other rooms available. Only when he suggested that he would try to sleep in our car, was he offered an extra room off the lobby, reserved for contractors, where he slept for the remainder of the night.

We left this hotel the next day exhausted, feeling ill from the smoke, feeling violated at having been treated so unjustly, and angry that our rights as consumers had been violated not only by the substitution of a smoking room but also by the lie of the manager of why the room was not what we had reserved. In all the years of travelling on business and staying in hundreds of hotels across North America, I have never had such an appalling experience as I had at your hotel.

We would like an apology, a truthful explanation of what your policy is towards your customers and compensation for this room in the full amount charged. If you require a copy of our receipt, I can forward it to you as I cannot find an option to attach it.

I look forward to your confirmation of treating us justly. Please contact me at the above address, e-mail or phone.


Diane Wyman

Sep 13, 2017

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