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My name is Lavon Laroux I stayed at Motel 6 in Reno Nevada at all three locations I love the Wells Avenue location to go over to the Plum Lane location how is please explain to me that out of the three hotels everybody does not clean your room and put Towsen I'm beginning to take this very very personal and I would like someone to call me I'm giving you the opportunity to call me and explain how this is happening you should be calling me on my cell phone and letting me know how you're going to reimburse me for this improper service tomorrow I will go in front of my employer Ford Motor Company and I will let them know how I've been treated and have a services I want someone to call me and correct this I should not have to wait for clean towels are clean room I clean my room at 7 AM in the morning Nothing has been done no matter how many times I ask you to at the desk to correct the situation it has not been corrected someone should be calling me at [protected] to tell me how they are going to rectify the situation I am going to start writing letters and understand and get a better understanding of why the service is so terrible here I don't want excuses I don't want anybody to call me and make up something tell me the truth why is it that when you rent a room you can't even get clean towels and get your room clean Is this racial or this is this how everyone is treated let me know

Jan 24, 2017

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