Motel 6manager, maintenance man

the manager Sarah is providing shelter for people at the hotel and they are not paying anything they live there for free.the maintenance man Nathan and Sarah are going in customers rooms when they're gone and stealing stuff out and Nathan has been stealing money from the hotel. And they are very rude and impolite.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hobbs, NM And my wife has been working there for half a month and she said that she will give us a discount and she's making her making us pay full price and over charging us and threaten the maintenance man is threatening us with he's going to kick us out when he doesn't have the authority to.and the housekeepers are very rude and they go in other people's rooms and still stuff when they're supposed to be cleaning it and they leave rooms as they are and doesn't clean and they take stuff off of other people's carts when it's not theirs. And the manager Sarah has been letting a 14 year old boys stay there when his parents are looking for ham and he doesn't even have money to pay but he gets to pick up trash and live there for free.

Nov 22, 2018

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