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I was living at lake wood hills apartments in Harrisburg pa. In spring of 2011. My apartment was being broken into during the night. There was all kinds of noise all night long, slamming door on the outer door that was locked to the public. I was finding messes on my coffee table, there were missing items, items I had not purchased in my kitchen cupboard. I went to the office, as they advise a safe environment. and all they were worried about was IT wasn't our maintance department. I never brought up who was breaking in, I did not have proof of who it was. So, I bought a $50 new lock for my door. No help. So I went to break my lease. There was to be a meeting with the district justice. I prepared for the district justice, and wrote everything up in detail. I was heading out the door to go to the scheduled meeting that was at approximately 12 noon. I go walking out of my apartment a half hour before the meeting to be at the meeting on time. As I am going out the apartment complex staff is coming back from the district justice office. They say to me we had the meeting already he saw us early it is over he made his decision. Not knowing anything about the law, and that probably if I would have went to the scheduled appointment I could have presented to the judge. They said you will have to pay two hundred dollars to go to the next level. And the staff knew I planned on being at that meeting. Which appears to me to have been deliberately misleading. They knew I planned to be at the meeting and they also told me it was over and he made his decision. And they probably knew that if I went to meet the district justice I could have presented my side. And were deceptive in telling me it was over he made his decision. Fully aware of what they were doing. That is what it APPEARS to me to look like they were doing. How could they not know the legality of breaking leases and have just happen to have gone and had mine heard early and knew I was planning to attend because I told them I was. Does that not look like deliberate deception to you. So now they want $2000. from me and they did not care about my safety one bit. I could take my case and blast the whole story on their social media pages. They are very cold and heartless and ruthless to me, no sign of customer service or customer care at all. And they did not care about my safety one bit. They wouldn't even look into the door slamming all night long, said report it locally. And I live in a small town, women who complain are considered complainers and annoying. This is totally disrespectful to me as a human being who should be able to have a sense of safety in an apartment complex that advertises it is a safe and healthy community. And another thing my bathroom floor had been water damaged from the previous tenant and it took them 6 months to get to fixing it.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Updated by Karen M Fazio MA OTR, Jun 02, 2018

    Spring 2011 approximately, Client: Karen M Fazio MA OTR. My apartment was being broken into. I do not know who was behind it. There are speculations but do not have facts on who it could have been. And I did go to the police. Treated like a whiney girl dismissed. I was hearing slamming doors all night long in and out of the external door. Finding messes on my coffee table, missing items. The worst was the terrifying feeling at night. I went to the office they said that they don't have on grounds security, yet they adversize a safe community. They were only concerned that I might blame their maintance. I do not assume anything. I bought a $50 lock no change. Then continued. I asked to break my lease. they sent everything to the dj as a breaking of the lease. Then knowing I was going to go to the meeting went early . And were coming back when I was going to the scheduled meeting on time. They said we went early he saw us early and determined the $2000 fine. And worded it that He made his decision it is over. I am a medical person not a lawyer I did not know that if I would have went at the scheduled time I could have presented my side. They deliberately worded it as above so I would not think in that direction, that is my educated opinion, as a clinical therapist. subjective information but fact? but they knew I planned on being at the meeting. So why did they not tell the judge that or mention to me go ahead and go talk to him. ITs OVER HE MADE HIS DECISION. I think was deliberately meant to mislead me so I did not contest them. I spoke to an attorney he said I had a case and should not have to pay them a dime. The cost of the lawyer is 500 to 1000 dollars. Still leaving me with bills that related to them not caring about my safety yet advertising that the complex is safe. I feel like blasting the whole story on the review section on their website. I heard their is an impartial complaint program. How do I contact them. And is this draining me of funds, impacting my getting an apartment on limited budget, and all the head aches and lack of concern or compassion. What are your thought s of this treatment? Karen M Fazio MA OTR
    Also I lived with having moved in with a broken washer and dryer and the bathroom floor that was warped boards that did not get worked on until putting together leaving. I am requesting that Lake Wood Hills drop the costs completely. And have it taken off my credit report.

  • Updated by Karen M Fazio MA OTR, Jun 04, 2018

    I spoke to a lawyer on Just answer he told me I should not have to pay them anything and they should probably be told to compensate me. FYI. karen

  • Morgan Properties Customer Care's Response, Jun 04, 2018

    Hi Karen- Thank you for the update. Since you are working with a lawyer they should be hearing and speak directly with the Morgan team.

  • Updated by Karen M Fazio MA OTR, Jun 26, 2018

    I have sent the complaint to you to avoid any legal drama.
    To synopsis:

    1) My bathroom floor was very damaged and they did not fix it for 6 months. They should have fixed it before I moved in. The people down stairs told me the water had been leaking in to their apartment for a while. Why should I have had to live with that? A lawyer said that was not right.

    2) I broke my lease because the apartment was not safe. I went to them and they did not care. I bought a lock from them. The only thing they were worried about was if I would blame maintance. The hearing was scheduled and they knew I was going to attend and went early. Had their part heard early and came back and told me it was over. They knew I could go at the appointed time and present my side. The knew the law and lied to me so I would not go because most people don't know tenant and landlord laws but they did. Deliberate deception. It cost me moving fees, stress, fear and living through terror. A lawyer told me I had a case against them and that I should not have to pay the fees they are charging me and that I could request the court for compensation for duress and moving costs.
    I do not need the drama of a battle of legal words. They were wrong. I would like them to drop the fees and drop it from my credit report. That is what I think is a reasonable request and more than fair on my part. And the town is sick of this type of attitude we can step on anyone if we want sort of thing. Please ask them to be reasonable.
    Karen M Fazio MA OTR

  • Morgan Properties Customer Care's Response, Jun 26, 2018

    Hi Karen- You stated above you were working with a lawyer- if this is the case all communication needs to go directly from your lawyer to our lawyer.

  • Morgan Properties Customer Care's Response, Jun 28, 2018

    I have followed up with the regional manager to discuss your situation. The team will be following up with you.

  • Morgan Properties Customer Care's Response, Jun 29, 2018

    They will follow up by email or certified mail

  • Updated by Karen M Fazio MA OTR, Jul 02, 2018

    I just sent a copy of the consult with the attorney. FYI his advice prior to seeking council. That I should receive my security deposit back. I don't know if it attached through. That was just FYI information. I just want to settle with out the drama of the legal system, And would just like the fees dropped and off my credit report.

  • Updated by Karen M Fazio MA OTR, Jul 02, 2018

    I attached the conversation with an attorney. He said I should receive my security deposit back. I am not interested in legal drama, I would just like to have the fees dropped and off my credit report.

  • Updated by Karen M Fazio MA OTR, Jul 07, 2018

    I have not received a response yet? Can you tell me what it is?

  • Updated by Karen M Fazio MA OTR, Jul 11, 2018

    I have not heard anything yet. when can I expect to hear from someone? And what email address will it be coming from if it comes by email. And you do have my address as stated above. karen m fazio MA OTR

  • Updated by Karen M Fazio MA OTR, Jul 15, 2018

    When am I going to hear something? kmf

  • Morgan Properties Customer Care's Response, Jul 16, 2018

    All communication needs to go thru the leasing office- unfortunately not

  • Morgan Properties Customer Care's Response, Aug 08, 2018

    Hi Karen- As this concern was from many years ago, you will need to reach out to the collection agency to have this resolved.

Jun 04, 2018
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  • Km
      Jun 27, 2018

    I am asking that you consider just dropping the fees. I have consulted with a lawyer but not hired one. Why can't anyone be reasonable. Why would you rather hire a lawyer. I thought this was an impartial mediator.

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  • Kf
      Jun 27, 2018

    And you know what I am asking. That you care more about people's safety instead of money. Or I would just pay the $1000. to you instead of a lawyer. But, they don't seem to grasp that concept that people and their safety is more important than money. That is the point of complaining. And I don't like fighting. I am a therapist and tell people to go to a council and learn how to resolve your problem with negotiating a win win for everyone involved. But, saying my safety doesnt matter that is rather painful to take. I was so scared and living in fear and terror and they didn't care. They ran over to the district judges office early to be able to say to me he already had the hearing and made his decision. Why is ethics at their not as important as it is in mine as a health care professional. I worry about saving lives and this type of attitude that money matter more than other people is so the attack on our ideology that Marko Rubio mentioned that ISIS is, and that attack on our ideology is the attack on our values. Our values were strong ethics and character and the golden rule not money is god. What is a civilized society if it is not about doing the right thing by other, the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated: fairly, and that is good citizenship it is how we protect our liberity and the freedoms that america is based on, fairness to all. Karen

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  • Km
      Jun 28, 2018

    I am not working with a lawyer yet. I just inquired with one. So, I am taking it to your complaint board to see if we can resolve this without a lawyer.

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  • Ka
      Jun 28, 2018

    Thank you. I do not want to contact an attorney and have us both have fees for lawyers time. I would rather that we resolved the conflict without involving the money of another group of people. Time means money. Karen

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  • Ka
      Jun 29, 2018

    What method will the use to inform me of their decison? This website. Or email or phone. ?

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  • Ka
      Jun 30, 2018

    POBox 4686 harrisburg pa [protected]

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