Morgan Properties / few things haven't been fixed in my apartment

parkville, MD, United States

I moved in 8 months ago at skylark pointe apartments and it's been nothing but a hassle to get everything fixed when I talked to the office about it I get brushed off and I shouldn't for what I pay a month . I'm to the point now that I would get a lawyer involved cause I had a light fixture fall on me cause of a water leak that has been there 3 times cause maitnace doesn't know what they are doing and property manager is so hard to get a hold of to try and get a credit it's ### not to mention when me and my girlfriend go in the office we feel discriminated against cause we are always last to be help even if we are in their before someone else . At this point I would like some kind of credit and something done about this .

Morgan Properties

May 19, 2017

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