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Only Apartments is a rare visitor on ComplaintsBoard, so the pace of resolving complaints leaves much to be desired. We believe they should spend more time and effort on reviews to naturally grow customer loyalty. As for reviewers, we'd advise carefully reading existing reviews to understand what to expect. It's also helpful to go through the few complaints that Only Apartments has already resolved to get a clear picture of their customer interaction and potential challenges in resolving your personal issue.
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6:30 pm EDT
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Only Apartments cancelled booking at your end I need a refund

Dear Only Apartments

We have just been informed by Best Venice Apartments that our reservation with you, despite us paying a deposit has been cancelled. Can you please confirm whether our reservation is still valid? We definitely still want the reservation or a refund. Nobody answers our calls in the advertised business hours, and Ive had no response to my emails.

Booking details

Reference: E5ACE1C193B7


Booking under: Iona Novak Novak

Name of the property: Venice S.

Polo (Apt. 924131)

Complete address of the accommodation: Sestiere San Polo, 1296, 30125, Venice,


Arrival date: 02/09/2019 from 15:00h to 23:00h

Departure date: 07/09/2019 before 10:00h

5 nights, 5 adults 4 children in total*

Receipt #1775‐1688



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4:49 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Only Apartments 24 rue d orsel montmartra

We rented this apartment Early October 2017
The kitchen was very dirty with both Margot and lice infestation! We found the same in the bathroom. The bedroom had a serious bed bug infestation and the bed linen was not clean. The whole apartment was frankly disgusting ! I have made our complaint to only apartments whom have not made any attempt to resolve it !
John and Leesa

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7:48 am EDT

Only Apartments apartment rental 53 rue meslay paris

The apartment was booked and paid for from 3 -8 August. From the beginning it was clear that the apartment was not properly maintained or cared for. There was a missing blind from one of the large living room windows and other blinds were dilapidated.
The only bedding was large heavy duvets not suited to a Paris summer and if dubious cleanliness.
In the cupboard were towels which were badly stained and unpleasant along with old clothes.
One bedroom had no cupboard side light or table - just a bare room with bed.
After two days we got bites on our skin which I took to be from mosquitoes because of the open windows. However as these developed it became clear that these were entirely consistent with bed bugs - being present on the body on the side which was slept on.
These are now being treated as advised with cortisone cream and I have thoroughly cleaned all clothing and cases on return to ensure that the bugs haven't travelled back with us.
This is an appalling outcome for a holiday trip and shows a lack of care and maintenance of the apartment and disregard for the comfort of paying guests.
These complaints have already been sent to the company.

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2:43 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Only Apartments renting out an apartment they don't have

Never trust Only-Apartments. They'll rent you an apartment they don't have. They charge for services, but they do not take responsibility. And they do not answer complaints properly. Check Trustpilot, Tripadvisor or Complaints Board and you'll find stories like ours – only we did not know.
In January we rented an apartment with terrace in the Monti district in Central Rome, confirmed January 21. But one week ahead of our rental date (May 22) we were informed by the owner that the flat has been rented out through AirBnB. "I'm afraid there was a mistake in the Only-Ap reservation system", he said. Shock!

Only-AP had no real regrets, however. Five days before departure we received an email saying only: "Unfortunately, we have just been informed by the owner that the apartment is no longer available". – But how on earth can they charge us in January for something where they don't have a clear contract?

They offered us a different apartment – way out on the other side of the Tiber River. I told them we were going on two criteria: With terrace. In Monti.

Some mails later we were informed that "We don't have other available apartments in Monti with terrace for the same price". No, but I would expect a decent service to say: If we COULD find an available apartment in Monti, with terrace, we would of course accept our responsibilities towards clients and make up for additional costs, if necessary.

Actually, we did find another apartment, in Monti, with terrace – and we found it on the Only-Ap site! It was even in the same Via Leonina Street as the first one, so we hurried to book it. It was larger (but we still liked the first one better), and 50 percent more expensive.

I sent them a letter on immediately (May 18) asking them to act responsibly and take at least half of our additional payment, i.e. 192 euro. They did not even answer. It took me four sharp mails to wake them up. Finally, May 30, they offered a next-to-nothing compensation: A 10 percent discount, if we make still another rental with them - within the next three months! But who can trust a company that rents out apartments they don't have and won't take any responsibility for the mistakes they make?

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2:30 am EDT

Only Apartments scam

The worst rental company I have ever dealt with.

My wife and I rented an apartment through Only Apartments at the beginning of July 2015. When we arrived at the apartment, we found not only that it had misrepresented its location but is was not even in stayable condition. It was so bad that we had to find another place to stay that day. We immediately tried to contact Only Apartments and the owner to ask for a refund. Only Apartments has NEVER replied to our several emails requesting help from them in acquiring a refund. The owner has been unwilling to give us a refund.
We simply do not understand why we have been ignored!

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, ES
Jul 30, 2015 6:13 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Dear Gregory,
We are sorry you were not happy with your stay in Lisbon. We have been talking with our Customer Service department and looking through your case carefully. We have seen that, from the first minute of your arrival to Lisbon, the owner of the apartment has been in daily contact with you. We were in CC of all those emails as they are owners working with us for many years. The owners were the first ones wanting to know if you were happy and trying to answer everything you were asking. From you we received 1 email during your stay and, as we were in CC of all your conversations with the owner, we saw that they and us were answering everything.
We have received 1 other email from you and our Customer Service department has already answered it.
About the apartment, the map - location on our Website represents perfectly where it is.
You can see in the map the location, metro, and everything. It's Google the one saying automatically in which district it is. About the smell, you could read in all the comments that some persons said that the building sometimes smelt bad but it never distubs inside the apartment. As they told you, everything was recently cleaned when you arrived. As allways.
Again, we are really sorry you were not happy during your stay. But you have been supported and answered daily.

Best regards,

11:21 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Only Apartments paris apartment

We had a bad experience with in Paris. We rented an apartment that was in the 7th district of Paris and "had views over the top of Paris" ie a construction site that started work at 7AM. It was so hot in Paris when we arrived and the apartment could not be ventilated at all. It was unlivable and we had to leave after 1 night! The owner gave us a partial refund but refused. Other problems were: the cleaning of the apartment; I could wipe up dirt from the floor and there was dust on every surface (there is a construction site across the street so that is expected); the second sheet was flannel (not ok when it is hot). I contacted only apartments and they told me to contact the owner. He told me I could go and buy another sheet and he would pay me back or I could wait until the last night. Not at all helpful. They also accused me of having more people in the apartment when their site gave me the apartment as available. I have twins that are under a year, therefore there is no charge for them. Their site does not take this into account and the owner was unhappy about it and kept telling me I lied about the number of people. I would not use again no would I recommend. If there is a problem they are NO help. and don't expect any money back. I think it end up costing us around $700 for the worst night sleep ever!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Janet Russeth
, US
Jan 04, 2018 11:17 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

DO NOT USE APARTMENTS ONLY. We arrived in Italy at the apartment and no one showed up. We waited outside four hours in the cold with 4 kids and had to walk half a mile to find a hotel at 10pm. No one contacted us until noon the next day. By that time we had to pay for two nights at the hotel and are now fighting to get reimbursed with no luck. Will be contacting pay pal to file a dispute since we paid through them. Never have had this experience renting apartments and houses in other countries or states but this was first and last time using this company
Janet Russeth
Phoenix Arizona

, AE
Jul 25, 2016 8:17 am EDT

The website is the worst website ever to book your holiday rentals.
The accepted my booking for an apartment in Moscow and sent me an email the next day stating that they have checked the availability and they confirm the apartment is available.
After about 15 days i get an email from the owner stating that he is fully booked on my dates and that there is a system error hence i should go online and cancel my booking. I intimated the website of the same and they did not do anything about it. The simply cancelled my booking and asked me to look for another one. The availability and prices of other apartments had changed by then since i am travelling in Heavy tourist season and now i am stuck with nothing.. not even some compensation or credit to do good my loss.
This website is a HOAX i think. Please do not use it

, IE
Jul 24, 2016 4:35 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I booked with only- apartments for the first time in May 2016.
I will never use this website again.
The full amount of the rental had to be paid upfront and was deducted from my account on 27 May 2016.
The day before I was due to travel I was contacted by the apartment owner to say the apartment was flooded and cancelled the booking.
2 months later I am still waiting to be refunded my money.

, FR
Nov 20, 2015 10:35 am EST

i am a translator on Elance and ONlyapartments have cheated me of my earnings, do you believe it ?
I have refused to do supplementary (and unnecessary) hours of works for them, so they refused to pay !
Thanks to escrow fund i have been able to be paid...but only half my money!

Apartments Luka, Croatia
, HR
Jun 25, 2015 10:16 pm EDT

Overbooking happens with, HouseTrip and almost every big or small Company. We can read bad comments about all such companies, yet they work for majority of clients and are expanding. I have noticed that Only-apartments at least responds to complaints, unlike some other companies in the field.

, ES
Oct 09, 2013 1:56 am EDT

Thank you for the comments so far. My name is Ramon, and I am the Director of Marketing at Only-apartments. I’d like to provide a few updates and clarifications which I hope are of use:

We do our best to prevent overbookings by constantly reminding apartment owners to keep their calendars up-to-date, but in the rare cases when they occur, we do everything that we can to find clients accommodation of a suitable standard. Recently we communicated a new policy to all of the apartment owners who list properties with us, and continue to remove the apartments of owners who break this policy. We anticipate that this will reduce occurrences further.

As regards our responses to complaints and requests for refunds, we definitely agree that this could be much more efficient and are making improvements to our processes in this regard. While we do not own any of the apartments we list with us, we do try to ensure that every apartment we list meets a minimum quality standard, and are happy to remove any apartment that has not met basic standards or is not as it appears on our website.

You can read the comments of many satisfied clients on Trustpilot, which is an independent portal for consumer reviews, here:

And please do not hesitate to contact our team 24 hours a day if we can be of any assistance.

Kind regards,

Alice Zhou
Richmond, CA
Sep 14, 2013 10:55 pm EDT

I would not advise anyone to book with I rented a flat in Paris through them and when we arrived at the flat - Portefoin 1 on 12 rue portefoin in the 3rd district - it was filthy, stinky, and lacked basic necessities such as toilet paper and tissues. The shower floor was old and unrefurbished. To make matters worse, there was no hot or even warm water for showering or washing dishes. Technically, the local company in Paris called Centre Paris - whose page for complaints I cannot find - is more at fault for the unpleasant state in which we found the flat, but only-apartment does partly own the flat and should have enforced much better standards.

I will never in my right mind rent with them again in the future.

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, DE
Aug 02, 2013 11:46 am EDT

DO NOT USE Only Apartments website! It's a SCAM
We booked the property on Crete and once we arrived the property had our reservation but they were full, so they put us in the neighbouring property, which was way below the standard of what we actually booked. Upon our return we contacted Only Apartments asking for a refund of a booking fee which they simply straight out rejected.
So basically they will take the reservation money with no guarantee of reserving the property. Amazing! How could sites like this actually be in business? Not for long I hope.

Kingston, GB
May 08, 2013 2:04 pm EDT

I am battling with only at the moment. Although their website makes no mention of a booking fee, in fact specifically says "There's no additional charges. The total amount includes the taxes and administration expenses", they charged me over 100 euros - over a quarter of the cost of the apartment - simply for making the booking. I thought I was paying a deposit but the owner hasn't received a penny and the website refuses to refund the charge. So frustrating - I book a lot of accommodation online and have never paid this type of fee before. Don's use them!

, PL
Oct 31, 2012 4:38 am EDT

I have also very bad experience with only-apartments. with a group of four we hired 80 sq meter, two bad room apartment in Lisbon in October 2012. After arrival we learned that our apartment was not available and we were offered one bedroom 40 sq meter apartment with a small discount. As there was 8 pm we had no choice but to take what was offered. Next day we contacted only-apartment office and they let us know that they were not aware of the situation. Their advices to chase the owner to refund and to look for another apartment were useless as we came only for 3 nights. We asked for the refund a couple of times but they simply ignore us and never reply. I do not recommend to work with them. They are not reliable.

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