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[Resolved] Morgan Properties / damage to property

5 Windsor Mill, Maryland, United States Review updated:
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Early June I received a notice that MP was installing a back splash in the kitchen. The previous management, Harbor Group, had already installed one in my unit so I went to the office and spoke to Mr. T . Wilkins and asked if my apartment could be skipped and that I would store the tile so that should I move out MP would be assured of having the same product available. He told me that it wouldn't be a problem and that they just needed something in writing - which I did and left with the office personnel as the manager was, as per usual, not available. On May 31st I came home to a note that the contractor would be replacing the back splash the next day. On that note I wrote DO NOT ENTER ALARM SET. Not only did they enter, they tore the note off the door (along with the paint) and left it on the ground, they pulled the lighting I installed under the cabinet out of the wall and broke the brackets, the pulled my Crate and Barrel knife magnet from the wall, all of my belongings were moved, piled up. When they removed the original back splash they damaged the wall. There was grout EVERYWHERE (including on top of the drawer, UNDER the ledge of the counter top-which could only be done if the drawer was opened). Grout on the front of my fridge, something blue (my old tile) was melted on to the burners. So I've had to replace the light and knife rack, 2 burners, pay to have my kitchen professionally cleaned, replace medication that was spilled on the kitchen counter and I'm waiting to see if someone is going to clean the carpet that still has chunks of grout in it. I immediately notified Service and Thomas came out Saturday morning and took pictures and I never heard anything. One day I find out that Corporate Staff was in our Community Center (that we no longer have access to - it is for the exclusive use of the staff - but that's yet another thing) and Chuck came up, i showed him the damage, he agreed that it was not acceptable and arranged to have the wall fixed. They didn't show the first time but did the second. So the only thing that has been addressed is the wall. The workmanship is sub par. And as an aside, a silver "Return to Tiffany" bracelet magically disappeared. Please note that no one beside MP has a key to my apartment - so while I did not SEE anyone take it, i am 100% positive that your contractor did. I've reached out to the Manager, J Fields and while she did leave a message with a specific date and time she was available, when I told her I couldn't meet then I've NEVER received another response. The total out of pocket to date is $261.92- not a vast amount but certainly more than I should have to pay to replace that which your contractor damaged. And yet MP wants their rent on time.

Today I came home to a sign on the front door that balcony railings had wet paint. I thought "finally, getting rid of the mottled green and white from the power washing." Alas, they did scrape loose paint as evidenced by the mess on my balcony, and there is a very light coat of paint that you can still see the green through, but the paint that is all over my table and chairs is unacceptable.

When I previously reached out regarding the multitude of issues at The Apartments at Diamond Ridge, "Kim" responded that things take time. It's been 18 months since the take over. We no longer have a club house. There is no cable or wi fi in our fitness center. They new grills are great - when they work. The kids play area was repainted - with latex paint that peeled immediately and I've watched little kids picking at it and putting it in their mouths. You installed a putting green with such an inferior installation of turf that is is unusable. When you submit inquiries on line they either say they "work completed" which isn't or gets deleted. Fortunately I have the complete 9 page history before is disappeared. And now I have the damage to my patio furniture to address.

I LOVE the view from my apartment. It is the ONLY thing keeping me here for a 6th year. Despite my rent increasing and the quality and service decreasing, I stay for the view. I need to know that SOMEONE cares about this property because it certainly isn't the on site staff.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Morgan Properties Customer Care's Response, Aug 24, 2018

    I want to apologize for the lack of follow up you have had from the property and the entrance to your home when you requested no one enter. I have shared this review with upper management, but if you could please email me at [protected] with your name I would like to provide follow up.

Aug 22, 2018
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  • 9w
      22nd of Aug, 2018

    would question if your tenant rights were violated
    it varies from state to state so check your states laws to verify
    but in general they have to give notice 24-48 hours usually) before they or any one enters your apartment/home
    for a repair or inspection ( could include other reason)
    they are not permitted to just enter unless its a emergency ( life or death) like fire or medical type thing
    ( speaking in general here)
    having said that you did get notice of them doing this back splash etc... so that's a non issue I would think
    issue is that you spoke to the manager who agreed to pass over the unit at your request so there should of been a red flag noted do not do this apt. etc...
    should of immediately gone to the manager with pictures ( video perhaps as well) to document the damage and what happened dispute your " agreement" to not do that
    action should of been taken

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