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Monroe Muffler & Brakes / Thieves

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I had just done $1, 000.00 of repairs from this company. When I drove the car that evening the brakes were squishy so I contacted the company and they said it would take a few days for them to firm up; not knowing much about brakes I believed them. A few days later the brakes actually got worse so I decided to take the car to them. When I dropped my car off I handed the mechanic my keys; who immediately took my car out for a test ride and then I left I was told that they would call as soon as they knew anything. Two hours later I got a call that there was air in my brake lines and they had fixed the problem. I told them that I would be there around 6pm as there were another 5 hours I told them to do an oil change, which they readily agreed. I returned at 6PM, the attendant handed me my keys and said that it was all set. For a second I thought 'wow they gave me the oil change free because they messed up in the first place.' So I asked the guy why there was no charge for the oil change he said because they didn't do one... Mind you there was only one other car there. So a bit perturbed I went to go leave. When I went to unlock my car it was already unlocked which is odd because I always lock my car doors. So I sat in my car and went to go start it when I noticed my stereo had been removed! When I went to get out of the car I also noticed that my arm console was broken. I immediately went back in and told the mechanic what happened. He called me a liar and said there was never a stereo in there! So I replayed the events of the day letting him know that his younger attendant test drove it and that he was not the first person to be in the car. So the next day the manager contacted me and he refused that it was their responsibility. He stuck to the words of the mechanic that there was no stereo. I have quoted that this company is a thief and we all should avoid it.

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      1st of Sep, 2009
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    I too had a very bad experience with Monroe -- their New Britain CT shop.

    Do not use this shop.

    They do not know how to properly torque lug nuts. My daugher went in for a simple oil change and they tried to upsell her on a front axle. When she refused, they "offered her a free tire rotation". She declined it knowning that they'd try to upsell her on a brake job. Car made noises immediately upon leaving shop. Drove it home. Son drove to dealer -- on the way the front left wheel flew off into on-coming traffic. Monroe denies responsibility.

    Their corporate office is a joke.

    Best advise -- do not use this particular shop and aviod Monore in general.

  • Re
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    I don't know about that type of stealing, but I had an incident recently where the manager quoted me a price to repair my front end 1995 Mercury Tr acer which was $558.62 . Well they claim I actually need $2200.00 worth of work. I mention to the manager I could buy a better car for that price and I just want him to repair what was wrong and replace a tire. The guy /mechanic put a part on backwards (Front Sway Bar) and jammed the pins in my Calipers. There was nothing wrong with my Brake and if so I had a life time warranty from another company. The manager promise the car that evening he said they close at 7PM . The car was not ready . I said okay I will pick it up Saturday the next day. The manager said he would call . After waiting until 2Pm I drove over . The manager the said he had to add $ 138.00 because when they worked on the front brakes the wheel bearing needed to be replaced. Well, I paid $952.58 for the replacement of a front sway bar front brakes and a tire the manager choose with out my permission. ( He never show me any style tire that I could chose .) Now I am educated and as you see easy but those guy just treated me like I was Nothing. Now I went back to let the manager know the work on the brakes and sway bar was being repaired at the other company who pointed out the problem. ($311.00) The Manager at Monroe had offered to pay for the labor on the sway bar. Now just today the manager has ask me for the receipt from the repairs. and he was only willing to give me back $56.00 . Man I can be a Gangster that is easy but I'm trying to live the American Dream or at least live without this BS. Yep, I agree man Monroe -Cincinnati, Ohio Sux . I can believe these Goons can take peoples hard earned money or Lie for a profits . Too bad this is not the Sixty's What Planet are these ### From ??????

  • Go
      5th of Sep, 2012
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    DO NOT USE MONROE MUFFLER IN GLASTONBURY! THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! i went there to get my radiator changed $1000 2 weeks later my ac was broken was broken so i brought it back to monroe they told me to bring it to the dealership and they will cover the expenses if its their fault. i took it to the dealership had to pay $1700 to fix the ac and radiator again. The dealership also provided me with documents claiming the damage was caused by the work done at monroe. When I went back to monroe and showed them the documents the manager said that wasn't their fault and he was not going to cover the expenses. I then showed him a letter written and signed by one of his employees stating they would cover the expenses he claimed that employee was fired. After alot of arguing and even police had to be called for them to agree to give me at least a refund. Which was supposed to arrive by mail in 2 weeks i still haven't received it. NEVER AGAIN

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      25th of Jul, 2013
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    Do not use Monroe Muffler in Reisterstown, MD.i took my SUV in because my exhaust was getting loud. I have always maintained a regular check and had repairs that were suggested by mechanics.Few weeks prior to this I stopped by small shop in my area that is highly recommended and he was extremely busy, one man shop but he put it up on lift looked at it and told me it was just clap that was loose, and he replaced it and within hour I was on my way charges less than 100 dollars. Now 2 to 3 weeks later it started get loud again . I had important event to go to that weekend so just on a whim I stopped by first place I saw Monroe muffler in Reisterstown. it was about five or so and there were 2 men at counter and 1 woman in waiting area, I told the men that I had loud exhaust and I had to have my car but if they could take a look at it I would appreciate it. The man who said he was manager said if he had someone take me home he could look at it later and let me know what was wrong. At that time I told them I was willing leave it but I am single, self employed and that is my only car and I need know what was wrong, how much money and how long it would take that time I gave them keys and ask if I needed sign anything they told me no estimates are free and they would call me later. They did within hour told me they had it up on lift mechanic was willing to work late that night but they needed my credit card number to get parts after hours. I'm not stupid I never give my number out and ask them why they had have it right away, he stated they were doing me favor would try their best to see I had my car possibly next morning but if they needed purchase parts they needed to have some form payment guarantee from me. Reluctantly I stated please let me know what needed be done and how much it was going cost me. I gave them my number. Next day I waited lunchtime haven't heard from them so I gave them call, they said finished come get it. I was stunned what needed be done and what was it going cost, he said its done we replace entire exhaust. I said ok can someone come pick me up I live less 5 mins away, would have walked but it was pouring down raining.he stated no problem I will send someone by 1. I waited for few hours, no show got ride there, and when I walked in shop, they handed me my keys and piece paper. I looked at it and was shocked, almost 900 dollars and I said don't I have sign anything and please explain why I was informed what needed be done and amount, he stated work done mechanic paid and I didn't need sign anything because when I gave them my credit card number they had right do necessary repairs. I could go on and on bottom line they tricked me, they did what they wanted and with installing complete exhaust system they replaced converter that was replaced less than a year ago and if I knew that was problem it would been covered by other mechanic at another shop because it was under warranty. This mechanic at other shop said if he was informed part was defected and shown it he would replace for no charge, but because he didn't have part and they did repairs there was nothing he could last year I paid little over 900 for repairs mod converter because it didn't pass emission test because service light stayed on now less year later another converter plus entire exhaust almost 900.00. I called customer service which in itself nightmare, mechanics manager has yet to return my calls, district manager has played phone tag with me for weeks. Long story I know but bottom line I was ripped off, misled and have no recourse because my bank told me amount was taken out my account the very same night I left car because when I returned home and found out that one parts which was converter could have been replaced no charge so what they did I will never know but I do know that company is not reportable and I will never deal with them again!

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