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Money Network / money network card and dispute department

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I submitted a claim from when I was in the hospital. I submitting supporting documents from the hospital. It was still denied. I am a single mom with a failed kidney. I clearly could have not done it. I was hospitalized. Still they denied it. I regret not using a bank. This company is just as responsible as the thief they are participants in the fraud. I am in contact with KHOU and Night Line producer. I have started a petition for college campuses in Houston to not use Money Network. Also campaigns on social media. I will tell every news stations who wants and interview how you all stole from me. While I was sick and did nothing to correct the situation. Hopefully nobody uses this card. Because this company is not for the customer. They aid in fraud. The managers are rude and nasty. The investigators are not good. I have a Loss Prevention backgroud I'm embarrassed to know yall have such a department. Dispute department is a joke. This company isnt a bank they are a institution who uses fees to steal money and impersonate a true bank.

Jun 16, 2017
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  • Re
      26th of Jun, 2017
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    Funny. Just because you are in the hospital they're supposed to throw a pity party for you and ignore their processes and just go ahead and give you what you want. That is not how it works. Plus, no one gives a ratass about what you have to say regarding YOUR experience with a company. "Oh so everyone stop using this card because they didn't ignore their processes and give me what I want because I was in the hospital" Lady, please. Don't be ridiculous. Also, get yourself a better job so that way you wouldn't be getting paid through tacky cards. You americans [censor] about everything.

  • Na
      3rd of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    Lol when a [censor] is broke and have to use a prepaid card to get welfare benefits. You’re just sad, a failed kidney I bet. You used all the money yourself and wanted something returned for nothing. Get a life deadbeat

  • Md
      11th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    i dont know who yall are but have some respect i have there card threw my work because they have offer better deals when you get there cards but shes right i had some [censored] take over $1, 500.00 in over a month and they sit there and will file the dispute n tell you once you fax it in they will add it to your account n etc and when the time comes n you get the the forms in they change there story they are ripping people off and for you two [censored] have respect towards others weather you know them or not you dont know there problems and if you dont believe this company is ripping people check other sites theres about 30 other ones sayin the same n even a class action lawsuit against them for it to and if i was a beting woman i would say you two [censored] work for money network

  • Mi
      5th of Dec, 2018
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    I am fixing to file a lawsuit as well against them. I had my card through my work as well and my google account was compromised. I lost 135 dollars to them. And it's been a month I sent the complaint in on the twelfth of November didntbget the papers till the 17 returned them to the bank and its now been 15 days

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