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not reccomended

I made a transfer to my destination account December 15, due to me making the transfer on the weekend I wouldn't make it to the next business day. When I called my bank my money hadn't been transferred. I call Money Network and the told me to check back 24 to 48 hours. I called then back 2 days later and was told to check back in 24 to 48 hours. I called in 2 more days and was told the same thing. I was told that I need to file a dispute and that is would take 10 business days. I'm fed up with Money Network. I have $140 missing, it may not be a lot but its mines and not for giveaway!

unauthorized transaction

I had 103.19 on my money network card just this morning. I used it to get 24.90 worth of gas... Now I have 3.00 left. I called to check my recent activity, and there's a random 75.00 transaction right after the 24.90 one on the same date as today. I got my gas and went straight to school. No doubt that customer service will have some excuse to just not refund me. I've also had previous problems with ATMs. It said I had "insufficient funds" but took my service fee. The funds weren't insufficient, in trying again it worked fine. Except it charged another service fee. The Money Network card is just so great as you can see.

  • Mk
    MkStItCh Oct 22, 2013

    I am not positive but I think the $75 is a frozen amount for paying for gas at a pump. A lot of gas stations do that to make sure you have funds prior to the charge. It usually takes a few days to unfreeze the funds.

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money stolen out of account

I have a money network paycard that was provided for me through my employer. I started noticing money missing so i got a new card sent to me, which i had to pay for and i changed my pin.3 cards later money is still myseriously coming up missing from my account. I was told by customer service that someone must have my account number along with my card number for this to keep happening despite the new cards i had to buy and cancel my old ones. Most recently a total of $346 was missing from my account in a 2 week period. I called and wasted countless minutes on my cell phone and finally was sent the dispute forms to dispute the 7 withdrawals that were not made by me. These withdrawals took place at an ATM at a Farmers Bank in Georgetown, ky. There is NO Farmers Bank in Georgetown, ky. The investigation of these fraudulent withdrawals was done by someone named Dan with the dispute operations department of First data. I recieved a letter 2 weeks after faxing all of the appropriate paperwork and a written letter explaining that there is no Farmers Bank in Georgetown, ky and that these withdrawals were not done by me. This letter said that my dispute was denied based solely on the fact that my pin number was used for these transactions. If someone got a hold of my account number and my card number would it really be that difficult to get my pin number as well. I am just glad that i noticed the money missing before a large amount was stolen. It is not even about the money. It is the fact that i work very hard for the money i make and these people including Dan are allowing it to be stolen from me and many other hardworking people.

someone stole my money

I have had my paycheck deposited on a money network card for about year. One day i went to swipe my card and all my money was stolen off my card. I called Money Network to try and get my money back and they told me that i have to make a dispute . I did that and then they told me that they had to send me out affidavit in 3 to 5 business days. They sent me the affidavit and I faxed it back to them. I called this morning and they told me that it takes 24 to 48 hours to receive a fax. After that they told me it takes 10 business days to to do a investigation. I don't understand how can I live in California and have my card stolen in Boston. I had just used my card that morning in California and 2 hours later my card was used in Boston. I think it is an inside job so i will be contacting my lawyer to see into this. This is the worst company i have ever heard of and when i do get my money back i wont be doing business with them again.

  • Fa
    fallout84 Sep 26, 2013

    This is some bull!!! this makes the 9th time tonight that i have tried to get online to check my balance for my money network card and every time i try to log in it tells me that my information is incorrect. now its not even loading wtf is going on this is stupid.

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atm fraud

What a scam. Money Network is not letting ATMs dump the cash to customers but giving it to the ATM people so you will have to file for it. Money Network gets the money back from the ATM people in 7 to 10 business days. Then they hold your money pending a date 90 days from the day you filed so they can draw 3 months interest off it. As much as this is happening system wide to people it cannot be just chance. Unfortunate that Walmart and so many other big business people are using them for payroll. Right unfortunate for us employees. With all this fraud, for big companys to still use them they must be getting something on the backside to. We need a indeft investigation into this matter and if proved, some big paybacks for the unfortunate people who have lost some happyness and physical property so some fat cows can get fatter

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out of country debit card administration

Visa, Money Network, First Data, MetaBank.If your employer deposits your payroll check to a Debit card handled by these

companies, please, be aware that most of the transactions and customer support is handled outside of the United States and this

is a source of Fraud and Identity Theft.My wife's employer uses First Data Money Network to deposit her payroll into a Metabank

Debit card.Charges were made, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, against the balance in her account, until there was

nothing left of her payroll deposit.The account number and PIN were used in various locations in Santo Domingo.She called

the METABANK number for customer service on the VISA card to get the money back into the account and to have an

investigation started.She was told she had to fill out a form to get her money back and that would take a week to get the

form.When she ask where the form would be mailed from and the location of the MetaBank Representative she was speaking

with, the answer was "SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC".We were appalled.The place where the theft occurred must

be the place where the transactions are handled.NO security there.She then called the VISA number designated for the United

States and it was a Visa Representative in Manila, Phillipines.They gave her the number of the Santo Domingo office to get her

money back.We are at a loss, there is NO investigation started, the forms are still not here and may never get here, so my wife is

out of all of her payroll money and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. She, also, noted that at the time she tried to get

her money out at an ATM machine and it declined it because of the theft, her card was charged a fee and then there was a fee to

report her card theft and a fee to SPEAK to a LIVE PERSON.This METABANK, VISA, MONEY NETWORK, FIRST DATA card is a

RIP OFFand people should be aware of the ongoing scams that can be perpetrated in other countries using our corporate store

fronts.I have tried to get information on how to get her money back, but it seems the United States has nothing in place for

investigations into other countries.This fact, opens the door for corporations to RIP OFF the AMERICAN public and not be held

responsible.Having money deposited into a Debit card that is administered outside of the U.S is a SCAM of outrageous

proportion, but American Companies just keep on selling out.

  • La
    Latesha Apr 09, 2012

    I just had thee same theing happen to me. On March 30, someone used my account to make purchases to Ciudad De Mex MX. I discover it on thee March 31 when i went to make a purchase and didn't have enough money in thee account. I went Walmart to deposit some money on to thee Money Network card and buy a money order. The cashier asked for money. I canceled thee transaction a called Money Network. They said theat theere is a transaction on my account for $239 to ETN Internet made on March 30. I said I didn't make any purchases since got paid but 7eleven. The Money network never told me about thee otheer transactions. They said theat theey couldn't do anytheing because thee transaction was pending and to call back and 3 days. I asked why thee couldn't just stop thee transaction when I'm telling theem theat I didn't do it. They just kept saying sorry and theat theere is notheing theey can do. When I got home theat same day I checked online to see thee transaction. I saw theat theere was 2 otheer transactions to Ciudad De Mex MX. This time to O De M Internet, one transaction was for $186 and thee otheer $106. Al thee transactions were pending. I use google to look up theese company's and found notheing. They don't even exist.! I called thee Money Network back and asked about my money and got thee same answer from earlier, call back in 3days is still pending. I asked for a supervisor, thee supervisor told me theat thee transaction my not even go theru, theat's why theey can't do anytheing. I hung up and let it go until theat Monday. I checked my account and thee transactions had cleared and I was charge for each transactions Cross-Border assessment fees and Currency Conversion Assessment fees. I called back again and theey said I had fill out some forms and mail theem back. I said is theere anytheing I can do I need my money back to pay my rent. They said I could fax it. I faxed thee paper work to theem long distance, 9 pages for $10 dollars at thee UPS store. I called theem as soon as I got home, theey said theey didn't receive it yet. I called everyday finally theey got it on theat Wednesday. What, it was fax! I didn't mail it! They canceled my card on April 2nd and mailed out a new one. Here it is April 8the no card and I called theem and theey said by thee 11the, 12the, 13the. What thee? I just hung up. I don't understand. I want my money back!!!

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  • Ro
    Rose Howard Jan 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband works for Norfolk southern railroad and got his pay thru metabank monery network card. It's been three weeks and metabank has froze his account. No matter what we fax to them, or what we do, they won't unfreeze his money! This place is a total scam!!!

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  • Ly
    Lynn Ann Sep 18, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It just happened to me also and they lie and say you will get a credit in 10 days to cover the charges. Mine I caught when they were still in a pending credit card charge and called. I had no Idea that my information was in the Philippines, I was told that I could do nothing but call the merchants where the charges were made. I did and was told by the home depot that they don't know why they keep telling people to call that it has to be disputed by the card company. Walgreen was much nicer but it was still the same result. I called back and was told that I could not file a dispute until the charges had been paid and were out of pending status. Then I would get a provisional credit in 10 days. I filed the dispute by email as soon as the charges changed status the next day, I made a police report the night it happened. It has now been 18 days and nothing. I call twice a day, which is pretty much pointless, but when it comes to the legal part of what this is going to involve at least I have proof that I did every thing in my power. The only answer I ever get is there is no update and to call back to check. I have sent 12 emails to [email protected] at this time and there is no response what so ever, they won't even acknowledge that they have received anything. I have sent them the detailed facts that my account was pinged with a fake 0.00 deposit early in the morning before they made the 4 charges within a half hour of each other in a place that there was no way I could have been I made an ATM withdrawal with in 1 1/2 of the transaction that if you google is over 4 hour flight nonstop from where the purchases were made. They would not stop the charges while still in pending, but they reject my automatic payments for my Netflix and my Mortgage. So now they have $723.05 plus they charged me for declining my card because it was over the daily limit and I have paid over $10 in fees to get what was left in my account out. I have an app on my phone to notify of any purchase and was not notified when these where made, was told it because they were as a credit card purchase not a debit. There is no such thing as customer service for this company, all they say is there is no update . I looked up first data corporate number and call them they are even less help." Because of school starting they are not able to keep up with the disputes so it could be 10 business days before someone even is assigned to the dispute." Now I have fees because my mortgage was declined, even after I asked them to stop payment on that, they stated get a hold of the mortgage company and tell them to. I already had and they said if I stopped payment they would not charge me and I could pay it another way. But of course that did not matter all customer service could do was nothing. so there goes another $150.00 dollars thanks to this Sham of company that outsource the information to my money.

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failure to attend to fraudulent activity

For a business that specializes in handling money and ensuring that people get their money this company i...

transactions don't make any sense

I had to use this card while I was employed at Jamba Juice and saved all of my income on this account. Years later find out that it charges a $2.95 maintenance fee EVERY month. Also, $1.50 for EVERY transaction. I bought a meal today for $7.50 and the online bank showed the meal costed 9 dollars (did not state that it was a withdrawal fee). Just that the meal was 9 dollars, which was not. Another thing is the online site is awful, doesn't make any sense. Transactions are all scattered even when you organize it by date. This card is incredibly useless and stole hundreds of dollars that I earned from hard work. I recommend everyone to use an alternative method if possible.

non search of my money

I have been with this bank for a long time. i had them to do a money transfer to another bank after they told me that theydo so, the money never made it . the other bank told me that they dont accept money transfers. money network gave me the run around for 1 week telling me the funds would be back on my card. then they give me the number to who has my money and told me i was on my own that there was nothing else basically they can do. so no one will tell me how i get my 2000.00 dollars back and they have on my bank statement that they are fdic. can some one please help me try to get my money back.

"protecting" me from my money

I received 2 Money Network cards for selling my gold. I was not told of any limits etc. I tried to use it and...


Up until Dec.2009 when i requested a new card (blue) I had no real problems. I wanted to put my tax returns on card and it can't be done with the green cards. It is now June 2010, 7 months and a dozen calls to customer service later, still NO card. Even worse, I'm charged for every call! They WILL NOT let me talk with a supervisor and everyone says the same thing, "You will receive the packet in 7-10days." A couple months ago I received a letter stating, " Due to no activity on card more then 30 days your account will be closed by (such date) so either use the amount by date or we will issue a check." Problem was they put a suspension on account and i couldn't use it, nor have i received a check! They did take off the hold but no contact since! Lost on what to do..

unspecified conditions

I was hired for day employment for a retail company during Black Friday. I was not made aware by said company that I would recieve my check on a pay card till after I had signed on for that day. I received a total of around $96 for that work (November 2009). I decided to save the money for a rainy day considering the exp. date on the card was in 2011. Recently, I decided to use this card; however, I noticed that I had lost money from the account (down to $87). I called the customer service who, as mentioned in prior complaints on here, constantly said "I'm sorry, Im sorry". It turns out that, according to this said rep., that the card was "upgraded" by the employed I worked a day for. Due to this, they started to charge a 2.95/month fee (she saids around April).

Because of this I decided that instead of transfering the remaining funds to my bank account (I dont trust them) I would use the $7 and some change for gas and then the rest I'd pull from an ATM. However, after trying to remove the final $80, I was told I didn't have the funds to do such a thing (though I had just taken a balance inquiry to ensure this). After this, I took out $60 instead and found that I only had $15.50 left (another $4.50 had "disappeared"). After this, I called customer service to close my account; an account that now had $1 balance since I decided to put $14.50 in gas ( couldn't put the whole total for some reason). Even though I told the rep. I wanted to close my account he ran through the same spill as the prior rep. He also told me that if I wanted to close the account I needed to either fax them a letter (money since I dont HAVE a fax), talk to my former employer or allow 90 days to pass without any activity for the account to close (30 days if there is a zero balance).

The problem is that if I was to allow 90 days to pass there was no promise of the 2.95 service fee being discontinued; thus, there is a risk of being overdrawn by them with just a dollar in the account. Even though I told the rep. this he continued to force the 90 days down my throat until he finally gave way and assured I wouldn't be overdrawn. Regardless, I have went to the former employer who has told me they will talk to their payroll about canceling the account.

What is more disturbing is the fact I recieved NO contact via email or letter from this company about this change in my account. Most banking establishments I have dealt with in general will TELL you of such changes regardless of if it is in the "shield" known as the Terms and Conditions. Regardless, they themselves have not followed their own rules. This is due to the terms saying that this "upgrade" was by the employer; this change was by Money Network themseves. According to their Terms and Conditions it seems that this change occurs upon termination or 30 days of inactive deposits by the employer. However, the recent changes to this account that was opened in November-December occured in April. So, several months passed with no activity as well as since I worked for the employer without ANY changes to my account; thus, no fees till recently. Though the ATM fees are clearly listed, they are also influenced by this change in the account as well.

Such business pratices are the ### of the Earth. At the very least, I would have liked to know that changes were made to my account regardless of who made them. I will be sure to speak negatively about this company to anyone in the future. If I am unlucky enough to deal with them in terms of pay or whatever again, I will be sure to use that money for Gas (which did not cause any problems).

Thank you and here's hoping this helps.

  • Xh
    xhack2 Mar 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    banks have inactivity limits. dont let your temper get the better of you. some banks have inactivity limits of just 2 weeks and then they charge you or change accounts type programming

    moneynet has atleast 3 months. so just use the card once every 90 days.

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  • Fu
    furacao Nov 21, 2012

    I tried to upgrade to a debit card. All that was upgraded was my monthly fee. What nobody told me when I upgraded was that they'd put a hold on my account until I faxed them photo ID and proof of address. I did that, multiple times. Then finally, they told me that they needed me to fax them an ID with an address on it, which I do not have. They've been charging me for an account I can't even access, and I only found out when I called them-- no letter or e-mail. I hate this company.

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  • Jessica M Insixiengmay Dec 08, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hate them

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mn is not giving me my $

I get paid every Friday. On the seventeenth I went to with drawl all my $ at once (to avoid their fees) and...

undisbursed money from atm

Went to withdraw money from ATM. Got slip saying "transaction not completed, try again." Tried again and machine said "insufficient funds." Called Money Network for balance on account. Money was deducted account but money was not disbursed through the ATM. Called Money Network to file complaint and they instructed me to use website to file complaint. Called Money Network again as could not find form for complaint. I was told that there was no form but to fax information to them to start the process of returning money to my account. Was told earlier in the day it would take 7-10 business days to return the money to me. No one wanted to take responsibility for this action and was treated very rudely and without understanding.

Penelope Martin
Working for Sperion in Minneapolis, MN

  • Sa
    Samantha34 Mar 11, 2011

    I very much done with Money Network there very unprofessional within handling complaint and there distribution of cards. I was told by 3 customer service rep Bryan, Curz and Ash 3 supervisor Karmi, Rouuen and Edward that I would have my new card within a matter of 2 to 3 business days this has been going on for now 8 business days as of today I was also told that I would be able to call in and get a Fed Ex tracking number which was never provided it is now a day past my pay day my car note is due as well as my rent I'm a single mother of two with no other income. I didn't get and apology and expedited shipping offer. They expressed no concern for my personal matters in which wasn't my error so now I will have to pay late fee due to there mishandling of my account. I will be cancelling this joke of a card whenever I get my money!

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false information/inability it access funds

I work for a company that requires that you be paid in a "paper-less" fashion. I do not have a checking...

won't release my money

My pay went on this "money network check acct. " for about 3 months. I didn't use the card because of a...